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Amnesty scheme service tax 2013


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Amnesty scheme service tax 2013

  1. 1. Service Tax Voluntary ComplianceEncouragement Scheme, 2013[Chapter VI of Finance Act, 2013]Amnesty Scheme – Updatedwith Department Clarification
  2. 2. BackgroundThe Finance Act, 2013 has provided “AmnestyScheme for Non Filers and Stop Filers”.Purpose of this schemeTo encourage voluntary compliance and broaden the taxbase.Section 94 to 104 of Chapter VI of Finance Act, 2013provides legal backing to this Amnesty Scheme.
  3. 3. Chapter VI of Finance Act, 2013S.No.Section Brief1. Section 94 Short title2. Section 95 Definitions3. Section 96 Person who may make declaration of tax dues4. Section 97 Procedure for making declaration and payment of taxdues5. Section 98 Immunity from penalty, interest and other proceeding.6. Section 99 No refund of amount paid under the Scheme7. Section 100 Tax dues declared but not paid8. Section 101 Failure to make true declaration9. Section 102 Removal of doubt10. Section 103 Power to remove difficulties11. Section 104 Power to make rules
  4. 4. Notification no. 10/2013; dated 13.05.2013The above notification brings into action the proposedAmnesty Scheme.This scheme will now be called as “ Voluntary ComplianceEncouragement Rules, 2013”.These rules provides forform and manner of declaration,form and manner of acknowledgement of declaration,manner of payment of tax dues andform and manner of issuing acknowledgement ofdischarge of tax dues.
  5. 5. Section 96 - Persons eligible to availbenefit of scheme?The following persons can take the benefit of this scheme-Stop filersNon FilersNon registrantsService providers who have not disclosed there full liability in thereturn filed by them.The disclosure period in the scheme is from October, 2007 to December, 2012
  6. 6. Persons not eligible to make declarationPerson against whom order of determination u/s 72, 73 or 73Ahas been issued before 1st March, 2013.Person who have filed the return u/s 70 and disclosed his trueliability but has not paid the amount of service tax appropriately.Person to whom notice or order of determination has been issuedin respect of any period on any issue i.e. if a person hadalready been caught by the department earlier on any issue thenhe is not eligible to file the declaration. Period here is notspecifically specified, we consider it to be Oct, 2007 to 31st Dec,2012.
  7. 7. Persons not eligible to make declarationPerson on whom any inquiry or investigation inrespect of service tax not levied, not paid or shortlevied or short paid has been initiated and suchinquiry, investigation or audit is pending as on 1stMarch, 2013.Contd…
  8. 8. Section 97 - Procedure of availing the schemeStep 1: If the defaulter is not registered, then he is firstrequired to get himself registered and then apply for thisscheme.Step 2: After registration, defaulter shall make a declaration(Sec 97) in Form VCES – 1.Step 3: On receipt of VCES the designated authority willissue acknowledgement of declaration in form VCES – 2. Thisacknowledgment shall be issued within 7 days from the receiptof declaration.“designated authority” means an officer not below the rank of Asst.CCE as notified by the CCE for the purposes of this Scheme.
  9. 9. Step 4: The defaulter can pay his tax dues without interest andpenalty into installments. The defaulter is required to pay 50%of tax dues by 31st, December, 2013 and rest 50% by 30th June,2014.On Payment after 30th June, 2014 upto 31st December, 2014No waiver of interest;However, immunity from penalty & prosecution still be granted up to31st December, 2014.Section 97 - Procedure of availing the schemeContd….
  10. 10. Step 5: On full payment of taxes, the designated authoritywill issue acknowledgement of discharge (Sub section (7) ofsection 97) in VCES – 3.VCES – 3 shall be issued with 7 working days from the dateof furnishing of details of tax dues in full along with interest.Section 97 - Procedure of availing the schemeContd….
  11. 11. Section 98 - Benefit of availing the schemeThe declarant upon payment of amount in default shall getimmunity from – interest, penalty, any other proceedings underService Tax.On issuance of acknowledgement of discharge nomatter shall be reopened thereafter in any proceedings beforeany authority or court relating to the period covered by suchdeclaration, subjected to the provisions of Section 101-Failureto make true declaration.
  12. 12. Section 99- No refund of amount paid underthe SchemeAny amount paid in pursuance of a declaration made undersub-section (1) of section 97 shall not be refundable underany circumstances.
  13. 13. Section 100- Tax dues declared but not paidWhere the declarant fails to pay the tax dues, either fullyor in part, as declared by him, such dues along withinterest thereon shall be recovered under the provisions ofsection 87 of the Chapter.
  14. 14. Section 101-Failure to make true declaration.(1) Where the Commissioner of Central Excise has reasons tobelieve that the declaration made by a declarant under thisScheme was substantially false, he may, for reasons to berecorded in writing, serve notice on the declarant in respect ofsuch declaration requiring him to show cause why he should notpay the tax dues not paid or short-paid.(2) No action shall be taken under sub-section (1) after theexpiry of one year from the date of declaration.(3) The show cause notice issued under sub-section (1) shall be deemed tohave been issued u/s 73, or as the case may be, u/s 73A of theChapter and the provisions of the Chapter shall accordinglyapply.
  15. 15. Power’s with CG (Section 103 & 104)Section 103 – In order to remove any inconsistency or anydifficulty the Central Government is vested with power toremove such inconsistency or difficulty by issuing the requiredorders.Section 104 – Central Government is vested with the power tomake rules for carrying out the provisions of this scheme.
  16. 16. The department vide circular no. 169/4/2013-ST dated13.05.2013 has provided certain clarifications in relation toVoluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme (VCES).Departments Clarification
  17. 17. Issue - 1Whether a person who has not obtained service taxregistration so far can make a declaration under VCES?Any person who has tax dies to declare can make a declaration interms of the provisions of VCES. If such person does not alreadyhave a service tax registration he will be required to takeregistration before making such declaration.
  18. 18. Issue - 2Whether a declarant shall get immunity from payment oflate fee/penalty for having not taken registration earlieror not filed the return or for delay in filing of return.Yes. It has been provided in VCES that, beside interest andpenalty, immunity would also be available from any otherproceeding under the Finance Act, 1994 and Rules madethereunder.
  19. 19. Whether an assessee to whom show cause notice or order ofdetermination has been issued can file declaration in respect oftax dues which are not covered by such SCN or order ofdetermination?In terms of section 106 (1) of the Finance Act, 2013 and second provisothereto, the tax dues in respect of which any show cause notice or orderof determination under section 72, section 73 or section 73A has beenissued or which pertains to the same issue for the subsequent period areexcluded from the ambit of the Scheme. Any other tax dues could bedeclared under the Scheme subject to the other provisions of the Scheme.Issue - 3
  20. 20. What is the scope of section 106 (2)(a)(iii)? Whether acommunication from department seeking general informationfrom the declarant would lead to invoking of section 106 (2)(a)(iii) for rejection of declaration under the said section.Section 106 (2) (a)(iii) of the Finance Act, 2013 provides for rejection ofdeclaration if such declaration is made by a person against whom aninquiry or investigation in respect of service tax not levied or not paid orshort-levied or short paid, has been initiated by way of requiringproduction of accounts, documents or other evidence under the chapteror the rules made there under, and such inquiry or investigation ispending as on the 1st day of March, 2013.Issue - 4
  21. 21. The relevant provisions, beside section 14 of the Central ExciseAct as made applicable to service tax vide section 83 of theFinance Act,1994, under which accounts, documents or otherevidences can be requisitioned by the Central Excise Officer forthe purposes of inquiry or investigation, are as follows-(i) Section 72 of the Act envisages requisition of documents andevidences by the Central Excise Officer if any person liable to payservice tax fails to furnish the return or having made a return failsto assess the tax in accordance with the provision of the Chapteror rules made there under.(ii) Rule 5A of the Service Tax Rules, 1994 prescribes forrequisition of specified documents by an officer authorized by theCommissioner for the purposes specified therein.Contd….
  22. 22. The provision of section 106 (2)(a)(iii) shall be attracted only insuch cases where accounts, documents or other evidences arerequisitioned by the authorized officer from the declarant underthe authority of any of the above stated statutory provisions andthe inquiry so initiated against the declarant is pending as on the1st day of March, 2013.No other communication from the department would attractthe provisions of section 106 (2)(a)(iii) and thus would not leadto rejection of the declaration.CRUX: If Sec 14 of Central Excise as made applicable to service tax videsection 83 or section 72 of Finance Act or Rule 5A of the Service taxrules gets attracted then the declaration can be rejected u/s 106 (2) (a)(iii).Contd….