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In this 10-minute UPA Boston presentation I summarized research done on user experience and usability of SMS as well as shared some research findings on SMS-based services that offers.

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Topics I will cover today… •  Some SMS facts and stats… •  Previous research on SMS Usability/UX •  Recent research studies at •  Designing for SMS 2
  3. 3. SMS Facts and Stats •  First used in December 1992. •  Most widely used data application in the world. •  6.9 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2010. SMS traffic is expected to break 8 trillion in 2011. (GSM Report) •  31% of U.S. adults prefer to be reached by text message rather than a voice call on their mobile phone. (Pew Research Center 2011)
  4. 4. Two Co-dependent Tracks SMS Usability on different mobile devices •  Smart phones vs. simple phones •  Touch screen vs. non-touch screen SMS based services: •  BOA Banking, Google search, Facebook social networking, AT&T account management and bill payment 4
  5. 5. SMS Usability Research SMS Usability on iPhone by Willems  •  Balloon/ bubble type- conversation style •  Less number of steps to send a new message and to continue a conversation as compared to other phones.  •  Less space available for the bubble view of your conversation when keyboard scrolls into view, esp. in landscape mode. •  Once keyboard is on the screen, you cannot get rid of it! •  Manually turn on Character Count..
  6. 6. SMS Usability Research A usability comparison of three alternative message formats for an SMS banking service Research by Peevers et al (2008) Abbreviations/ Alpha Txt to 466453 for results, eg, "  Compared usability of three types of Txt ‘ACT Info’ for account message input format for an SMS banking information, Txt ‘BILL PAY’ for making a payment. service. "  74 participants used all 3 formats to carry out 3 banking transactions. Numbers Txt 1) Acount info, 2) Bill "  Findings: payment, 3) Transfers 4) Check balance "  Abbreviations and numbers performed to generally equal levels. "  Free-form performed the worst. Free Form I want to check my account information for my checking account.
  7. 7. Monster SMS Research Study 1 Reactions to receiving SMS job alerts Research on New Options New Mexico website features: "  New options New Mexico website is the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s multi- year initiative to create new pathways to employment for young adults. In June 2011, we gathered feedback about this website and its features from 14 job seekers in Albuquerque, NM. Findings: "  The ability to receive text job alerts was the most well-received feature. "  Most wanted to receive texts daily, or as often as jobs are posted. "  10 out of 14 participants had a smart phone "  11 of 14 participants had an unlimited text data plan.
  8. 8. Monster SMS Research Study 1 Reactions to receiving SMS job alerts Main finding: "  Young adults lead a mobile lifestyle, and rely on mobile communication methods, particularly texting. “I’d rather have it on my phone than my computer because I can’t bring my computer with me. The phone is small…you use your phone more often.” “I like the texts…For me, I don’t check my email…I never do.” “I don’t use a computer anymore. I do everything on my phone.”
  9. 9. Monster SMS Research Study 2 Job/Candidate Search SMS App Research on new SMS app for job seekers and employers "  Aim to help hourly job seekers find jobs and help employers find hourly workers that match on basic requirements such as location, industry-type, salary, work schedule etc. "  In September 2011, we gathered feedback about this SMS application from 7 employers and 7 job seekers in retail, hotel and restaurant industries in Cambridge and Maynard, MA. Employer: Create Profile Process Seeker: Job alert and apply error
  10. 10. Monster SMS Research Study 2 Job/Candidate Search SMS App Main findings: "  Participants found SMS based solution more tech-advanced and quicker than their existing hiring or job search process. "  Participants wanted to know exactly where they were in the process when registering or creating a profile (Step 2 of 7) "  Proper sentence structure and punctuation was important. (Limitation 160 characters)
  11. 11. Designing for SMS- based service •  Different devices •  Pricing concerns •  Error recovery •  Response timing •  Spam/ security concerns •  Character count •  …
  12. 12. Let’s txt!  IDK HRU NVM BFF ROTFL TY 143 GN, SD, TTYL
  13. 13. Thx!  Note to all parents: