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Understanding different types of juicers


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Are you looking to buy a juicer to fulfil all your juicing needs? If yes, then go through this guide to understand the different types of juicers and understand what type of juicer you actually need.

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Understanding different types of juicers

  1. 1. Understanding Different Types of JuicersBuying a juicer is not an easy task. When buying a juicer, you should haveknowledge about different types of juicers so that you can make a wisedecision about what type of juicing machine actually need.Remember that a juicer can be a considerable investment. You need tospend somewhere in between 60 USD to xxx USD to buy a good juicer thatmeets your juicing needs; hence, never make a quick decision. Instead,spend some time understanding different types of juicers listed hereby Juicer and recipes.Centrifugal juicerIt is one of the more common types of juicers used at home to extract juicefrom vegetables and fruits and prepare a variety of juices. This type of juiceris good to extract juice from hard vegetables, leafy vegetables, and differenttypes of fruits. For instance, carrot, cucumber, spinach, tomato, oranges,pineapple, etc. can be easily processed to get fresh juice.The price of a centrifugal juicer may vary depending on the brand; however,one can get this juicer somewhere in between 60 USD to 300 USD. Onemore thing worth mentioning about centrifugal juicer is that they tend to benoisy and the juice extracted cannot be stored for long periods because thejuicer works at a high RPM and generates a lot of heat.Masticating Juicer
  2. 2. Masticating juicers are generally better than centrifugal juicers when youneed a juicer to extract juice from many different types of fruits, vegetables,leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, etc. These versatile juicers can be used toprocess baby food, make fruit desserts, etc. When it comes to pricing, amasticating juicer is costlier than the centrifugal juicer. Moreover, it worksslower and is big in size too.Twin Gear JuicerOne of the most efficient juicers and often used at juice bars and spas.Though, it is costly, slow, bulky, and not easy to clean, it is a nice choice forthose who want juice with high nutritional value. This juicer runs at a lowRPM; hence, does not produce much heat and does not oxidize the juice,which makes the juice perfect for storing some hours. Moreover, it is perfectfor juicing all types of vegetables and fruits.
  3. 3. Citrus JuicerAre you a lover of citrus juice? If yes, then this is the juicer that you need.However, other juicers like centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, and twingear juicers can extract juice from citrus fruits too but not as perfectly as adedicated citrus juicer. One of the benefits is you can choose betweenmanual or electric citrus juicers. You do not need to pay much to get thistype of juicer, as they are generally affordable.Wheat Grass JuicerIf you want a juicer that can extract juice from wheat grass and nothingelse, then you need wheat grass juicer. You can easily obtain a wheat grassjuicer but it is costly, bulky, and they cannot be used for getting juice fromvegetables and fruits.
  4. 4. These are the different types of juicers listed herein above The site is dedicated to juicers and juicing only. Thereyou can read juicer reviews, collect juicing tips, read juicer recipes, and a lotmore. Visit for more information.