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Reasons behind overheating in outboard motors


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If you are facing heating issue in your outboard motor then read this post. This post will tell you the reasons behind overheating in outboard motors.

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Reasons behind overheating in outboard motors

  1. 1. Reasons behind Overheating in Outboard MotorsHigh-quality outboard water pumps like Yamaha outboard water pumps areessential for the proper functioning of outboard motors. Water pump helpswater to move into the cooling system of the motor and thereby, the watercirculates into the power head and then goes out via exhaust system.If outboard water pump does not work effectively then water movementsbecome difficult causing overhearing in the motor. Water pump is not theonly reason behind the overheating in outboard motor. There could be manyother reasons behind it. In this post, you will come to know what causesoverheating in outboard motors.Rusty or Old ImpellerImpeller creates pressure to pump water into the power head of outboardmotors. If impeller does not work properly then it results into theoverheating in outboard motors. Impeller can cause overheating in twoconditions. First, it is rusty. With continuous use, impeller may be oxidisedand once oxidised (rusty), it cannot create pressure to pump water into thepower head of outboard motors. Second reason is the age of the impeller.After all, it is a device, which must be taken care of and replaced after aspecific time.Failure of the Water PumpOne of the most common reasons behind overheating in outboard motors isfailure of the water pumps. A water pump can be failed due to severalreasons that may include but not limited to lack of the pressure, lack offresh water, and defect in the heat exchanger. Quality of the water pumpsalso matter a lot. Low quality water pumps are failed in less time whereasgood quality water pumps like Yamaha outboard water pumps run longer.Engine Oil is not ChangedChanging engine oil in outboard motors on a regular interval is alwayssuggested, but many people ignore this important suggestion. If engine oil isnot replaced on regular intervals then it results in more heat because as itgets older its molecules become less active. Thereby, proper lubrication is
  2. 2. not done and lack of lubrication often results in overheating in outboardmotors.Improper Functioning of Exhaust ManifoldsWhen exhaust manifolds are clogged, they become non-functional andthereby, cause overheating in outboard motors. When exhaust manifolds areclogged, water cannot properly flow and thus more heat is generated. Whatis the reason behind clogging of exhaust manifolds? Salty water, impropercare, and lack of timely service can be the reasons that may result intoclogged (rusted) exhaust manifolds.These are a few common reasons that may cause overhearing in outboardmotors. While all these reasons are important to consider, failure of thewater pump should be given an extra care. Yamaha outboard water pumpscan be a good option to avoid overheating in outboard motors, as Yamaha isa brand that is known for the quality.