Painting and decorating tips by london decorators and painters


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Are you looking for some nice painting and decorating tips to make your home look beautiful? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, you get tips by expert London decorators and London painters who have many years of experience.

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Painting and decorating tips by london decorators and painters

  1. 1. Painting and Decorating Tips by London Decorators and PaintersPainting and decorating add value to every house. Just think once, how your homewill look like if its walls are not painted. You may not even love to live in such a house.Whereas painting and decorating is must for every house, the way you do it alsomatters a lot.There are so many things to consider while carrying out painting and decorating job,which if not considered the result will be scary. To keep you protected from that scaryone-to-one, London painters & London decorators are here with their outstandingpainting and decorating tips:1. Flow: Painting a house can be limited to walls only or there might be no limitation, which means you have to paint walls, ceilings, doors, etc. Depending on what you have to paint, the flow of painting should be carried on. For example, in no case, you should paint a wall, a cabinet, and a door from bottom to top. Painting should always be done from top to bottom. London painters also suggest you to paint house in this pattern: Ceilings, walls, trim, cabinets, and then doors. This means, start from ceilings and then switch to walls. Once walls are painted, take on trim followed by cabinets and then doors in the last.2. Do not use cheap roller covers and brushes: Everyone in this world loves to save money, but when it comes to painting and decorating, London Decorators never suggest saving money on brushes and roller covers. Using cheap and low quality brushes can leave brush marks on the area you paint. Similarly, low quality roller covers can leave fuzz. Why compromise with the beauty of your home for a few dollars? You should rather compromise on eating burger for a day or two.
  2. 2. 3. Wash walls and remove old paint: Whether or not to wash walls and remove old paints before applying the new one is a question that has different answers by different London Painters. Some will suggest you to do this while some will say no. In fact, it depends on the condition of the wall and the old paint. If the old paint can take on the new paint then there is no need to waste time removing it. In case, the old paint is scraping then you must remove it before you apply the new paint.4. Always wear painting gloves or apply lotion: When you are setup for painting and decorating your house, ensure that you wear painting gloves. If you are not comfortable with gloves then apply some thick lotion on your hands so that paint does not stick to your hands. If you will not wear gloves or apply lotion then it will be hard to remove paint from your hands.5. Clean your brush: Do not forget to clean your brush before you start painting walls, ceilings, doors, etc. Also, do the same at the end of the day so that you can easily use the same brush the next day.These are a few painting and decorating tips by expert London painters & Londondecorators. These tips are for those who want to do this job by their own. If you do notwant to go through all hurdles of painting and decorating like arranging paints, preparingpaints, cleaning walls, removing old paint, etc etc etc then contact Alex PlasteringContractors for the best painting and decorating services by expert London painters andLondon Decorators.