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Workforce connection power point


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Workforce connection power point

  1. 1. Workforce Connection By: Monica Carrillo
  2. 2. Organizational Structure of the Agency Director: Blake Konczal Assistant Director: Pam Lassetter Marketing Manager: Janis Parker Adult/Youth Program Manager: Phyllis Stogbauer Head of Contracting/Quality Unit: Steve DeWitt
  3. 3. Community context of the agency • The services that Workforce Connection provides for the community are self-directed, and staff-assisted services. The self-directed services are for clients to register at Workforce Connection, and from there clients will receive an identification card. With that identification card clients that come to the agency must present their identification card at the front desk, and then they could use the computers to look for jobs, do their resumes, and fax their resumes to the jobs they are applying for. • Staff-assisted services are for those clients who have gone trough the agency’s orientation where client’s have an overview of the services available at Workforce Connection. Second, client’s go through the CASAS assessment, this assessment will give the agency the client’s math and reading level scores. The assessment is not a pass or fail test. Third, client’s go through SRT, which is for client’s to interview with a program assistant. The program assistant will determine what resources are most appropriate for the client’s needs.
  4. 4. Continued • Fourth, the client will go through intake. Here the client will complete a WIA application and be considered for program eligibility. Fifth, clients go through Work Keys and PESCO where they meet with councilors. The two assessments will determine the client’s skills, interests, and strengths where councilors help client’s market with employers to help them find jobs of their special interest. Sixth, client’s work with employment readiness specialists, where specialists explore the client’s career options. And, finally client’s will receive a positive exit from Workforce Connection and will also receive a certificate of completion from the agency. • WIA stands for Workforce Investment Act of 1998.
  5. 5. Populations at risk from Workforce Connection • The populations at risk that Workforce Connection helps the most are the unemployed. The reason why is because of the bad economy. So many people have lost their jobs that they come to Workforce Connection to use the self-directed services to find jobs in mostly anything to bring income to their families, buy food, and mostly pay for rent. • Client’s have to first register through, in that website client’s will register there and find jobs of their interest.
  6. 6. Mission of the agency • According to Workforce Connection their mission is, “To serve as a catalyst to mobilize and integrate all private and public partners to effectively educate, train and place individuals with the necessary resources and skills to fulfill employer needs.” • The agency does follow its mission statement everyday to fulfill the client’s needs. Everyday when I intern there I see that the agency employees educate the client’s of the many resources and services that Workforce Connection offers to them. As well they train client’s of how to have better working skills to get the jobs of their interest. After client’s are well educated, and well trained the agency places them with councilors to help them find jobs of their interest.
  7. 7. Vision of the agency • According to Workforce Connection its vision is, “A dynamic and comprehensive workforce investment system that embraces all segments of Fresno County, is proactive, customer-oriented, user-friendly and produces positive results for job seekers and employers.” • As well the agency follows its vision statement. The agency is very proactive, very customer oriented, and most of all user friendly. Being friendly is the number one thing in the agency you never want to be rude to client’s. In the agency you also always want to welcome client’s with a smile. Many client’s come in sad, desperate, and angry because they were either laid off or fired from their jobs. The only thing that we can do is to make them feel welcomed with a big smile.
  8. 8. Agency’s practices • As I mentioned before Workforce Connection does follow its mission, and vision statements well. The agency gives their clients resources and services for them to use to fulfill their needs to find jobs of their interest. The agency employees give client’s all the information they need, they never leave client’s empty handed client’s always leave with information in their hands. Workforce Connection on the other hand is always user friendly. The employee workers always receive client’s with a warm smile to make client’s feel welcomed and not frightened. Being friendly and receiving client’s with a big smile makes a big difference in people’s lives. Even tough many people are rude towards the workers including me the intern, we try to be nice to them.
  9. 9. Social justice in the agency • The populations that are served the most at Workforce Connection are the unemployed. A few people who come to the agency to seek jobs have their masters or doctors degree, but mostly the highest served are the unemployed. The people that are unemployed have few education skills such as not having their GED (high school diploma), have some high school, or drop outs. Maybe if they were a little more prepared they would not be in that situation. • Workforce Connection helps anyone who comes to the agency for help. The agency never turns people away they help anyone who wants help. They don’t care the status of the client, their class, race, and gender.
  10. 10. Social work values and human rights • Our social work values and human rights are to help anyone, not judge people, and respect everyone. Social workers are there to help people with their problems and concerns, and to help make change. But first as social workers we need to take action in order to make change in the community to help people with their needs and concerns. As social workers we respect everyone and most importantly we need to maintain professional. If we don’t maintain professional we won’t be able to help client’s correctly. We as social workers need to respect the rights of all people and help them as best as we can to make a great change in their lives.