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Grab – design a blue sky transportation app (final)


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Design homework by Grab

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Grab – design a blue sky transportation app (final)

  1. 1. Grab – Design a blue sky transportation app Prepared by Guo Bin Before going to the main project, here is something about my transportation style. I normally do not take a taxi, my main mode of transportation is by driving the shared car that belongs to my family or public transport. The rare reasons for me to get a taxi are when it is raining and when there is an emergency. Idea: Grab Ambulance 1. Trends: - Increasing aging population in Singapore and South East Asia - Increase needs for Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) and Private Ambulance Service (PAS) - Since year 2000, the number of calls to 995 in 10 minutes period has increased by more than 100% - In a study in 2015, it shows that majority of the calls to EAS are for emergency cases, there is also about 5% of the calls were for non- emergency cases and false alarm. This is an issue because this may take away scarce resources that can be used to safe lives. 2. Problem Due to the lack of resources from the EMS side and increase demand for ambulance service, there is a need for PAS and 1777 hotline service for PAS cases. However, the general public are unaware of the 1777 hotline service and have a negative impression of the PAS (they tend to respond to cases much slower than EMS, lack of emergency handling experience and tend to treat cases less serious because it is not an emergency case). As a result, the general public will call the EAS first, regardless of the emergency statues of the incident and the higher cost for non-emergency cases. This could be because they do not know that they have the option to call the PAS or their negative impression of PAS. To deal with these cases, the EMS person who received the call often has to check to make sure the incident is a real emergency, or else the caller will be referred to the PAS. In some situation, the caller will be pushed around by EMS and PMS until someone is willing to pick the patient up. This can frustrating for the caller. So, How Might We educate users when is the right situation to get EAS or PAS, so that the scarce resources of EAS can be used to save life. And at the same time, make the whole ambulance service a pleasant one. 3. Persona #Persona 1: Jack, 23 years old, loves mountain biking Jack mountain bikes around Bukit Timah National Park every weekend morning. Jack noticed that there is an increase in bikers in the park, hence, the increase in bike accidents. He and his friends encounter one incident where they have to call the ambulance for help. However, they were not able to explain the injury to the EAS person and they were not able to share their location. Hence, there is no ambulance service able to pick them up. So Jack has to help the injured person to the nearest public road to hail a taxi to get to the hospital.
  2. 2. While reflecting on the incident, Jack said he does not mind which ambulance service came to pick his friend up and he hope that ambulance service providers are able to use the GPS to locate them and provide assistance. #Persona 2: Maria, 32 years old, household caretaker for a senior couple. While the senior lady, aged 77, is healthy, the senior man, aged 80, has diabetes and suffered stroke 4 years ago. Maria, from Philippines, was hired 4 years ago to look after the senior couple after the senior man’s first stroke. Maria was given a booklet that contains information on the things Maria needs to do in an event of emergency and the number to call for help. However, the booklet is chucked somewhere with Maria’s belongs. Despite being a caretaker, Maria is clueless about the ambulance services. She was told to call her bosses if anything happens. Maria does use Grab app to arrange transportation for hospital check ups for the senior couples. 4. User Flow Before an incident happens: - There should be a feature that allows users to customize the bottom bar, so that the frequent used mode of transportation will be on the first page and the users do not have to search for it. So, people like Maria the caretaker can rearrange the bottom bar by putting Grab Ambulance on the first page. - Users can pre-set the ‘favourite’ ambulance service to be requested. In Maria’s case, the senior man’s private doctor is from Raffles Hospital. Using the ‘Favourite’ setting, Maria can request the ambulance service from Raffles Hospital and alert the man’s doctor at the same time. When an incident happened: Please refer to the flow chart below. - If the ambulance does not have enough seats for the user, the user may request for an additional transport so that the users can follow the patient to the hospital. - The user can write some comments that will help the ambulance service to deal with the situation, like drug allergy or request for a female medical personal. - ETA = Estimate Time of Arrival
  3. 3. After using the app to request for ambulance service: - The ambulance service will call the user to confirm certain facts; such as the situation is indeed an emergency, the location, the hospital to go and the ETA. - Currently, PAS requires the users to have cash of about $120-150 to pay for the service on the spot. However, some users may not have the cash with them. This is where Grab pay can come in handy. 5. Competitive analysis Grab ambulance as a feature has no competitor at the moment. The closest competitor is the 1777 hotline, whereby individual PAS has to pay to be part of the hotline. By having this additional feature, it encourage people like Maria, Jack and me, who do not usually take a taxi unless in an event of emergency, to have the Grab app on their phone. And as long as the Grab app on my phone, I will probably not stand by the road to hail a taxi any more; I will use the app to get my taxi or Grabcar.
  4. 4. 6. Wireframe 1. Display page when Grab Ambulance is selected - An additional column will appear for user to choose which ambulance service to request. - Everything else remains the same. - ‘Book’ button will remain grey to signify that user have to choose one of the ambulance before the app can process the booking.
  5. 5. 2. When user choose Emergency ambulance - The Drop off point will automatically be filled by the nearest hospital. The address of the nearest hospital will also appear on the map. - If there is no additional comment, the user can click the green ‘Book’ button - A pop up will explain what is an emergency and ask user for confirmation that the situation is an emergency one. This is necessary because the limited resources of EAS must be dedicated, for free, to emergency cases only.
  6. 6. - Confirmation page will let the user know that he/she has selected the Emergency ambulance service, the location of pick up and which hospital to go. - Display Estimated time of Arrival
  7. 7. When User choose private ambulance - In this case, the user needs an additional taxi to ferry the other family members together with the patient in the ambulance. So the user will click the additional taxi button. - User is also requires to choose a hospital. When click on the ‘drop off’ bar a list of hospital will appear without typing. The user will also have the option of the nearest hospital. - User entered ‘Raffles Hospital’ as the drop off point, request for an additional taxi, to pay by GrabPay, and request for female medical staff. - The location of Raffles Hospital will appear on the map. And the book button will turn green to signify that the booking can be made.
  8. 8. - Booking Confirmation - The app system algorithm should arrange the arrival of the ambulance and the taxi to be approximately the same.
  9. 9. 7. Feedback from user testing - People don’t understand why they can’t choose the hospital when it is an emergency ambulance. This is rule of the emergency ambulance that they only take people to the nearest hospital and it is important because the patient is able to received medical aid as soon as possible. - User may click ‘Yes’ without reading the cases of emergency. This is the most important hoop for users to jump over. As the emergency ambulance should only be used for life and dead situation. So I will need come up a interface that make sure users will read and know what are the cases that are classified as emergency. - From my short interview with people, they are clueless about the private ambulance service hotline and they have a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding of how ambulance services works. We can use this app to educate users and general public ahead of time, rather than they try to figure out how it works during emergency. 8. Visual Screen: i. Page after user select Grab Ambulance
  10. 10. - Like I explained in my paper prototype, users can rearrange the order of the bottom bar. - There is an additional bar on the top for the user to choose which ambulance service is require. - The ‘Book’ button will be in grey colour to signify that it is not clickable unless user fill need the necessary information. ii. When Private Ambulance is selected - The user selected Private Ambulance to Raffles Hospital. The user also request for an additional taxi to ferry the family members of the patient to the hospital. - The estimated fare will be shown as for usual.
  11. 11. - Once all the information required are put in, the ‘Book’ button will turn green to signify that the button is clickable. iii. Confirmation of the booking - All the necessary information, like the ambulance service, address of pick up and drop off locations, will be emphasis so that the user can double check before confirming the booking. - A ‘cross’ button on the top right corner for user to go back to the booking page to make changes.
  12. 12. iv. Estimated Time of Arrival - The estimated time of arrival for both the ambulance and the GrabCar will be display and will be refresh whenever the user check it. - The car plate number of the GrabCar will be shown as well. 9. Conclusion I hope that with Grab Ambulance, we will be able to get more people (who do not have grab app) to download the app on their phone. As long as the app is in their phone, the high chances that they will use it. I also hope the app will educate users the right procedure when getting an ambulance and satisfy the need to get ambulance during the situation that call for it. Hence, with these, the company objective will meet user needs. I believe Grab Ambulance will be especially help if I am in overseas (one of the many countries that Grab, Didi and Lyft are
  13. 13. operating) and need an ambulance. This is because I would not know the address of the location, not know what is the local ambulance hotline and it would be very stressful moment of time. Reference 2015/private-ambulances-should-attend-to-patients.html ambulance-service