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2.1 Impromtu ppt


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Published in: Design
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2.1 Impromtu ppt

  1. 1. Impromptu
  2. 2. App Store Description Impromptu is an app that is an event organizing tool for you and Your friends. It allows users to quickly create an event and invite their friends along. As the name suggest the app is more for last minute events, such as catching a midnight movie, supper or hang out, but it can be use for organizing events in advance. Features: More focus in event organizing Allow keep feedback Gist of the description: - Like Facebook’s event function - More focus in event organizing - Easy to share with friends and get Feedback fast
  3. 3. Problems
  4. 4. Problem 1 Hey! R u free 2nite?
  5. 5. Problem 1 Yea… Maybe… I want to catch ……….. a movie
  6. 6. Problem 1
  7. 7. Problem 2 “Facebook is losing its edge among college-aged adults” – comScore
  8. 8. Objectives Vision: One’s social network is defined by the offline friends and its network, not the number of friends they have on Facebook. Mission: Make organizing gatherings quick and easy. Try to bring human interaction offline rather than just being constrained to online platform.
  9. 9. Target Audience
  10. 10. “Organizing a gathering is always a chores.” Characteristic: - Age between 17 to 35 - Owns a smart phone and is tech savvy - Dislike/ Using less of Facebook
  11. 11. Key Goals: - Wants to organize events, without much hassle - Get feedback from the attendees ASAP We Must: - UI/UX => More for less - Focus on the feedback Behaviors: - Busy with their own life - May have different interests - Have a difficult time fixing a date or activity We Must not: - Make things more complicated, or requires them to put in more effort “Organizing a gathering is always a chores.”
  12. 12. Users’ Journey Map
  13. 13. 1st Home page: - Open Events for anyone to join - Arranged by date and time - Attendance
  14. 14. 2nd Home page: - Events by invites - Create events - Attendance
  15. 15. Creating an Event: - Simple setting => Expecting lesser change - Advance setting => Polling - Share the Event => Copy a link to be paste on group chat
  16. 16. Joining an Event: - Received the invites - Make the decision and wait - Events can be call off
  17. 17. Miscellaneous: - Profile => Security reasons - Favorites => Bookmark your Favorite events
  18. 18. Competitors • Main competitor => Facebook • Other current similar apps: – Pro Party Planner – Eventbrite