5th issue of selahaddin ayyubi college


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this is the 5th issue of our college magazine

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5th issue of selahaddin ayyubi college

  1. 1. Our Table of Success In Ministry Exam, our student “Didan Bahadin” took the 3rd place in Kurdistan and the 2nd place in Sulaimani. Also, we have 7 students at the Top 10 in Ministry Exam. We would like to congratulate all our students and teachers for the great effort on this amazing success. Read the interview with Didan Bahadin on page 2 Monthly Salahaddin Ayyubi College Publication Oct 2012 Interview with the Coordinator of Salahaddin Ayyubi Colleges `Mehmet Nuri Aydın’ Q: Hello sir, thanks for accepting us. of medals in internal and international proj- that we are having really hard time for A: You are welcome. ect olimpiads. We organised plenty of social responding them. Through you, I would like Q: Sir, as a starter, could you please make activities and celebrations with our students to express my sympathy to whom that we a brief preview of last year in your schools and parents. We visited lots of places inside had to refuse their demands. We are trying for us? and outside Kurdistan. our best to be able to respond positively to A: With pleasure. First of all Ihave to say that Q: What about this year? Do you have high all demands. it was a breathtaking year. Everyday was a expectations like last year’s achievments? Q: Can you give some examples? new excitement for me and my crew. From A: Even higher. We can’t confine ourselves A: Unless they are certain, I can’t. But ı the time that we open our eyes until we to last year. We must excel that. All the plans can just say, we are exhausting ourselves close, we were busy. We barely found time and strategies are prepared accordingly. We to serve Sulaimani people with the best for ourselves. However, it was worth of all are not a stable instutition. We have never education. the pains we suffered. been so. That is the key of our success. Q: Do you want to add anything else. Q: Why? We have always been open to change and A: I just want to say keep trusting us. We A: Because at the end of the year our hands progress. will never let you down. were full of Q: What do you think about the demands to Q: Thanks for your solid answers. success. your schools? A: You are welcome. Q: Can you give us some examples? A: Frankly, I am a little bit nervous. A: Of course. We had 7 students at the top Q: Why? Mehmet Nuri Aydin 10 of last year’s Ministry Exam. We had lots A: Because demands are increasing so much By: Miran Kaiwan The Coordinator of Salahaddin Ayyubi CollegesMinistry Exam Results Projects and Olympiads Social Activities Graduation CeremoniesThe List of 7 Students and their marks in Degrees and Medals in international Clubs and Celebrations of last year Sulaimani Girls CollegeMinistry Exam Projects and Olympiads Salahaddin Ayyubi College Page 2 Page 4,5 Page 6,7 Sulaimani Primary School Page 6,7
  2. 2. Oct 2012 Page 2 Interview With The Second Student in Ministry Exam Mahmut Pala Q: Tell me about twelve grade. How was it? Q: How were the teachers’ approach towards you? A: To be honest, most of the students become mentally A: Our teachers were great. We had a lot of excellent teach- Editorial unstable and to me it was the same in the twelve grade. ers. They contributed a lot on our success. At the begginig, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish A Fresh Look the year succesfully, but I want to tell you that it is not how Q: What about the administration? Were they also helpful? you imagine all the time. If you A: Of course yes. They did a lot Hi everyone, work hard, be confident and for us. They served everything brave, you will succeed. I think we needed. We always felt the I, as the new supervisor of Journalism Club of every succes comes with a hard comfort of having their support Salahaddin Eyyubi College, am glad to meet you work and if you study hard behind us. at the beggining of a new educational season. enough you will be succesful. It had better introduce myself first, I think. This Q: With this amazing degree, of is my fifth year in Kürdistan, and first year in Q: Did you have a strict course you can be accepted any Sülemani. timetable in the process of department in Kurdistan. Did preparation? you make your decision? For the last four years, I was a lecturer in Prep A: I started studying right after A: Yes, definitely. I am giong to School in Ishık University/Erbil. It would be an the 11th grade final exams. study medicine. honour for me to serve with my whole expe- Of course I got a little rest rience here, in our brother school, this year. for about a week but then I Q: And the last question. What As a vice principal and supervisor of the social studied harder and harder. I can you advice for the students activities of our school, I will concentrate on can’t say an exact amount of who have already started feeling improving our students’ social skills. time but I can say, I studied the worry of the big exam? really hard. A: I just can say, worry but with control. If you worry that Academic developments of students can satisfy means you take it serious and if you take it serious then parents, but not all the time students them- Q: So, after school, you spent most of your time on study- you do whatever it takes. The feeling of success makes you selves. To satisfy students, we, as educators, ing? forget all the pains you had during the process. should provide them with an educational A: After a little rest, yes I studied. By: Daban Raza atmosphere with pleasure. As it is proven ped- agogically, students can learn better and easier when they are pleased. Rich social activites in a school can provide this. Moreover, without so- cial skills, students can hardly present their aca- demic skills in a social environment. Therefore, I have lots of plans and projects to improve our students’ potential. The paper that you are holding right now is one indicator of this. Our highly talented club members insisted so much on publishing this new edition of our Newsletter that I couldn’t resist. As the theme of this volume, we decided to present last year’s panaroma which has full of accomplishments. This is of course not to show off, but to inform people who have never witheld thier support from us and to show them we are worth their trust. While viewing last year’s panaroma that includes just some of the activities of our school’s, you would be surprised that “Can a year be so long?”. Thanks for your time. See you in the next edition. I wish you all the best. 7 STUDENTS AT TOP 10 IN WEZARİ EXAM Didan Bahaddin : 695 Sikar Ebubakir Hasan : 691 Oct 2012 ISSUE :Chief-Executive Editor InterviewsMehmet Nuri Aydin Daban Raza Miran Kaiwan Awin Muhemmed : 690Managing Editor Photos Liza Araz : 690Mahmut Pala Brwa Omer Rozh Diar Bavar Kemal Kadir : 690 Warzer Ata Mir Ali Mahmud : 689Art DirectorZhiran Taha Berzi Jaafer Muhemmed : 689 Our high school grade 3 students studied really hard last year. It was sometimes stressful, even painful, but at the end it was worth of everything. Under the supervision of our devoted teachers, studying took sometimes till after midnight. They sleptGraphic DesignMustafa Muhmmed less, spent time for themselves and for their families less. Our students gained very good degrees either individually or cumulatively. Our student Didan Bahaddin from our Girls College took the 2nd place in Sulaimani and 3rd place in Kurd- Address: Karezawishk, Near the Institute Of Computer, istan. There are 4 students of Salahaddin Ayyubi Boys College Sulaimani, Iraq. Tel: (053) 3286407 – (053) 3286413 at top 10. There are 3 students of Sulaimani Girls College at top 10. Degrees of our remaining students are also very satisfactory.To advertise on increasingly popular Salahaddin We would like to express our sincerest appriciations who put News effort on the success of our students, especially to the parents who never withheld thier support niether from us nor from their students. Email : adv@selahaddin.org And we are sure they will keep performing in their university education as successfull as they were here. We awarded our 4 student at the Top 10 with Ipad 2
  3. 3. Oct 2012 Page 3 Summer School in America In June, a group of our students had a summer school in New York, USA. The flight took 12 hours. They stayed at Hofstra University. In the mornings, students had lessons from native speakers. Lessons were wonderful. Students had a great chance to improve their English. They have made a lot of new friends from all over the world. They practiced English with their native friends. In the after- noons, they visited spectacular places like the Statue of Liberty, National Museum, Madame Tussaud, the Empire State building, etc. They visited a huge lunapark called Six Flags. They went shopping to famous malls like 21 century, Roosvelt, TJ Max, etc. They also visited White House, House of Parliament, Space Museum, etc. Another day, they visited Boston which has Harvard University and MIT. At the end of the program their minds and hearts were full of unforgettable memories. Let’s hear one of them’s words: I’m Sharo Abbas. I participated in the trip. It was a great experience for me. It was worth all the money we paid. It was the best trip I have ever had. We spent amazing days there. This trip inspired me and contributed to my personality. I’m a more open-minded person now. Many thanks to my school and my teachers especially to Mr. Cemil Akdeniz.Oxford Teacher’s Academy – teaching made easy 2012 EDUCATION METHODS AND MATERIALS PROJECT CONTEST ( EMEPYA ) This is a certificate program that provide valuable information and experience for our Teachers. Oxford Teacher’s Academy workshops are practical, activity-driven, interactive and fun.We Moreover,stdeat Top 10 with Ipad 2 awarded our 4 they provide teachers with all the skills, knowledge and values they need to grow in their profession. Each workshop run by the Oxford Teacher’s Academy promises to: • provide the most up-to-date curriculum information in an accessible format; EMEPYA was held in Ankara/Turkey on 27 and 28 of April this year. The aim of this • support teachers with subject-specific issues that really matter to them; contest is to award the teachers who invent new methods of better teaching. From our • provide practical classroom activities that teachers can use immediately; school Salahaddin Ayyubi, the mathematic teachers Abdullah Kurudirek and İbrahim • be facilitated by professional, inspiring and motivating teacher trainers. Duyan participated in it with their project “Trigonometric Ruler”. They took the forth place among 276 projects.
  4. 4. Oct 2012 Page 4 8th INPO Fezalar Educational Institution organizes different academic and cultural activities for its all valuable students since 1994 in Iraq. The main goals of these activities are not only to motivate for lessons but also to integrate with the world. Among these activities INPO (Iraq National Project Olympiad) has a different place in the eyes of Fezalar Educational Institution. None of our distinguished students can stand missing the chance of being a part of this amazing experience. It is really a very big chance that is why all teachers with their students in Fezalar try to prepare their important projects un- der the supervision of well established universities in Iraq. The language of the competition is English, so all competitors should have a good capacity of En- glish, of course. The winners get the right to represent their projects in the different countries. Before these competitions, they get their presents, certificates and medals from Fezalar. For this education season again, all of our students are invited as participants to the 8th INPO which will be held on January, 26, 2013 in Erbil and in Sulaimani. This year INPO has 3 categories that are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology INPO will be organized by Erbil Ishik Nilufer Girls High School. Physics INPO will be organized by Erbil Ishik Boys High school and Chemistry INPO will be organized by Sulaimani Salahaddin Ayyubi High School. All participants should be registered online before the olympiad. Online Registiration starts on December,21, 2012. Registiration deadline is January,12, 2013. We’ll be glad INEPO and your students in the 8th INPO. to see you We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.. The results of the 7th INPO are as follows: Biology : Sulaimani Girls College and Selahaddın Eyyubi College / 1 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronz Chemistry : Sulaimani Girls College and Selahaddın Eyyubi College / 2 gold’ 2 bronz Physics : Sulaimani Girls College and Selahaddın Eyyubi College / 1 gold, 1silver, 1 bronz Computer: Sulaimani Girls College and Selahaddın Eyyubi College / 2 gold, 1silver, 1 bronz IYIPO / Georgia Infomatrix / Romania Ramyar’s program collection is a collection of useful programs and interactive games that took the 1st place in Kurdistan by wining Gold Medal at (I.T Generation Olympiad) in Erbil. After that, he participate in IYIPO. (International Young inventor Project Olympiad) for 2012 year that was held in Tbilisi capital of Georgia. 43 countries participated in IYIPO with 52 projects. He has taken the 2nd place. There were many interesting activities in 5 days time in Georgia. They showed a great affection to our students. Let`s hear him: The Georgians are one of the most hospitable people in the world. They greatly respect their traditions and customs and believe that:” guest voy of God”. Georgian are proud and freedom-loving people who highly value individWe attended the olympiad called informatrix in Bucharest, Romania. It was organised by the There are many beautiful cities which I have visited “Rustavi, Potti, Batumi”. They allInternatioanal School of Bucharest. We were hosted by Lumina University. We spent five days us very sincerely to represent our projects. We won Silver medals and a discount forthere. One day for preparations, two days for exhibitions, one day excursion and the last day In IBSU(international black sea university)which is one of the most important Univerfor award-giving ceramony. As the olympiad team of Salahaddin Eyyubi College, we were very Europe.glad to be part of such an amazing experience. We were awarded with bronze medal. Shahab I visited many schools there to make new friends and I have registered to IYIPO not tSoran Shahab, Zhiran Taha Abdullah. Superviser Sinan Bekir Pamuk. but show the world that we aren’t dead we are still one of the best in the world.
  5. 5. Oct 2012 Page 5 MSO / Sulaimani Mathematics and Science Olympiad is an examina- tion organized by Fezalar Educational Institutions. The exam composed of two sections including science and math questions. The most successful students from state schools took part as a team for the sake of their schools. The Sulaimani dis- trict has achieved great success in Kurdistan. The exam which becomes a tradition gains more popularity in the eyes of the public. Due to this acceptance, the number of the participants is increasing over the last four years. Also we must appreciate the great help of Gener- al Manager of Education, Mr. Jabbar and Principal of Directorate of Education Mr. Kamal Nuri Gharib. Also, the teachers and students from Salahaddin Ayyubi who were on duty showed great effort for the exam which took place in safe. The winners who gained presents like bicycles, com- puters and Mp3 players. . We congratulate them and we wish them a lifelong success. INEPO / Azerbaijan Our students participated in INEPO (International Environmental Project Olympi- ad) with two projects. There were participants from 50 different countries. Our students’projects were about hand sanitizers (took the first step in Iraq and third Science Hoopla / Sulaimani step in Azerbaijan) and the effect of magnet on the growth of radish plant (took the second place in Iraq and second place in Azerbaijan). MAFETYA / Izmir / Turkey INEPO / Istanbul / Turkey Fezalar Educational Institiution started to a new organization about international math olympiads. There was a qualification exam in Iraq. The succesful İNEPO is an olympiad that evaluates the projects to produce students earned the right to participate an Interna- sensitivity for the environment. It was held in İstanbul and tional Olympiad called MAFETYA last year. organised by Fatih College. Our Project earned the right to From our schools Salahaddin Ayyubi Boys and represent Iraq in İNPO then they participated in İNEPO in Sulaimani Girls College, there were 3 students in the İstanbul. It was a good experience for our students. Fort his team for 6 students. This year we will participate not year they are prapering a more interesting projects that will only MAFETYA but also Balkan Junior Olympiad. That hopefully gain a good degree in İNEPO. This is a science fair for a week which was held in Salahaddin Ayyubi College. In this is why we excel the preparations for these projects. week we did some things about science, generally. We divided our student into four ts are en- groups. Each day one group prepared some important subjects for showing the students.duality. In the laboratory we studied fish and birds You can visit our website and get the latest helped anatomy. They could see body parts of fish news , school events , social activities. And forr studying and bird by naked eyes. Also we played a much more visit our website now...rsity in game called Scavenger Hunt. In the last stage of this game students won nice chocolates. www.selahaddin.org On the last day, we prepared science compe-to win tition and winners got some presents.
  6. 6. Oct 2012 Page 6 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AT Salahaddin AYYUBI COLLEGE In our schools, we give a very big importance in social activities. We believe that if students feel like they are at home when they are at school, they can learn better. In addition to this, students can also improve their communicative skills during these activities. Without communinicative skills, student can not present their academic skills. Therefore we want our students to be able to express their academic skills that we have been paying a huge effort to help them gain. You will see a brief preview of our social activites below. CELEBRATIONS Spring Festival We traditionally organise a Spring Festival which is full of activites in our school. Our students exhibited their works on our school yard in April 2012. A science fair were conducted. With the appearence of parents, General Director of our Schools, Director of Educational Affairs of Sulaimani and some investigators we had a very good time all together. Students performed Kurdish traditional folk dances. Parents brought some homemade food. Our music club performed a short concert. The program lasted till the evening with lots of joy. It was a big positive effect on our students’ morale and motivation. It was an unforgettable memory for all the participants. Nishtimani Celebration Newroz Celebration We celebrated Nishtimani on 8th of March together with teachers and students. They wore Kurdish traditional clothes (Jili Kurdi) and performed Kurdish traditional folk dance (Hal- parke). Our students and teachers celebrated Newroz on our school yard. We made a fire for the memory of Kurdish tradition. By singing songs and performing Kurdish traditional folk dances, we had a great time all together.
  7. 7. Oct 2012 Page 7 CLUBSMusic Club Environment Club Members of Environment Club tried to produce sensitivity towards envi- ronment by organising campaigns for picking up trash inside and around Members came together several times our school yard. They also planted in a week for practising. After improving trees in our school garden.thier skills they performed a lot of concert to our students, parents andguests inside and outside Kurdistan. French Club Table Tennis ClubThe aim of this club is to learnbasic level of French. The coursewas given by English teacher Mr.Mehmet Veysi who has been toAfrica for nearly 13 years and hehas learnt French there. At the endof the course most of the studentswho attended the club could speakbasic French. The aim of this clu b is to make a scho team to have good ol results in tournam We joined a tournm ents. ent in Iraq last year and we took the 3r d place. Jour- nalism Club Chess Club We tried to improve our students reasoning and competitive skills in this club. Our vigorous students worked very hard to publicize our school’s latest news. They published four issues of our “Salahaddin Newsletter”. Meanwhile they improved their journalism skills. Kurdistan will have very skillfull journalists in the future. Basketball Club Football Club The aim of this club was to improve our student’s physical skills The aim of this club is to and to help them gain sportsmanlike behaviors. Also, we organized teach students how to play tournments and we awarded the winners basketball and the basic rules of it. Some of the students are already in formal basket- ball clubs. They know how to play. We help them to improve their skills. However, others don`t know very well. So, we start from the basic rules of basketball. We hope to see some of them in professional basketball teams in the future. We had also these clubs last year: Painting, Technology, Photography, Charity, Cooking, Science and Math selahaddin.orgFind more at:
  8. 8. Oct 2012 Page 8 GRADUATION CEREMONIES Primary School Graduation Ceremony We organised a graduation ceremony for the graduates of 2011-2012 educational season. With the presence of parents and high officers of Directorate of Education, we celebrated this plesant event. Our students prepared some performances to entertain our distinguished guests. At the end of the ceremony, our graduates got their diplomas from the hands of our honor- able guests. They have finalised the first stage of their education with lots of good memories. We wish them a very successful education life. Sulaimani Boys’ College Graduation Ceremony The ceremony for the graduates of 2011-2012 Sulaimani Boys’ College was amazing. The program started with the speech of the principal of the School. After that, guests watched the ac- tivites prepared by our students like live music, slide show and Kurdish folk dance. And at the end of the program, students got their diplomas from the hands of the Director of Education of Sulaimani. Our students and their families immortalised these unforgettable moments by taking lots of pictures.Sulaimani Girls’ College Graduation CeremonySulaimani Girls’ College organised a fantastic ceremony for itsgradutes of 2011-2012. The School Principal Mr. Durdu Kavakmade an inspiring speech at the begging of the program.“Youths are the future of a country. To have a bright future, aseducators, we have a very big responsibility. We did our best forthe future of Sulaimani. I would like to thank to all who neverwithhold their support from us” he said.There was a small ceremony for three students who are at thetop ten of Ministry Exam. They were awarded with an Ipad.The program continued with the live music performance ofstudents and slide show with memories of the school. At theend, students were given their diplomas by the distinguishedguests of the program.