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This is a small collection of Interaction Design, User experience and Development samples of the work that I have been doing for the past 4 years as a student of Department of Design, IIT Guwahati..

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Portfolio - Pradeep

  1. 1. Portfolio Pradeep User eXperience designer
  2. 2. Projects Interaction Design Socio-Emotional Process A Interaction Space - Relationship Building - Cohesion - Trust B Social Space C Physical Space Inputs - Design Outputs - Cultural - Performance - Technical - Satisfaction D Digital Space - Training Task Process - Communication - Coordination - Task-Technology Structure Fit Logical categorization of various spaces Design Modal For Future Work Spaces This project aims at understanding interaction design and its trends, to help incorporate it into our daily lives as part of our environment-resulting in an interactive environment which gives the user an intriguing thoughtless experience. The users Interactive Environments are gauged to various interactions through a network of ubiquitous computers and their response to these products is quali- Bachelor Thesis Project tatively measured. The products will also be built as part of the project. Work completed: Proposed a design model for the future work environments. Next semester we will be implementing this model to build a prototype of the proposed future work environments and then user test the model. 2
  3. 3. Projects System Design system Information Arcitecture screenshots of the system Sushruta Diabetes Management System Sushruta is PC and Mobile based system that helps diabetes patients to keep a data log of their day to day activities like diet, exercise, medicinal regime through an interactive mobile based platform. Sushruta allows the user to transfer data between the PC and Mobile facilitating data collection over a period of time. Sushruta’s advanced alerting system guides user through his day to day activities. The Info section of the Software is an exhaustive collection of all the possible information on diabetes. 3
  4. 4. Projects Scenario Design Interface of a flash game ‘Bomber Bot’ 4 users can play using a Touch Interface Screen Shot of the interface of Touchlib while demonstrating in our lab With the development of more and more multi-touch based products like iPhone, Microsoft Surface etc the whole scenario of gaming is going to change. We would need better interaction methods and also hardware to adapt to this change. This Understanding Gaming project aims at understanding these requirements and predict the future trends . Scenarios in Touch Interfaces We conducted extensive user survey with expert as well as amaure gamers. We Compiled a detailed report explaining all the scenarios studied, proposed some solutions and built a flash game using AS3 that can communicate with the server run by an open source multi touch platform called Touchlib. 4
  5. 5. Projects Usability Analysis Gtalk Visio Map Usability analysis of VoIP and Instant messaging Softwares A holistic study emphasizing Usability, functional aspects, socio-economic and cultural impact of VoIP and instant messag- ing software’s using Google Talk as a Medium was done. A comparative analysis of pidgin an open source IM software and Gtalk was performed to understand the usability issues in IM in genral. 5
  6. 6. Projects Usability Analysis Wrote a term paper on “A new logic for Telugu Text Input in a Bilingual keypad of a mobile phone” We have come up with 5 different formats of text input New logic for Bilingual 1) The Sankhya Format keypad of a mobile phone 2) The Tidhi Format 3) The Maasa Format 4) The Vaara Format 5) The Sarigama Format Based on the telugu numbers, days of a week, calendar and phases of moon. We have designed the input pattern of each system, tested with a set of 40 users and concluded that the Sankhya, the number logic is the best to be implemented. 6
  7. 7. Projects Web Development Designed this website as part of the Brand Identity Design for a US based firm, JAYSES Inc. This was freelance project. Website Designed for Inter IIT Aquatics Meet 2006 -Well versed with the latest web development techniques. Have hands on experience in developing and maintaining date intensive websites. -Well Versed with CMS Drupal and Joomla -Programming: Flash Actionscript, HTML, CSS, Java script, Ajax, PHP 7
  8. 8. Projects Web Development www.techniche.in Website for Techniche’08 Total pages: 108 Features: Linearly Sliding Menu, Floating Updates, Constant News Update, Completely Dynamic 8
  9. 9. Projects Web Development Information Architecture of web- site developed for Guwahati Air- port as part of semester Project Website developed for Guwahati Airport as part of semester project 9
  10. 10. Recent works Mascot for Techniche’08 Posters for Techniche’08 Evenet Banners for Techniche’08 10
  11. 11. Portfolio Pradeep Ayyagari E-Mail: pradeep.ayyagari@gmail.com Phone: +91-9003033948