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One, Two, Skip a Few


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One, Two, Skip a Few

  1. 1. One, Two, Skip a Few WebQuest Kim Gunnell
  2. 2. Introduction When your older sibling tries to trade you four nickels for a quarter, you need to know which is worth more. You will learn to count money by practicing, watching videos, and playing games.
  3. 3. Standards • The standard used in this WebQuest is: • M.O.1.4.6 • -identify, count, trade and organize the following coins and bill to display a variety of price values from real-life examples with a total value of 100 cents or less • Penny • Dime • Quarter • Dollar bill
  4. 4. Task Students will use their counting skills to count different amounts of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. By the end of this WebQuest, students will be able to count values up to a dollar or one hundred cents. An instructional video and different interactive activities will help students master this concept.
  5. 5. Process • Students will start out by watching a video about counting. • They will then practice in groups with one coin type per group and the groups will take turns counting all of the bags of money. • Once each group counts each bag, they will practice counting bags of mixed coins. • Students will also practice with real- life scenarios when the teacher sets up a mock store. • Students will also play interactive games to show that they have mastered the material. • More games.
  6. 6. Resources • Student will need the following to complete the WebQuest: • Bags of change • Computer Lab • Items for Mock Store
  7. 7. Evaluation • Student will be evaluated in the following ways: __Student can count individual coin amounts up to a dollar __Student can count mixed coin amounts up to the dollar amount __Student participated in store and could make correct amount that he/she owed the mock store
  8. 8. Conclusion Congratulations! You can now count all of the different coins, mixed together and separately! Now you are able to empty that piggy bank and count to see how much you have saved! Who knows, maybe you have enough to buy something special!
  9. 9. My Other WebQuest •