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Idea management systems drive competitiveness


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Idea management is an important part of management in the 21st. century. Watch this presentation to see how you can enhance your competitveness by implementing idea managment and how Ideas2benefit software can support your business.

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Idea management systems drive competitiveness

  1. 1. Improving the front end of innovation New Needs of society and market place need Idea Prototype Marketing Market genera Development production Manufacturing and sales place tion New State of the art in technology and production tech
  2. 2. Increasing importance of innovation Period: 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Innovativeness relates to how Response early an individual or Customer demands Uniqueness organisations are in finding Delivery time and adopting something new. Variety Quality Innovativeness has strong Price impact on the innovation performance, particularly inEmphasis in the front end of themangament Effectiveness Quality Flexibility Innovation Innovativeness innovation process. Therefore, the sooner theMeasurement of Capacity Quality Flexibility Speed Innovation Generation and company, compared to their performance capability use of ideas competitors, is in generating and using ideas, the stronger their competitiveness.
  3. 3. A strategic priorty
  4. 4. ROI (return on investment) There is an increased understanding among managers that investments in innovation processes provide good return
  5. 5. Innovation performanceThe development of new products and services is related tocapabilities in two stages* of the innovation process:• Initiation - Idea management: – The capability to generate and evaluate new ideas• Implementation - Capacity to innovate: – The ability of the organization to implement new ideas in innovation and process improvement*) Applies also to the improvement of processes
  6. 6. New product development process Continuous improvement New Needs of society and market place need Idea Prototype Marketing Market genera Development production Manufacturing and sales place tion New State of the art in technology and production tech Source: Rothwell (1992) The so called fuzzy front end of innovation
  7. 7. Improves efficiency in the front end of innovationMost used scenarios why our clients* use Idea Management• New products/services• Cost reduction & efficiency improvement• Improve customer experience & service• Increase customer loyalty or customer acquisition• An employee suggestion scheme (HR driven)• Change management• Support Incremental Improvement or even Radical change*) Our clients and of our technical alliance, Qmarkets
  8. 8. Increases the speed of the idea management process• Generation of ideas: – Utilize the wisdom of the crowd fast and efficiently – Launching idea campaigns with a predefined objective … aligned with strategy – Facilitates the sharing of ideas• Co-operation: – Supports the development of ideas • Facilitates registration of supportive information • Feedback and comments collaborative innovation • Motivation for participation• The utilization of new information and ideas: – Idea management has an impact on: • How open the firm is towards new ideas (facilitates innovation culture) • How effective the company is in sharing information and commenting on ideas • The speed and effectiveness of evaluation and selection of ideas
  9. 9. Supports different approachesOffers thepossibility to External informationengage externalparticipants in Accessthe ideagenerationprocess InnovativenessFacilitates thetransfer of NPD mgrs. Generalinternal or Mgrs.external Service mgrs. Productioninformation mgrs. Alliancesthrough Sales mgrs. Suppliersmanagers highly Competitors Customers systematic and controlled way
  10. 10. Implementation ofidea management systems
  11. 11. Idea management is coming Still moving upwards
  12. 12. An opportunity• Innovation is one of the most important contributor to the sustainable competitive advantage of firms in the coming years• Idea management is a managerial process in its early phases of development and many companies are still using ineffective processes in the so called „fuzzy front end of innovation“• Only a small portion of companies are using information technology to the extent possible in the idea development process – ... mainly as there has been a lack of flexible and scalable solutions that fit their needs  This creates and opportunity for companies to take the lead by enhancing their innovation capabilty and further strengthening their competitive advantage
  13. 13. We can support you !• One of our main specialization is to support companies in enhancing the idea management phase in their innovation process• Our objective is to offer companies feature-rich software for streamlining their business processes without compromising on ease of use … and at prices that fit the size of their business … and support its implementation• We achieve this through collaboration with a network of highly specialized suppliers focused on developing solutions that deliver true benefits and measurable value to our clients
  14. 14. Our idea management solutionOur philosophy is based on the assumption that it is not wise to re-invent the wheel, but rather utilize already existing knowledge andexpertiseWe also acknowledge the speed of development, particularly insoftware applicationWe also believe that specialization is increasingly important• We are proud to offer idea management solution powered by Qmarkets, a leading provider with global reach and presence • 6 years in the market • Robust and extremely flexible technology infrastructure • Extensive support ... ensures that our customers always have a solution based on the latest technology and knowledge
  15. 15. In use all over the world
  16. 16. True benefits and ROI• Makes the firm more open towards new ideas (facilitates innovation culture)• Increases participation in idea generation• Makes the company more effective in sharing information – … and commenting on ideas• Increases the speed and effectiveness of evaluation and selection of ideas• Increases the quality of implemented ideas• ROI: – Among the highest return on investment today!
  17. 17. Thank youFor further information or to have your private presentation ... ... on-line or at a physical location Contact us at: Tel.: +354-544 5400