Ganesh festival


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Impact of practice of idol immersion on the water bodies> Its high time we should switch over to Green Ganesha/Clay Ganesha

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Ganesh festival

  1. 1. EnvironmentalImpact of Gunwant Joshi Chief ChemistM.P.Pollution Control Board
  2. 2. Come Bhadrapad & its time forfestival of Lord Ganesh All over the country Ganesh idols are invoked on Shukla Chaturthi with all the Ferver and Gaity This year Ganesh Chaturthi is coming on 19th September
  3. 3. Traditionally, from ancient times, Shri Ganesh idols were made from mud & clays, and often painted with vegetable dyes and then were installed with great religious fervor on the Day of Bhadrapad Shukla ChaturthiThe practice was prevalent mostly in high cast Hindus
  4. 4. The Fiery freedom fighter, a great Indian Scholar & social reformer transformed this purely religious annual festival into a well-organized Socio-Political Public event to provide a plate-form to unite & motivate the youth and the masses to come together against the British Government and demand the Right to self Rule In 1893, He installed idol of “Lord Ganesh, deity of Wisdom to symbolise the peoples aspirations for Socio-cultural and Political change in the society & also to bridge the gap between ‘Brahmins’and non-Brahmins‘ so that the Freedom movement gets momentum
  5. 5. Ganesh Festival is the epitome of Wisdom, Creativity, Harmony & Positive societal change. Provides opportunity to the people for the artistic expression manifested in different formsOver the years this has undergone tremendous changedue to people’s attitude to see it in different perspective
  6. 6. The result is That is manifested in several artistic ways Unfortunately this is now taking the dangerous dimensions
  7. 7. What thoughts come your mind when u hear about the Festivity of The Ganesh Chaturthi? Is it about… •Sweet & Tasty ….Ok …What else ?
  8. 8. •Shiny glossy colorful mesmerising idols of Ganeshji and ….. explosion of creativity in preparing the idols and pandal decorations… . Aartee…Poojas, Bhajans, and… Loud music, unattended garbage ….and.. May be…..
  9. 9. You may even think of The impending Environmental damage ?????That is going to take placein form of Visarjan activityOn Anant Chaturdashi When the Lord Shall leave!
  10. 10. The Idols of the Lord & PoP The idols are often made from non- biodegradable materials such as Plastic, Cement, Plaster of Paris and often painted with toxic dyes. Plaster of Paris comprises of chemicals like gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus & magnesium and is insoluble in water. Paints contain heavy metals like Chromium, cadmium, lead and Mercury etc. which are toxic to the life forms
  11. 11. Community Ganesh Pendals What it should be How it isThe idol of Shree Ganesh is most important in elegant Excessive electric lighting and background and beautiful decoration using thermocol and other ambiance non-biodegradable materialEverybody should collectively Noisy recordings-empty pendals join for pooja with devotion. Long aartis in loud tone causingSelective devotionful aarti with Noise Pollution. Prayer and Chantings
  12. 12. Community Ganesh Pendals What it should be How it is Preparation of pooja after  Most People absent at the time of purification to maintain the pooja and those present often sanctity. chit chat. Everyone should remain  Anti-social elements often take present and experience the over and indulge in unwanted divine consciousness. activities
  13. 13. Visarjan Procession What it should be How it isDisciplined procession Slow paced unrulywith religious chanting procession, antisocial elements sneak in.
  14. 14. Visarjan [Idol Immersion]
  15. 15. The after math of Visarjan
  16. 16. Hard to believe After immersion We go home and sleep...?..!!Never everactually look backwhat have we left behindafter the visarjan?
  17. 17. The Idols we worshiped and reveredlie here Crest fallen, Don’t they deserve
  18. 18. Chemical Mean Concentration Concentration before Concentration after Pollutants In Water Immersion of Idols Immersion of Idols Calcium 25.14 43.77 68.4* Magnesium 7.785 6.590 10.02* Molybdenum 0.090 0.149 0.534* Silicon 3.537 2.954 3.826** Arsenic 0.124 0.121 0.497 Iron 0.212 0.125 0.22** Lead 0.289 0.351 0.45** Mercury 0.689 0.553 0.778** Threshold Limit Value (TLV) : *TLV=0.01; **TLV=0.05TLV is the permissible level of a toxic pollutant to which a healthy person is exposed during an eight hour day without any adverse effect.
  19. 19. S. No. Material Contributed Impact on the Aquatic Body1 Plaster of Paris Increases dissolved solids, contribute metals and sludge.2. Decoration material viz. Contributes Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM), clothes, polish, paint, trace metals (Zinc, Lead, Iron, Chromium, Arsenic, ornaments, cosmetic Mercury, etc.), metalloids and various organic and items. inorganic matter, oil and grease, etc.3. Flowers, garlands, oily Increase floating suspended matter, organic substances contamination, oil and grease and various organic and inorganic matter.4. Bamboo sticks, beauty Pieces float in water or settle at the river bottom articles inhabiting river flow.5. Polythene bags / plastic Contribute suspended matter, settled matter and items hazardous material to water and choke the aquatic life.6. Eatables,food items, etc. Contribute oil and grease, organics to water bodies.
  20. 20. Is it not a right time to give a thought to
  21. 21. For Children, They are a Fun to make Easy Visarjan ! Little or No Environmental implications!!Our Schools may consider this
  23. 23.  Identification of the Immersion Ghats Co-ordination Committee Burning of solid wastes Disposal Within 48 hours of the immersion Mass awareness
  24. 24. Guidelines for Idol Immersion in LakesFlowers, leaves and artificial ornaments of idols shouldbe removed prior to immersionArtificial pond using removable synthetic liners in thebottom should be created for immersion activityPost immersion, liners may be taken out along withremains of idols and lime should be added to the pondwater for settling the solids.De-sludging of the pond should be undertakenafterwards.
  25. 25. Guidelines for Idol Immersion in RiversTemporary ponds having earthen bunds along river bankshould be created as idol immersion spots.Flowers, leaves and artificial ornaments of idols shouldbe removed prior to immersionRemovable synthetic liner may be placed well inadvance in bottom of pond.The said liner along with remains of idols should beremoved from the point within 48 hours of immersion ofidols.
  26. 26. Recommendations
  27. 27. Recommendations: Install Eco Idols [dissolve in water in >10 hrs] Use permanent idols made of brass or stone. Use a small painted idol made of unbaked clay if you immerse the idol Immerse the idol in a tub or a water tank Collect the flowers and Nirmalya and compost them Avoid the use of thermocole & plastic in decorations
  28. 28.  Within 24 hours of the immersion of idols, the left over material (near rivers, lakes, beaches, etc.) should be collected by the local bodies and disposed off. At the immersion sites, burning of solid wastes should not be allowed. People should be encouraged to go for smaller size idols. Through media people should be educated about the ill effects of such activities on holy water bodies & encouraged to go for "kar-sewa" in order to minimize, the adverse effects.
  29. 29. Good way to immerse small idols
  30. 30. Disposal The Mud or the Clay may be used in the Gardens or the Pots Without any bad effect to the Environment
  31. 31. Good way to immerse
  32. 32. Other ResourceWonderful slide show on Ganesh Festival and related issues FOR IDOL IMMERSION Published by CPCB in June’2010 The document is available at How to make Eco Idols/Green Ganesh