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Gungho Portfolio

  1. 1. about us Gungho Design is an enthusiastic and talented team We have absolute commitment to going that of colleagues. We’re dedicated to developing the extra mile for our clients and consistently strive most effective strategic and creative solutions that to deliver beyond their expectations. Our pricing enable our clients to achieve their marketing goals. structure is transparent with no hidden extras. With a client base as diverse as ours, this could And we deliver on time and within budget. mean anything from creating a short term, high Our philosophy starts with our people. We are impact new business initiative for a global plc to passionate about design and naturally curious, eager developing a brand identity for a specific service to learn and willing to investigate and research within the NHS. thoroughly in order to develop a brief fully. Our Whatever the sector, whatever the project, priority is to help organisations to communicate clients want to work with us because have effectively and cost efficiently with their chosen a highly professional, no nonsense approach audiences and we’re committed to providing a to getting the job done. smooth, efficient and quality client service.
  2. 2. NHS Specialists
  3. 3. Gungho Design has extensive experience in the public health sector and our presence within the NHS continues to grow. Our work with these clients is wide ranging and includes: branding, campaigns, social marketing, annual reviews, reports, advertising, information leaflets, posters, newsletters, postcards, exhibition materials and novelty give- aways. We have a long and successful history with many NHS organisations. Clients include: NHS Tower Hamlets, NHS Harrow, Health for north east London, National Treatment Agency, Monitor, Bart’s and The London NHS Trust, National Patient Safety Agency, Commissioning Support for London, NHS London, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, NHS City & Hackney, NHS Newham, Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust, SW London and St. George’s NHS Trust, NHS Westminster and National Specialist Commissioning Group.
  4. 4. Government Office for London
  5. 5. Government Office for London is often required to pull together huge amounts of information for its stakeholders and members of the public in a way that is easy to understand and visually engaging. So when a report needed compiled relating to sustainable schools throughout London, Gungho’s experience and expertise in handling this type of project meant that we were the natural choice. In order to make the information as accessible as possible, the Gungho team created a theme for the report and worked carefully to present the information in manageable chunks. The client was delighted with the design and production of the final document and with the level of service that they received throughout the process. Indeed, the publication was so well received that Gungho was commissioned to produce a subsequent report the following year. Although we applied a different theme to this document, we were mindful to ensure that it retained a visual link with the previous report. Gungho Design has worked with GOL on other projects including reports on sexual violence and domestic violence. Because of the delicate nature of the subject matter, the Gungho team needed to be particularly sensitive regarding the choice of imagery and the overall look and feel of the piece.
  6. 6. NHS City & Hackney CHYPS Plus
  7. 7. CHYPS Plus is a unique clinic run specifically for young people – with the young people themselves directing the service offering. Representatives from this group sit on a “board”. Gungho developed a recruitment campaign for new “board” members. The campaign needed to be compelling and engaging and to encourage action. It needed to be fun and lively without being wacky or frivolous. The initiative was hugely successful and the client was delighted. We have subsequently worked on other initiatives for this client – all aimed at a teenage audience.
  8. 8. NHS Tower Hamlets Smoking Cessation Campaign
  9. 9. NHS Tower Hamlets asked Gungho to create a campaign that would appeal to people who were already thinking of stopping smoking – something that would give them the final impetus to quit. The campaign needed to be engaging and immediately accessible. We also needed to take into consideration the diversity of the residents in Tower Hamlets to ensure inclusivity and broad appeal. We used a familiar setting to create immediate impact and interest. We arranged a location photoshoot and then, to achieve the balance of diversity and the correct visual positioning, a second “people” shoot against a blank background took place. We then superimposed the people into the scene. We gave the featured characters their own reasons for stopping smoking. Then we turned a question on to the person looking at the advertisement – “Why will you stop?” NHS Tower Hamlets liked the concept so much that they asked us to produce 3 different scenes so that they could run the campaign over a longer period of time. Collateral included posters, press advertisements, pharmacy / GP surgery / clinic display screens.
  10. 10. NHS Tower Hamlets Health Trainers Service
  11. 11. The Health Trainers Programme has been running for almost three years and is channelled through 5 local community groups - each responsible for promoting the Programme within its own local area. This had resulted in a lack of consistency across the overall brand and huge discrepancies in the quality of materials going out into the community. Gungho was asked to develop a strategy to create a robust over-arching brand and to develop a user-friendly way for each community group to promote the Programme. This involved consultation with key stakeholders (including Health Trainers, service users and GPs). The key outcomes of the rebranding initiative: a strong brand identity, a comprehensive communication toolkit for the community groups and a set of guidelines and templates to maintain consistency of brand across promotional pieces. Gungho managed and delivered on every aspect of the rebranding process. Everyone involved in this exercise has praised Gungho for making the whole process straightforward, efficient, engaging and inclusive. The feedback: it has rejuvenated the whole Programme and given it (and those delivering the service) a real sense of professionalism and value.
  12. 12. London Borough of Tower Hamlets Healthy Borough
  13. 13. This is a hugely significant project with a high profile right across the borough. Our brief was to take the overall Change4Life branding and to adapt it to create a unique look and feel for this specific campaign for Tower Hamlets. The initiative was launched at a high profile conference where senior representatives from the local council and from the primary care trust introduced the campaign to specifically invited delegates involved with healthcare issues within the borough. Materials produced specifically for the launch conference included: an eflyer invitation (with response monitoring support), roll banners, pop up stand, delegate folder, information brochures and “goodie” bag. On-going publicity for this campaign involves a number of phases and sub-initiatives, focusing on specific areas of healthy living and target particular audiences. Collateral includes: press advertising, posters, billboards, street furniture, branded give-aways, brochures, leaflets, vinyl banners and giant C4L people!
  14. 14. Smokefree Harrow
  15. 15. Gungho Design was asked to produce a smoking cessation campaign that adhered to the national Smokefree branding guidelines and yet still allowed for a local focus for NHS Harrow. Collateral included: posters for pharmacies, posters for public access locations (eg libraries, council offices), information leaflets, an aide memoire for referrers (eg health professionals), stickers and business cards. One element of the campaign was a specific poster campaign intended to highlight the number of people in Harrow that die each year of smoking-related disease. This statistic equates to 10 double-decker bus loads which gave the figure perspective. Gungho carried out a publicised photoshoot in front of the Harrow Civic Offices involving an Arriva double-decker bus, a number of NHS Harrow staff as well as several members of the public.
  16. 16. Advertising
  17. 17. When it comes to advertising, things usually need to be turned around pretty speedily and, of course, press deadlines must be met. So we need to grasp the clients’ brief as quickly and precisely as possible. We take great care to gain a thorough understanding of the clients’ key objectives, the focus of the promotion and the market to which it is aimed. The Gungho team writes smart and snappy copy and designs impactful advertisements that convey the client’s messages succinctly and engage with the target audience – whether the purpose is to achieve a direct response or to impart information as part of an awareness campaign.
  18. 18. BT Redcare
  19. 19. Gungho Design has been working with BT Redcare for a number of years now, on a wide range of projects including a series of technical literature material and magazine advertisements. On this particular occasion, Gungho Design was commissioned to help BT Redcare to create a campaign to address customer attrition in the security systems market to competitors that were offering a cheaper but drastically limited product range in comparison. We worked together to create a personalised die cut mailer, trade magazine advertisement, mini website and an electronic questionnaire. In order to illustrate the ‘Get more for your money’ strapline we used an ice cream image that became increasingly more mouth-wateringly enticing as extra treats were added. To give their audience an extra incentive, there was the opportunity to win an iPod for those who completed a questionnaire on the BT website.
  20. 20. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  21. 21. Since winning a pitch in 2008, Gungho has been working closely with MHRA to produce two successive editions of its Annual Report and Accounts. Working on the first publication involved arranging a photo shoot to include each of the Executive and Agency Board members. The creative team at Gungho art directed this shoot in order to ensure that the images worked with the chosen concept of the design. MHRA were thrilled with the final result and when the time came to produce the next Annual Report, Gungho was the obvious choice. As a creative task, the second document was slightly more challenging than the previous time. Having originally set such a high standard, we wanted to exceed the expectations of our MHRA colleagues and to, once again, impress them with our creative approach. We presented a number of visual concepts using shapes from their logo and branding as devices for imagery and headings, implementing the use of bold images while retaining their corporate colour palette throughout. The overall design combining these elements was innovative and stylish – and we have delighted the client once again.
  22. 22. Sam Ubhi
  23. 23. We had initially worked with this award winning jewellery designer to produce some promotional literature. To celebrate Sam Uhbi’s twentieth year, Gungho Design was commissioned to produce a high quality anniversary catalogue. The Gungho creative team got together with Sam, herself, in order to select the most appropriate pictures and press clippings to best represent the two decades, in a way that would please her celebrity clientele. It was important that the design, print and finishing of the book exemplified the same quality and care that Sam applies to her masterpieces. A high quality perfect bound book was meticulously produced and included a cover laid in cloth and a debossed logo. The memento was given away at special events and at Sam Uhbi’s flagship store in west London during the anniversary period.
  24. 24. British Red Cross
  25. 25. British Red Cross, like any charity, depends on donations in order to operate its services. Being the season of goodwill, Christmas is a time when people have the propensity to be extra generous. From a fundraiser’s point of view, this is an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. However, given that the period is strictly limited and competition from other worthy causes can be fierce, fundraising campaigns need to be carefully considered and precisely timed. Gungho Design was commissioned to develop a printed marketing campaign to advertise a Christmas fundraising fair in the heart of London’s financial sector. The materials needed to be visually appealing to busy City workers and also had to convey the classic heritage of the hosting venue, the Guildhall. By using a clever photo montage of London’s skyline placed inside a snowglobe with the Guildhall in the background, we were able to convey the right balance of message, addressing the client’s brief to maximum affect. The campaign was extremely effective in attracting shoppers to this event. The client was so delighted with the Gungho team that we were subsequently commissioned to produce a similar campaign.
  26. 26. Annual Reports, Reviews and Proposal Documents
  27. 27. Gungho is particularly skilled in taking information that is often quite complex and dry and presenting it in a very appealing and accessible format. We work on a wide variety of documents of this kind both for public and private sector organisations. We can also create website versions. On the production side of things, we specialise in a fast turnaround that does not compromise a high quality finished product – we are talking about hours rather than days. This is particularly useful when clients are putting together bid documents. We are able to give them the latitude to be working on the content of their proposal right up to the 11th hour. Clients include: Government Office for London, Government Office for South East England, NHS Harrow, South London & St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, NHS Tower Hamlets, Avenance, Sodexo, Aramark, DTZ, CB Richard Ellis and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
  28. 28. Regent’s College Conference Centre
  29. 29. Regent’s College Conference Centre commissioned Gungho to revamp and develop its corporate folder and hospitality menus. The client considered the existing marketing material to be very “clunky”, cluttered and old fashioned. Gungho was asked to develop a stylish, creative treatment that would appeal to corporate clients and reflect the location of the conference centre within Regent’s Park. However, the key stipulation within the brief was that they did not want to use any imagery of the building or the park itself. Gungho created an illustrative approach with a ribbon style sweeping in a circular motion signifying the college’s address at Inner Circle. The ribbons were cleverly employed to create a sense of texture, such as that of grass, linking elements of the environment but without using actual images of the park or conference centre. The folder included a spot UV finish to add a touch of sophistication. The overall design is very elegant and contemporary – which is precisely how the conference centre wants to be perceived.
  30. 30. Large Format Specialist
  31. 31. We offer a complex range of products and services, tailored to your needs, all under one roof. It means that you need to liaise with one partner only – we will work together with you from developing creative concepts for both graphic and structural design through production right up to delivery and installation. We utilise our expertise and flexibility to minimise turnaround time and save you money, with no compromise on quality. Our wide range of products includes: banner stands, pop-up systems, graphic pods and lightboxes, promoter units, portable furniture, display and signage, literature holders, lighting and cases and bags.
  32. 32. IMarEST
  33. 33. IMarEST originally approached Gungho Design to redesign their posters for the Stanley Gray Lectures. These were a series of seminars that took place each month, varying in subject matter related to the marine industry and attended by IMarEST members as well as the general public. Gungho Design developed a style for the design that was clear and concise, exploring typography that conveyed authority and professionalism, appropriate to its target audience. The information was displayed with block, solid colours, bringing the essence of the event to life and making the posters visually engaging for the public. IMarEST was delighted with the standard of work that Gungho Design produced for them and thus we became the design partner for all of their event material ranging from programmes to web mailers.
  34. 34. Middle Temple
  35. 35. Gungho produced an advertisement concept to promote the catering and hospitality services that Middle Temple Hall provides for various special occasions including formal business functions, weddings and parties. In order to fully grasp the requirements of this brief, our creative team paid a site visit to the grounds of Middle Temple Hall to absorb its surroundings. We carried out thorough background research, gaining knowledge that formed the foundation for the creative process. The core objective was to gain more business from a younger market. So, whilst the historical significance of Middle Temple Hall was not underplayed, Gungho was very careful to ensure that the venue was not portrayed as old fashioned or stuffy. Gungho developed a series of elegant, modern and sophisticated advertisements using the strapline “Imagine a venue…” followed by a few, bespoke words that captured the essence and beauty of the Hall. The design represents Middle Temple Hall as a stylish and elegant venue and the strapline was created as an aspirational, inspirational catalyst to encourage people to imagine the possibilities for their special day in this beautiful setting.
  36. 36. we print great stuff Screaming Colour is Gungho Design’s award winning print partner. So once we have created a first rate design, we can manage the entire print and production process for you. With everything under one roof, you can be assured that the whole process will run smoothly. Our designers will keep a close eye on the job to ensure that you receive the quality you want and deserve. Check out all that Screaming Colour can do by logging on to and see how this award winning printer can help you achieve the very best results.
  37. 37. : we design great stuff Gungho Design 2 Pear Tree Street London – EC1V 3SB Tel: 020 7549 1999