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12th plan hackathon submission


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12th plan hackathon submission under applications category in the HEALTH sector

Published in: Technology
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12th plan hackathon submission

  1. 1. 12th Plan Hackathon Submission Team: Got Stared At User: Guneet Narula
  2. 2. Interactive Mapping App• Sector: Health• Using open source tools like OSM (open street map), Mapbox to create interactive maps with data points from the open data sets• This is more of an experiment, as a step towards automated infographic generation & publishing.• Visuals can make data more meaningful
  3. 3. Screens: [Also Available online:]
  4. 4. Process• Datesets are upgraded with geolocation codes from MapQuest API (open source)• CSV data then imported into Mapbox’s TileMill (dektop application)• Data is plotted on graph with interactivity• Exported and Embedded onto web pages• Automating the entire process of building interactive maps is possible
  5. 5. Issues• Data controllers should follow guidelines to list out data for states, districts and cities• Sorting and organizing information• Some standardization can help applications build using available data