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Look Around. Are you paying attention?


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assignment: Create a presentation that captures your INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had you missed before? What were your biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight?

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Look Around. Are you paying attention?

  1. 1. Maybe you haven´t noticed….
  2. 2. the smell of snow.
  3. 3. Snow Tea is quite an experience.This bubble tea concept is inspired ina laboratory, which includes arunning band where you can put yourtapioca or jellys towards the “bubbletea makers”. The environment itself iscomfortable and every cup is sealedwith catchy phrases like “Break thestress”.
  4. 4. An interesting fact about the placeitself is that the herbal tea plays animportant role. However, there`s nosign of what kind of teas they havesince its odorless.Just to enhace to experience i wouldrecommend to add herbal essencesin the environment that attract clientswith the smell.
  5. 5. Also, the laboratory/factoryconcept that inspired Snow Teamust be considered in order toadd sound effects like thecharacteristic sound of bubblesexploding or machines workingmixed with music according tothis environment.
  6. 6. “Mom... pleaaase?!”
  7. 7. A boring videogame retail store. Andthat s it!However, there could be some majorpoints in order to reach a newsegment: annoying Nintendo-lovingkids that depends on their parentsapproval (mostly from the mom) tobuy a video game.
  8. 8. So, Game Planet might use apromotional strategy in terms to“advice” kids on: “How to dealwith mom to buy thatvideogame you want!”
  9. 9. the warmth of a frozen smile
  10. 10. Although the smile is the center and theessence of Yogen Früz, the place (and staff)itself is cold and lacks of reasons to smile.So, it is imperative to send a clear message:“We want to make you happy, we really wantto see you smile and we have a light dessertto achieve it!”One way to this is by “crafting” an “eatablesmiley logo” into the frozen yogurt as asignature.
  11. 11. 音楽と色/ music and colors
  12. 12. The name Kuru Kuru refers to“crazyness” or “insanity” in theirnative japanese. This term alsoindicates “fun”.This colorful running sushi could beeven more crazy (and funnier) if ithad J-Pop music videos in order toenhace the experience.
  13. 13. Maybe its time to noticeeverything around you.