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UbiComp 2007 Closing


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Closing slides from UbiComp 2007, the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. Uploaded on behalf of Thomas Strang, Conference Chair.

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UbiComp 2007 Closing

  1. 1. Thanks for coming to Innsbruck, we hope you had a good time at UbiComp 2007!
  2. 2. Some Statistics We have had 408 participants from 33 distinctive countries, 6 topmost: 74 from U.S. Asia U.S. 62 from Germany 25% 28% 40 from Japan 33 from UK 30 from Austria 47% 28 from Korea Europe Number of CHI papers written during the sessions (guessed on a quick count of 2-column papers on people's screens): 35
  3. 3. Some more statistics… We had a great social event at the top of the mountains! 150 liter beer 80 liter wine 250 kg potatos … 270 nails! We hope you liked it!
  4. 4. Student Volunteers Once again: Student-Volunteers are the backbone of our conference most frequent 'ask-an-SV' questions we got: Can I leave the Gala dinner early? Where is the post office? Can you print something for me? Volume control in the back of the room? Can you set up a extra room for other activities? What time is....? What is a good thing to buy as an austrian souvenir? Where can i buy good chocolate?
  5. 5. UbiComp Challenge The results…
  6. 6. Sponsors We are particular grateful to our sponsors and supporting institutions! Silver Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Organizing Institutions
  7. 7. Have a safe trip back and see you at UbiComp 2008! or at…
  8. 8. October 15, 2007: Technical Paper submissions deadline October 26, 2007: Workshop Proposals deadline May 19-22, 2008: Conference, Workshops, Tutorial Program Chairs: Workshop Chairs: Jadwiga Indulska Khai Truong Don Patterson Arkady Zaslavsky Tom Rodden