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Friendsters At Work: Displaying Social Media Streams in the Workplace


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Presentation at the <a href="">Workshop on Public Practices, Social Software: Examining Social Practices in Networked Publics</a> at the <a href="">3rd International Conference on Communities and Technologies (C&T 2007)</a>. Reports on plans and early progress on next generation proactive displays.

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Friendsters At Work: Displaying Social Media Streams in the Workplace

  1. 1. Friendsters at Work: Displaying Social Media Streams in the Workplace Joe McCarthy Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto
  2. 2. Proactive Displays Large computer displays that can sense & respond to the people and activities taking place in their vicinity. + + = Better Large Physical Online Real-world Displays Tokens Profiles Interactions Bridging the gaps between people by bridging the gaps between the online and offline worlds
  3. 3. Next Generation Proactive Displays • Goal: increase the sense of community in the workplace • Method: open physical windows in shared spaces into the social media co- workers are creating • Situated Social Software • Hypotheses • Adding a physical dimension of audience will promote greater social media usage • Social media sharing in the workplace will enhance personal relationships • Enhanced personal relationships will lead to more productive professional relationships • Challenges • Privacy / benefit tradeoff (usability vs. security) • Sustainable engagement (after novelty factor has worn off) • How to measure the impact? (measuring community, relationships)
  4. 4. [Simplified] Architecture
  5. 5. Progress so far
  6. 6. Proactive Collage
  7. 7. 1st Generation Proactive Displays UniCast, OutCast, GroupCast
  8. 8. 2nd Generation Proactive Displays AutoSpeakerID Ticket2Talk Neighborhood Window
  9. 9. Next Generation Proactive Displays • Shortcomings of previous efforts • Goals of future efforts • Special-purpose sensors • Multi-purpose sensors (IR badges, RFID tags) (BT mobiles … NFC) • Special-purpose profiles • Multi-purpose profiles (C3) • Special-purpose installations • Multi-purpose installations
  10. 10. Context, Content & Community Collection: EveryBit
  11. 11. C3 Collection: FeedMine
  12. 12. Potential Impacts • Bridging gaps in the workplace • Knowledge management via serendipity • Nameless faces / faceless names • Acquaintanceships  relationships • New channel for employee recognition • Increase familiarity with Social Media • Awareness • Use • Co-create / mashup
  13. 13. Thanks! • Feedback • Appropriate social media sites (“safe for work”)? • Measurement: how to measure “community”? • Related work? • Connection points: • • • • Proposed tag for conference / workshop: cct2007 • Made possible by • Jian Bian, Ben Congleton & Max Harper (interns) • Context, Content & Community (C3) team