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Genetic Epidemiology


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Genetic Epidemiology

  1. 1. GHUCCTS: Translational Technology Resources (TTR)Genetic Epidemiology (NHGC, HU) Yuanxiu Chen, MD/PhD, Director
  2. 2. Genetic Epidemiology (NHGC, HU)Resources: Biological samples from 2,000 West Africans, type 2 diabetes and controls – Demographic data – DNA, Serum, Plasma, Urine – Some SNPs genotype data Biological samples from 1,500 African Americans recruited without additional criteria – Demographic data – DNA, Serum, Plasma, Urine – Some SNPs genotype data
  3. 3. Genetic Epidemiology (NHGC, HU)Provides*: Biological samples for comparison study of Obesity, Diabetes & Hypertension – Whole genome amplified DNA – Serum – Plasma Phenotypes data: – Demographic data – Blood test results Genotype data: – Some SNPs markers – Some Microsatelite markers* Need to sign collaborative agreement
  4. 4. Molecular Imaging Laboratory(MIL, HU) Contacts: Yuanxiu Chen, MD/PHD, Director – Phone: 202-806-9437 – Email: