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The most important meal of the day


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Descriptive Writing (food)

Published in: Education
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The most important meal of the day

  1. 1. The Most Important Meal of the Day Gulmira S. Viker
  2. 2. Do you know these words?Cereal Butter EggsDiscover Pancakes ToastPour Syrup Oatmeal Cream cheese
  3. 3. Sesame Street
  4. 4. Discuss with your friend1. Do you eat breakfast every day?2. What do you eat for breakfast?3. Is it healthy?4. Do you have coffee or tea?
  5. 5. Boiled eggs
  6. 6. Sunny-side up eggs
  7. 7. Scrambled eggs
  8. 8. Toast
  9. 9. A slice of cheese
  10. 10. fig
  11. 11. Write 6-8 sentences describing this picture
  12. 12. Sample paragraph I see a white plate with some food in thispicture. There is one piece of bread, two eggs,and three figs on the plate. There are two slicesof cheese on the toast. The toast is crunchy. Theeggs are boiled. The figs are as sweet as honey.The food looks very delectable. It is healthybreakfast. When I look at this picture, I am ashungry as a bear.