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Service Blueprint

Service Blueprinting -Service Marketing

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Service Blueprint

  1. 1. SERVICE BLUEPRINTING By: Guljeet Singh
  2. 2. What is service blueprinting  A key tool to design new services or redesign existing ones  A more sophisticated version of flowchart  A picture or map that portrays the customer experience and the service system The process of service delivery Points of customer contact Role of customers and employees Visible elements of service Blueprint
  3. 3. Key Components of Blueprint  Definition of standards for each front stage activity  Physical and other evidence for front-stage activities  Principle customer actions  Line of interaction  Front Stage actions by customer-contact personnel  Line of visibility  Back stage actions by customer-contact personnel  Support process involving other service personnel  Support processes involving I.T
  4. 4. Developing Blueprint/Blueprint Components
  5. 5. Building A Blue print Step 1 • Identify the process to be blueprinted Step 2 • Identify the customer or customer segment Step 3 • Map the process from the customers point of view Step 4 • Map contact employee actions and/or technology actions Step 5 • Link contact activities to needed support functions Step 6 • Add evidence of service at each customer action step
  6. 6. Identifying Fail points  Fail points are points in service delivery where things are particularly at risk of going wrong.  From customer perspective of points are those that will result in failure to access or enjoy the core product. Waits  Delays in specific action  Requiring the customer to wait  Waits for customer
  7. 7. Benefits and Uses  Providing a platform for innovation  Recognizing roles and interdependencies among functions, people, and organisation.  Facilitating both strategic innovation and service knowledge.  Transferring and storing innovation and service knowledge.  Designing moments of truth from the customers point of view  Suggesting critical points for measurement and feedback in the service process  Clarifying competitive positioning.  Understanding the ideal customer experience.
  8. 8. References  Zeithamal V .A, Bitner M.J et al (2013), Services Marketing: integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm 6th ed., TMH, New Delhi.  Christopher L, Wirtz J et al (20130, Services Marketing : People , Technology , Strategy , 7th ed., Pearson, New Delhi.  Example-Self-Service-Technology-Blueprints.pdf  png
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