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Ll 10.3 infinitives and gerunds


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Ll 10.3 infinitives and gerunds

  1. 1. Infinitives and Gerunds
  2. 2. Verb + (object) + infinitive with to• Want (+object to ) • Most people want to live for a 100• Need years• Remember • I don’t want to see you again.• Forget • I want her to be happy.• Allow (+object to ) • Students need to fill out the form.• Decide • Did you remember to cash the• Like check before the bank closed. • Don’t forget to lock the door before you go out for work. • The school allows students to use mobile phones in class for vocabulary check. • He decided not to attend the class in the afternoon. • I like to listen to classic music.
  3. 3. Verb + (object) + infinitive with to• Hope • We hope to get a• manage discount over the price.• Promise • They manage to find• Teach (+ object) to tickets for the concert.• Would + verb • Mother promised to bake a cake for the birthday. • The chemistry professor taught the students how to set up the experiment. • I would like to pay a visit to my grandmother at the weekend.
  4. 4. V+ ing (gerunds)• Like • I like playing football• Prefer • My friend prefers going to the• Enjoy theatre instead of cinema.• Practice • They enjoy playing tennis on• Recommend Saturdays / enjoy travelling• Suggest • The pop star practice singing his songs before the concert.• Understand • Doctor recommends eating less meat. • The doctor suggested taking a long holiday. • I understand. • I understand buying a second hand car is risky. • I understand finding a good girl friend is difficult.
  5. 5. Gerund (V+ing) after prepositions • She is good at preparing meals.• Good at • I am not good at learning• Give up languages.• Idea of • I am going to give up learning• Object to Spanish.• Interested in • The idea of talking to my girl• Fed up with friends father made me nervous. • My parents object to my going abroad . • Are you interested in working for us? • I am fed up with studying.
  6. 6. Gerund (V + ing ) after prepositions• Excited about • The children are excited• The advantages of about going on holiday.• In spite of • What are the advantages• Instead of of having a car?• After • John went to work in spite of feeling ill. • I bought a new bicycle instead of going on holiday. • What did you do after leaving school.
  7. 7. Verb + infinitive with to or -ing• Like • I like to travel• Advise • I like travelling• Begin • Teacher advised me to take notes• Continue while listening the activities• Like, love, hate • Teacher advised taking notes • He began to lose weight • He began losing weight. • He begins to eat • He begins eating • She continues to listen the MP3 player. • She continues listening to her MP3 player • I hate tell you that but, I listen the conversation between you and Jack through the door crack. • I hate telling you the truth about ..
  8. 8. Exercise Key
  9. 9. Put either a gerund or an infinitive in the blanks:1. What do you enjoy ____________in your free time in the evening?2. Who has gone ____________lately?3. When Bade got tired, she stopped ____________.4. When we were at the beach, we went __________________.5. We can leave just as soon as it quits ____________________.6. The policeman told him to stop, but he thief kept ___________________.7. What did you decide _________________?8. What did he tell _____________________9. What did the doctor advise _________________?My boy friend encouraged _________________________.11. Don’t forget ______________________________.12. Just remember! Haven’t we agreed ________________________? So, why are youcheating?13. My friend ask _______________________________.14. Did you remember __________________ the money from the bank that we suppose_________________?15. I enjoy _____________________ a long walk every morning.16. Does anyone like __________________________?17. Who likes ________________________?18. If someone wants ________________ weight, what should he or she give up_____________ and ____________?19. Would you mind ______________ the door?
  10. 10. 21. Jack almost had an automobile accident. He barely avoided _______________ another car at the intersection of Fourth and Elm streets.22. We can’t leave until it stops __________________.23. Do you enjoy ________________ football?24. Fahri didn’t have any money, so he decided ___________________ a job?25. Jale and Kerem were considering __________________ married in June, but theyfinally decided ______________ until August.26. I was broke so, so John offered _________________ me 100 TL27. Mrs. Allen promised _________________ the children to the zoo.28. The teacher encourages us ___________________ a dictionary whenever we areuncertain of the spelling of a word.29. The doctor advised me __________________ smoking.30. Jim is a very forgetful person. His wife always has to remind ___________________his briefcase with him to the office.31. When I was growing up, my parents said to me, “ You may stay up late on Saturdaynight.”(allow)32. Nancy said to me , “ Would you please open the window?” (ask/request)33. I am very relieved because the Dean of Admissions said to me , “ You may register forschool late” (allow)34. Before the examination began, the teacher said to the students, “Work quickly.”(advise)35. I’m looking forward __________________ (see) my family again in summer holiday.
  11. 11. 36. Henry is excited _______________(leave) __________for India.37. I am accustomed ___________ (have) _____________ a big breakfast everymorning.38. They object ____________ (change) their plans at this late date.39. I am looking forward ____________ (go) _________ home next month.We talked ____________ (go) ____________to Canada for our vacation.Answers:1. doing (gerund)2. shopping (gerund)3. working/studying (gerund)4. windsurfing/swimming (gerund)5. raining (gerund)6. running/shouting (gerund)7. to do about your inclass presentation (infinitive)8. you to do about the weekend trip (object + infinitive)9. you to take as a medicine (object + infinitive)10. me to go ahead and join the basketball team (object + infinitive)11. to lock the door of the balcony after you finish hanging out the clothes (infinitive)12. to take the children out to the aquarium on Saturday afternoon? (infinitive)13. me to lend her some money (infinitive)14. taking out (gerund) , to give to our landlord tomorrow?15. taking (gerund)16. getting a free dental check up from the university health center ? (gerund)
  12. 12. 17. getting a free ticket for the concert ? (gerund)18. to lose (infinitive) , eating (gerund), drinking (gerund)19. closing (gerund20. to go shopping for the weekend (infinitive) /to invite my friends over to my house(infinitive) ; giving (gerund)21. being hit by (gerund) /having a crash with (gerund)22. raining (gerund)23. watching/playing (gerund)24. to get /to find (infinitive)25. getting (gerund) ; not to have a wedding ceremony (infinitive)26. to give (infinitive)27. to take (infinitive)28. to use /look up (infinitive)29. to stop/to quit (infinitive)30. him to take (object + infinitive)31. My parents allowed me to stay up late on Saturday nights when I was growing up. (infinitive)32. Nancy request opening the window (gerund)33. The Dean of Admissions allowed me to register for school late (infinitive)34. Before the examination began, the teacher advised the students to work quickly.(infinitive)35. seeing (gerund)36. about leaving (preposition + gerund)
  13. 13. 37. to having (preposition + gerund)38. to change (infinitive)39. to going (preposition + gerund)40. about going (preposition + gerund)