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GulfManagers Executive Search e-Brochure


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GulfManagers Executive Search - Bringing Executives Together.

Jobs in Oil & Gas, Real Estate, IT, Telecom, Retail, Engineering, Aviation, Banking & Finance in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan

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GulfManagers Executive Search e-Brochure

  1. 1. LOOK NO
  2. 2. GulfManagers Executive Search, Part of the Forum International Group of Companies is a highly specialized search and selection firm, focusing on business organizations in the Middle East. Founded in 1997 with the head office in Dubai and branch offices in Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon Chairmans GulfManagers Executive Search is unrivalled in its field. Our service and commitment to creating strategic and organic hiring solutions has earned the company respect and a proven reputation within the GCC Countries and the wider Middle Address East-North Africa region. As market leader, GulfManagers Executive Search acts as an intermediary for its clients – identifying and sourcingSince its founding in 1997, GulfManagers has been the executive recruitment industry’s qualified candidates for the work force needs of our clients.leader and innovator, and today, has evolved as the region’s premier provider of executive A team of seasoned, professionals with extensive experience in a broad variety of disciplines use their expertise to maketalent management solutions. Understanding that the business community is now the right match between the client’s needs and the ideal candidate’s talents and career goals. We also source professionalfacing many more challenges in attracting, retaining and developing senior managers, Managers and Specialists for clients in business sectors such as Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Industrial, IT and Telecom, FMCG and Durable Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Wholesale Trade, Construction/PropertyGulfManagers services range from executive recruitment to corporate governance and CEO Development/Real Estate and Law Firms as well as the Governmental and Non-Profit Sectors.recruitment, outsourced recruiting, management assessment, and executive coaching anddevelopment. Expertise, knowledge, commitment to ethical business standards, and a network of contacts enable us to source high caliber candidates for executive and senior level assignments.Our executive recruitment professionals, many of whom joined our firm from senior positions We combine proprietary data bases, technology sourcing, direct sourcing, and the strength of a core research group in ain the industry sectors they now serve, conduct more than 2,000 senior-level searches for tailored approach for every client.clients in the GCC and the Middle East each year. Our consultants are based in 5 countriesin the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. The industry-sector knowledge andglobal reach of our firm ensures that our clients have access to the most qualified candidatesfor every position.With our time-proven search process, market knowledge and worldwide network, it is notsurprising that more leading organizations around the region trust GulfManagers to deliverand develop the best executives to run their businesses than any other firm, a responsibility wetake very seriously and work every day to meet with integrity and results.ADEL AL ALAWIChairman - GulfManagers
  3. 3. PROFILE ASSESSMENTS Profiles International provides a comprehensive array of people (employee) assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively, and help all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability. Profiles International assessments provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360 degree feedback programs, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and other employment issues. Profiles International has a complete catalogue of state-of-the-art occupational assessments that target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance. Matching people successfully with the work they do is the key. When people feel competent, are interested in their daily duties, and have the opportunity to use their inherent talents, their productivity soars. Negative factors such as stress, tension, and conflict disappear. There is more time to pursue personal and organizational goals. You get everyone back on the success track. Occupational assessments are your most effective tools for keeping track of your human resources. We can provide a completeWHAT WE DO system, custom designed to address your most pressing concerns. Profiles International has more than 90 offices in countries around the world to serve your needs. Every time you hire someone or promote an employee to a new position, you are gambling with the future of your company. PutEXECUTIVE S EARCH R ETAINED the odds in your favor by matching people with jobs and managing risk. Profiles International assessments evaluate people for keyGulfManagers will handle the assignment on an exclusive basis. Clients will find it in their interest to engage GulfManagers on a issues such as JOB FIT, ENERGY, RELIABILITY and CULTURAL FIT. Use Profiles International assessments and youll be sureretainer basis as they will enjoy the exclusive privilege of a detailed search plan. This plan includes 3 stages. to pick more winners.Executive Search Stage One – Longlist• Target peers competitors Benefits to Employers Benefits to Employee (Candidates)• Screen candidates & assess them Avoid costly hiring mistakes Gain thorough understanding of your own strengths and• Deliver a longlist of candidates areas for developmentGulfManagers will contact all peers, competitors and related companies (considering your suggestions) and establishwhether there are candidates who meet your criteria. Hire Top Performers Enable you to select the career that fits you best and enjoy mostExecutive Search Stage Two – Shortlist• Conducting Profile Assessments Put the right person in the right job the first time Provides you with detailed coaching and development• Present detailed presentation of candidates comments• Deliver a shortlist of candidatesGulfManagers will conduct profile assessments and present details on those candidates selected during Stage One. Identify and develop leadership skills of your supervisors, Acts as a Career Compass to design your own career plan managers, and executivesExecutive Search Stage Three – Interviews Arrangement• Arranging for interviews Using the Profiles XT Placement report, conduct system- Recognize your potential• Negotiation process atic and targeted interview with candidates• Conducting reference checksGulfManagers will handle all logistical arrangements on behalf of the Client. In addition, we will conduct a full anddetailed reference check and facilitate the negotiation process.TIMINGThe following table outlines the projected timings for each stage of the assignment. The timings will vary according to the timetaken by the Client to provide us with their feedback: Project Stage Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 THE J OB FIT AND Stage 1 BENCHMARK TECHNOLOGY Stage 2 Measure candidates and staff against Stage 3 the top performers within your organization using the Profiles Job FitEXECUTIVE S EARCH C ONTINGENCY technology. The profile of your topA contingency-based approach allows the client to pay after the successful placement of the candidate. GulfManagers will performers acts as the benchmark foridentify source and refer potential candidates to the client. Assistance at all levels desired by the client in the employment offer all new and existing candidates.and negotiation process shall be provided.
  4. 4. HR CONSULTANCY PRACTICE HR AUDITGulfManagers is pleased to announce the launch of their new consulting services, the Human Resources (HR) Practice. The A Human Resource Audit enables organizations to comprehensively assess their HR practices. GulfManager’s HR AuditHR Practice has been specially geared towards organizations who are dedicated to be in line with the industry best practices. reviews the full range of HR activities, including how your organization is structured to deliver the HR deliverables like recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits administration, performance management, etc. Identifying “gaps”As organizations seek to maximize their potential, they must recognize that many traditional concepts may no between policy and practice can not only increase legal compliance but also increase efficiency and productivity, processeslonger be appropriate. Much too often, the importance of focusing on people who create the value in an organization is quality and enhance employee satisfaction.downplayed, which leads to a series of downsizing, hiring freezes, and minimal investment in their human capital. Successful • HR Diagnostic studyorganizations must capitalize on their people to gain a competitive advantage in today’s truly global marketplace. • Manpower Assessment / RationalizationWe have highlighted below some of the service offerings to provide you with background information as to the new portfolioof services that GulfManagers can provide towards your organization. We would be pleased to assist your organization in carrying out any of the above-mentioned services. Should you have any queries or require any further information, kindly contact us on 00971 4 417 9600 or email to Sales@GulfManagers.comHR SYSTEMS & POLICIES directly with your requirements, we would be pleased to discuss these with you at any time.The primary purpose of defining and collating HR Systems & Policies is to formalize and emphasize the various HRpolicies, procedures and systems. These are documented as the following.• HR Policy and Procedure Manual• Employee Handbook / Induction Manual• Operating Policy and Procedures ManualORGANIZATION DESIGNAn organization can achieve the best performance from its human capital only if the organization structure and stylesupports them. At its most fundamental level, an organization design is a formal, guided process for integrating the people, eGulfManagers.cominformation and technology of an organization. It is used to match the form of the organization as closely as possible to thepurpose(s) the organization seeks to achieve. With this in mind, we can work with your organization to design and developorganizational structure, roles and processes to meet your business needs. These include:• Organization Structure• Job Descriptions• Job Evaluation• Key Performance IndicatorsMEASUREMENT TOOLKITWith the success of any organization dependent upon its employees, it is important to regularly survey employees toidentify the organizational climate, and to attract, retain and develop key competencies. In order to enable this change, we willintroduce a toolkit which will comprise of a customized survey which is provided to all employees for completion. Upon thecompletion of the survey, the results are analyzed and a written report of the findings will be presented.• Employee Perception Survey• Compensation Benchmark Survey Launched in 2003 is part of the Forum International Group of Company’s based within the Middle East, and is recruitment portal concentrated on the mid to upper management level as well as specialists. job listings come from over a range of regional institutions and stretch further than the Middle East, with leading employers from Asia, Australasia and Europe posting their vacancies on our job board. offers low-cost, easy-to-use state of the art tools to diversify your recruitment needs and we continually ensure that we are at the forefront of online recruitment in today’s competitive marketplace. To find out more about or our partner companies, GulfBankers Executive Search, GulfManagers, eGulfBankers and Saudi Graduates email
  5. 5. RegionalCoverageGulfManagers covers the entire Middle East. With extensive knowledge ofcountry and culture specific factors based on experience, we deliver the bestcandidates, and also provide the added value of consulting you on the beststrategies for your human capital needs. From finding the top candidates in yourown city to undertaking a multi country search across the region we offer acomprehensive solution that brings results. BAHRAIN U.A.E. EGYPT
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