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FLOSS and Startups

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FLOSS and Startups

  1. 1. FLOSS and Startups Guilherme CavalcantiTechnical leader, application platform team @ Redu
  2. 2. Apresentações• Guilherme Cavalcanti • Brazilian web developer since 2007 • CIn-UFPE • Co-founder at Redu • Technical leader of platform team • Twitter/Delicious/Github: • /guiocavalcanti
  3. 3. Road map 2009 @ CIn• E-learning platform built on top of a social 2010 @ Porto Digital environment
  4. 4. TeamHiring! • 15 friends at work • Designers • Developers • Researchers • Business people
  5. 5. Redu-labs• CCTE• 11 associated researchers
  6. 6. Engenharia deSoftware Educativo(IF800)contato: Horário Quartas e Sextas (60h) das 8h às 10h das 10h às 12h Público-alvo Ciência da Computação Educação Design no limite da capacidade da sala) (aceitamos ouvintes Ementa Introdução a aplicações educativas; Software social; Game Design; API do Redu; Guidelines do Redu; Prototipagem de jogos; Métodos e técnicas de avaliação de aplicações sociais; Fenômenos de colaboração, coordenação e percepção social.Facilitadores educational technologies
  7. 7. Key features
  8. 8. Key features
  9. 9. Key features
  10. 10. There is more• Mobile learning• Semantic visualizations• Many-to-many content authoring• Applications platform
  11. 11. Background
  12. 12. The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source• Strongly based on Bruce Perens essay• Economical point of view over The cathedral and the bazaar• Enabling and differentiating software• FLOSS as a mean and not as the end
  13. 13. The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open SourceStallman is a programmer, and chose a philosophical presentation that appealed to programmers.In contrast, business people are pragmatists and are more impressed by economic benefit. Because Stallmans presentation limited his audience, hiscampaign had not been able to achieve the economic serendipity that is visible today Bruce Perens, The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source
  14. 14. The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source In Raymonds model, work is rewarded with an intangible return rather than a monetary one.Fortunately, its easy to establish today that there is a strong monetary return for many Open Source developers. Bruce Perens, The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source
  15. 15. Context andkey-questions
  16. 16. Context and key-questions• Three problems we encountered 1. Lack of skilled people with fluence on our technologies 2. Lack of sinergy between the local startups that user the same techonology 3. Application platform boostering
  17. 17. Lack ofprofessionals
  18. 18. Problem 1: Lack of professionals• It’s hard to found skilled people at Recife• + 150 curriculums• + 25 job interviews• 5 hires
  19. 19. Problem 1: Lack of professionals• Not mainstream technologies• Weak user groups • PUG-PE (python user group) • Frevo on Rails (ruby/rails user group)• Full-stack programmers
  20. 20. Frevo on Rails• We started to foment/ promote the user group• Regular meetps• Focused on Porto Digital (local IT cluster)
  21. 21. Frevo on Rails• Joint venture
  22. 22. Frevo on Rails• Good growth• Attracted big companies• A lot of job demand
  23. 23. Problem 1: Lack of professionals• It’s hard to glue people together • The programming language isn’t an union point• Low returning rate • A lot of new people • That never return
  24. 24. FLOSS as a gravitational center to the user group• Traning• Connecting people through FLOSS projects• Few using the language at work• What projects? How are going to maintain at first?
  25. 25. Lack of synergy betweed startups
  26. 26. Problem 2: Lack of synergy between startups• Few companies uses non-mainstream technologies• Similar business • Small IT companies• Some share the same need • Low cost SMS backend • REST APIs • Big Data
  27. 27. FLOSS as a way to increase the synergy between startups• Startups are going to boost and maintain FLOSS projects at first• Supports problem 1• FLOSS + funders + people
  28. 28. Application platform boostering
  29. 29. WTH is that?• Educational market issue• Lots of segments• Transform the product into a programable platform • Amazon vs. Google +
  30. 30. Educational market• Teacher issues• Educational objects• Marketplace
  31. 31. Problems• How to integrate that many languages/ platforms?• SDKs/Wrappers
  32. 32. FLOSS as way to boost the app platform• There are corporate needs/interests• There are common needs betweeb 3rd party developers• Bruce Perens essay apply • Enabling technologies • Differentiating technologies
  33. 33. To sum it up
  34. 34. ProblemasLack of work Lack of force synergy FLOSS Apps platform
  35. 35. How Redu is benefited?• Best engineers• Better product• Empowering people through education • Capacity building on our local IT cluster • Application platofrm • Through education.
  36. 36. Thanks :)PS: (we are really hiring –