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  • @Elías Matusevich,muchas gracias, querido Elías por su amable comentario. He tardado con mi respuesta ya que me impresionó usted con su saber sobre Yemelián Pugachov, que fue lider de la insurrección de los cosacos durante el reinado de Catalina la Grande, y con su conocimiento de la obra de Pushkin La hija del capitán. A diferencia de usted, por más que he intentado zozobrar en mi lejana adolescencia no he alcanzado recordar haber leído la novela histórica del dicho autor, más bien estoy casi convencida que por descuido solo me quedé con Eugenio Oneguin, Ruslán y Liudmila y El prisionero del Cáucaso. Rememorando he llegado a La dama de picas (Píkovaya dama), pero fue ver la ópera de Chaikovski y no la lectura de la novela de Pushkin. Le agradezco mucho su comentario ya que éste me obliga a repasar o mejor dicho aprender. Un abrazo grande.
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  • @johndemi , thank, dear John. The lady of the slide 8 is capable of sounding at once twenty bells !
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  • @maditabalnco , gracias, madita ! Un abrazo muy grande.
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  • @marcus33 , muchas gracias, Marcus por su amable comentario. Un abrazo.
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The Best of Russia 2013

  1. 1. The Best of Russia 2013 Winners
  2. 2. Alexander Kazakov . Last Call city of Moscow ,Last call at the Moscow Suvorov Military School. ​
  3. 3. Dmitry Zverev , Poster on the wall for ways city of Moscow ,Promotional poster on the wall television series station Taganskaja ​
  4. 4. Lydia Sharapova , Winter Game Nizhny Novgorod , Cold day on March 8 in Nizhny Novgorod I froze in the cable cars, and at the bottom of the river men playing football. Suddenly, the sun came out and gave us wonderful with them long shadows.
  5. 5. Vladimir Abih , At the heart of august-love Kansk ,Siberian Hobo with an unusual name August shows tattoo on his chest with the image of a beautiful woman.
  6. 6. Tatiana Solovyov , Big Water region Moscow region. Spring flood Oka - a spectacular event in the life of Kolomna. Dozens of spectators gather on the beach to look at the big water, spring bearing on the ice ...
  7. 7. Vladimir Orlov , Easter Yaroslavl region .Vvedensky tolgsky monastery. 5 April 2013
  8. 8. Tatiana Vorotyntseva , Chicken Pox City Moscow , Three sisters together sick with chickenpox
  9. 9. Herman Evseef, "Team“ Buryatia.
  10. 10. Vitaliy Illarionov , "Sunny the dog 2” Dogs-therapists-the ultimate tool for rehabilitation of children with special needs. Using a dog-therapists-kanis-therapy is aimed at addressing the problems of integration and social adaptation of children with disabilities. This area has a rich history in Russia appeared relatively recently and is being actively developed.
  11. 11. Andrew Svitaylo , "Gay Pride" Founder of Moscow Pride, Nikolai Alekseev shares on Tverskaya Street
  12. 12. Daria Nazarova , «Solar Ira» Pro light, whose diagnosis with birth, namely the supplementary 47 chromosome, not a spoiled life, my question is why are there so many freckles, the girl answered that she loves the Sun.
  13. 13. Julia Osmolovskaya , "Frost and sun, a wonderful day! ..." Arrival of Santa Claus Ustyug in St. Petersburg on the Neva snowy winter
  14. 14. Ivan Beloserov , "Swim." Alexander Brylin athlete swims with the Olympic torch along the Amur River during relay
  15. 15. Vladimir Troyan , "Girls as always, Boys as usual" St. Petersburg. Issue Nakhimov Naval College.
  16. 16. Tatiana Borisenko , "Capital shavasana" Moscow. Yoga Marathon on Red Square.
  17. 17. Rogulin Dmitry Pugachev , "Pugachev rebellion" Mass gathering in Pugachev Saratov region, residents are directed to that would block the federal highway.
  18. 18. Zavrazhin Constantine , "President Putin on down the submersible" President Putin dives to a depth of 56 meters on the submersible Sea Explorer 5 to the place where the sunken frigate in the Baltic Sea "Oleg".
  19. 19. Rostislav Krasnopyorov , Breakfast Migrant Moscow region. Gen. migrants in houses containers for construction sites
  20. 20. Olga Chumachenko , "Defenders of Komsomolsk-on-Amur" Dike during floods near Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Storm warning.
  21. 21. Natalia Luzinova , "Hands up!" Yaroslavl People born and pulls her hands up ...
  22. 22. Vitaliy Ragulin , Power of Water Water discharge at the Zejskoj Hydroelectric power plant during floods in the Amur region.
  23. 23. Andrey Arkhipov , Portrait of ihe Artist. Nižnedevick, a former art teacher rural school Ivan Zanin on the background of his works .
  24. 24. Zarina Hadikova , Caution region of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. One of the main virtues of the Ossetians were emotional restraint. For example, fathers could not hug their children, play with them and in General any exercise feelings for them. People lived in the harsh mountain conditions, where it was important to bring up endurance and patience. Under this influence were formed and tradition. Even today, they have not lost this influence. For example, a maximum of emotions that can afford the wedding Grandpa's granddaughter. She could not speak with him.
  25. 25. Vladimir Orlov , Epiphany Wire - Easter Meeting Region Yaroslavl region. Move to the Lord for a great holiday after Communion and bathing in Jordan - which is, in this mystical mystery without the slightest shade of sadness. January 19, 2013 did not become nuns Flavian. She was 86 Earth years. Holy Vedenskiy Tolga convent. January 21, 2013
  26. 26. Sergey Kolâskin , Farewell to his Son Chelyabinsk. The mother bade farewell to his son.
  27. 27. Mikhail Mordasov , Guests city Kubachi, region of Republic of Dagestan. Relatives and friends are walking at the wedding of Yusup Rabadanova and Dzamila Âh′âevoj. Men sit at a table, eating and drinking, the women should stand.
  28. 28. Rustam Muhametzyanov , Neighbor or Today you, Tomorrow me. Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan region. Deceased in the house. Title - Latin catch phrase.
  29. 29. Denis Bud′kov , Tourists And Lava the Kamchatka region, Kamchatka. the eruption of Plosky Tolbachik volcano. Tourists watching the fountains of lava from a distance of only 300 meters!
  30. 30. Oleg Antonov , Trainer the region of Vladimir Region, Competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling. Tournament memory Timofeeva
  31. 31. Victoria Lamzina , Untitled Russia, St. Petersburg. Epiphany. Ceremony of consecration water in the Neva.
  32. 32. Anton Muhametchin , Cossacks city Novosibirsk. procession dedicated to the "Day of Slavic written"
  33. 33. Dmitry Feoktistov , Almshouse. Our days. city Omsk. Mature man and woman in his room at the Nizhyn nursing home.
  34. 34. Leonid Doronin, Moscow 2013
  35. 35. Svetlana Yakovleva , The young grace Irina Viner Moscow International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix 2013
  36. 36. Dmitry Tsyrenschikov , The clash paratroopers with riot police. Saint-Petersburg.The clash paratroopers with riot police after gay picket on the day of the air paratroopers on the Dvorcova Square.
  37. 37. Natalia Figo , Orderly rows of ... region of Yaroslavl Railway Museum.
  38. 38. Anna Gorbach, Visiting Fairy Tales Perm city. Theatre of St. Petersburg "Wandering Dolls Mr. Pejo" festival of street theater in Perm
  39. 39. Igor Kotelevsky , Statics and dynamics. region Belgorod. Photos from the series "The Proletarian, 95"
  40. 40. Maxim Shapovalov and Glory Jester, Polar Yoga Murmansk
  41. 41. Sergey Rusanov , A Deer Is Better ! Yamalo-Nenets region Autonomous Okrug. Mass start races on reindeer safaris at the Festival of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, "the reindeer breeder Day" in the village of tarko-sale of Yamal-Nenets autonomous area March 23, 2013
  42. 42. Nikolay Vorobyov . The Worship region Bryansk Oblast. Annual celebration of the three countries Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in Klimov.
  43. 43. Yuri Goldenstein , Food Time region Republic of Karelia. Sled-dogs have a meal after the race.
  44. 44. Alexander Galperin , Mother And Son region Leningrad Oblast . Photos on Alexandra Abramova, a pensioner and Mikhail Abramov, inspector of water borders the Lower Svirsky reserve, in his home village of Pasha.
  45. 45. Elena Gaberbush , "Young Artist" region Leningrad Oblast , The lesson Olonetsk art school
  46. 46. Eugene Schultz , The Contrasts region Tyumen Oblast. I was walking through the Park and saw these so different couples.
  47. 47. Tatiana Hodorchenko , Farewell to Mother. region Vologda Oblast , Village funeral.
  48. 48. Vladimir Osintsev , With Faith In Life Budgewoi Oblast region. Father Valentin Birjukow participated in the defense of Leningrad lived a long life. Not once was on the verge of death. And only faith saved him.
  49. 49. Anna Kravtsov , Face of Victory Moscow city ,People every year who come to Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater, to remember the difficult years of the war and how it changed their lives and face.
  50. 50. Eugene Kazekin , Wedding Ekaterinburg city , Photographed after their wedding in Old Believers Church
  51. 51. Alan Katsiev, Hasidic Jews Under The Chuppah city Moscow , A Jewish traditional wedding. The bride walks around her future husband seven times.
  52. 52. Igor Kryzhko , Generation "Cubana" region Krasnodar Krai, Cubana Festival 2013
  53. 53. cast The Best of Russia 2013 images credit www. Music DiDyuLya_Russkaya created o.e. thanks for watching Alexei Myakishev , Trinity region Yaroslavl Oblast, Father Vladimir sprinkles holy water autistic boy
  54. 54. Irina Guseva. First Graders Moscow. September 2, 2013 at the Moscow School end