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Most Memorable TV Moments

  1. 1. Most memorable TV moments
  2. 2. Sept. 11 attacks 2001Smoke pours from the twin towers of the World Trade Center after they were hit by two hijacked airliners in aterrorist attack Sept. 11, 2001, in New York. This event tops a list of memorable moments ranked for their impactin a study by Sony Electronics and Nielsen television research company.
  3. 3. Death of Osama bin Laden 2011In a late-Sunday appearance in the White Houses East Room in May, President Obama announced the news ofOsama bin Laden’s death.
  4. 4. Death of Osama bin Laden 2011Osama bin Laden, the former head ofthe Islamist militant group al-Qaed,was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 1011,by Navy SEALs of the United StatesNaval Special Warfare DevelopmentGroup, also known as Seal Team Six.
  5. 5. Hurricane Katrina 2005People sit on their front porch as their neighborhood is flooded after Hurricane Katrina hit the area Aug. 29, 2005,in New Orleans.
  6. 6. Hurricane Katrina 2005Floodwaters pour through a levee along the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, also known as the Industrial Canal inNew Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city.
  7. 7. Hurricane Katrina 2005News coverage of the levees breaking following Hurricane Katrina was second. News-oriented items thatcrossed generations proved to be the most influential TV experiences, and stories of a communal nature or withwidespread relevance also resonated with viewers.
  8. 8. O.J. Simpson murder verdict 1995O.J. Simpson shows the jury a new pair of Aris extra-large gloves, similar to the gloves found at the Bundy andRockingham crime scene, on June 21, 1995, during his double murder trial in Los Angeles.
  9. 9. O.J. Simpson murder verdict 1995O.J. Simpson clenches his fists invictory after a Los Angeles jurydelivered its not guilty verdict in themurders of his ex-wife, Nicole BrownSimpson, and her friend RonaldGoldman. Lead defense attorneyJohnnie L. Cochran Jr. stands directlybehind Simpson as lawyers F. LeeBailey, far left, and Robert Kardashian,second from left, listen to the verdict.
  10. 10. Challenger space shuttle disaster 1986The space shuttle Challenger explodes over Cape Canaveral, Fla., killing seven crew members, includingschoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. The disaster aired live on television.
  11. 11. O.J. Simpson high-speed car chase 1994Motorists wave as police cars pursue the white Ford Bronco driven by Al Cowlings, carrying fugitive murdersuspect O.J. Simpson, on a 90-minute slow-speed car chase June 17, 1994, on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.
  12. 12. O.J. Simpson high-speed car chase 1994A white Ford Bronco, driven by Al Cowlings and carrying O.J. Simpson, is trailed by police cars as it travels on aLos Angeles freeway. Cowlings and Simpson led authorities on a chase after Simpson was charged with twocounts of murder in the deaths of his ex-wife and her friend.
  13. 13. Earthquake and tsunami in Japan 2011Chieko Chiba walks through the rubble after going to see her destroyed home March 16, 2011, in Kesennuma,Miyagi province, Japan. The 9.0 magnitude strong earthquake struck offshore on March 11 at 2:46pm local time,triggering a tsunami, which engulfed large parts of northeastern Japan.
  14. 14. Earthquake and tsunami in Japan 2011Volunteers and rescue workers clear debris to search for bodies in Rikuzentakata after Japans 9.0-magnitudeearthquake and tsunami.
  15. 15. Columbine school shooting 1999Police stand outside the east entrance of Columbine High school as bomb squads and SWAT teams securestudents April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colo. Thirteen students and one teacher died, making it one of the deadliestschool shootings in U.S. history. Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18, stormed the school with bombs,shotguns and semi-automatic weapons and began their killing spree. The two committed suicide during their
  16. 16. Columbine school shooting 1999Children head to a library nearLittleton, Colo.s Columbine HighSchool, from which students andfaculty members were evacuated aftertwo students went on a shootingrampage
  17. 17. Columbine school shooting 1999An unidentified woman stands among 15 crosses posted on a hill above Columbine High School in Littleton,Colo., on April 28, 1999. As the Los Angeles Times reported, two seniors -- Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold -- killed12 students and one teacher. They also injured 21 other students; three people were injured while attempting toescape. The pair later committed suicide. The Columbine shootings were the fourth-deadliest school massacre inUnited States history.
  18. 18. Los Angeles riots/Rodney King beating 1992Rodney King, whose beating by LAPD officers sparked the riots, speaks during a news conference on May 1,1992, in Beverly Hills. His attorney, Steven Lerman, is at left. King called for the end of violence in the city,poignantly pleading, "Can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the olderpeople and the kids?" The rioting broke out after police officers were acquitted of charges in the beating. Kingdied earlier this year.
  19. 19. Los Angeles riots/Rodney King beating 1992People move in on a liquor store during a second day of riots and looting after the Rodney King decision in LosAngeles
  20. 20. BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010Fire boat response crews spray water on the blazing remnants of BPs Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig on April21, 2010 . BP settled lawsuits brought by more than 100,000 fishermen who lost work, cleanup workers who gotsick and others who claimed harm from the oil giants 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, the worst offshore oil spill inthe nations history.
  21. 21. BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010The Deepwater Horizon oil rig burns inthe Gulf of Mexico, off the southeast tip ofLouisiana.
  22. 22. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein 2006This image, taken from Iraqi national television station Al-iraqia video, shows former Iraqi dictator SaddamHussein being led into the gallows room to be prepared for hanging, on Dec. 30, 2006, in Baghdad, Iraq. Theformer Iraqi president was executed by hanging in a secure facility in the Northern Baghdad suburb of
  23. 23. Capture and execution of SaddamHussein 2006Saddam Hussein looks across the courtduring Day 3 of the Anfal campaign trialin Baghdad. The former Iraqi leader washanged for crimes against humanity onDec. 30.
  24. 24. Barack Obama acceptance speech 2008President-elect Barack Obama acknowledges the crowd as he joined by wife Michelle and daughters Sacha andMalia following his victory speech at his election party in Chicago on Nov. 4, 2008.
  25. 25. Obama acceptance speech (2008)President-elect Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech at Grant Park in Chicago after defeating Republicancandidate John McCain.
  26. 26. Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding 2011Britains Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, look at each other as they come out ofWestminster Abbey following their wedding ceremony, in London, on April 29, 2011.
  27. 27. Prince William, Kate Middletonwedding 2011From left, Prince Harry, Prince William,Kate Middleton and her father, MichaelMiddleton, during the royal wedding atWestminster Abbey in London.
  28. 28. Assassination of John F. Kennedy 1963President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline, shortly before his assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.
  29. 29. Assassination of John F. Kennedy 1963The limousine carrying mortally wounded President John F. Kennedy races toward the hospital after he was shotin Dallas. With Secret Service agent Clinton Hill riding on the back of the car, Nellie Connally, wife of Texassgovernor, John Connally, bends over her wounded husband, while Jacqueline Kennedy leans over her husband.
  30. 30. Assassination of John F. Kennedy 1963President John F. Kennedy rides with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in a Dallas motorcade before beingassassinated.
  31. 31. Oklahoma City bombing 1995Floodlights illuminate the Albert P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City April 20, 1995 as rescuers continuesearching for bodies in the aftermath of the April 19 explosion caused by a fuel-and fertilizer truck bomb that wasdetonated in front of the building. The blast killed 168 people and injured more than 500. Timothy McVeigh,convicted on first-degree murder charges for the bombing, was sentenced to death in 1997.
  32. 32. Oklahoma City bombing 1995Rescue crews search the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City for victims after the deadly car-bomb attack.
  33. 33. .Oklahoma City bombing 1995Rescue workers stand before thedevastated Alfred P. Murrah FederalBuilding on April 19, 1995,followingthe deadly explosion in downtownOklahoma City. The terrorist bombblast that day killed 168 peopleincluding 19 children under the age of6. Timothy McVeigh was executed forhis role in the bombing. Co-conspirator Terry Nichols is serving alife sentence
  34. 34. Bush/Gore election results 2000People in Times Square watch VicePresident Al Gore concede the race forpresident to George W. Bush Dec. 13,2000, on a giant video screen in New York.
  35. 35. Bush/Gore election results 2000Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, left, greets Democratic contender Vice President Al Gorebefore their third and final debate at Washington University in St. Louis. The U.S. Supreme Court’s Bush v. Goredecision handed Bush a victory.
  36. 36. Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunctionIn this Sunday Feb. 1, 2004 file photo, entertainer Janet Jackson, left, covers her breast after her outfit cameundone during the half time performance with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston. SonyElectronics and the Nielsen television research company collaborated on a survey ranking TVs most memorablemoments.
  37. 37. Casey Anthony murder trial verdict 2011Casey Anthony reacts after the jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter, Caylee, during Anthonys murdertrial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla., July 5, 2011.
  38. 38. Casey Anthony murder trialverdict 2011Casey Anthony holds hands with herdefense attorney, Jose Baez, as theylisten to the verdict — not guilty onmurder charges — at the OrangeCounty Courthouse in Orlando, Fla.The jury acquitted Anthony ofmurdering her daughter, Caylee.
  39. 39. Funeral of John F. Kennedy 1963Jacqueline Kennedy, center, standswith her two children CarolineKennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. andbrothers-in law Ted Kennedy, leftback, and Robert Kennedy, secondfrom the right, at the funeral of herhusband President John F. KennedyNov. 26, 1963, in Washington.
  40. 40. Funeral of John F. Kennedy 1963
  41. 41. Apollo 11 moon landing 1969This July 20, 1969 file photoreleased by NASA showsastronaut Edwin E. "Buzz" AldrinJr. posing for a photograph besidethe U.S. flag deployed on themoon during the Apollo 11mission. Aldrin and fellowastronaut Neil Armstrong were thefirst men to walk on the lunarsurface. Sony Electronics and theNielsen television researchcompany collaborated on a surveyranking TVs most memorablemoments.
  42. 42. Prince Charles, Princess Diana weddingIn this July 29, 1981 file photo, Britains Prince Charles kisses his bride, the former Diana Spencer, on thebalcony of Buckingham Palace in London, after their wedding. Sony Electronics and the Nielsen televisionresearch company collaborated on a survey ranking TVs most memorable moments.
  43. 43. Funeral of Princess Diana 1997From left, Prince William, Earl Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles approach the gun carriage with thecoffin of Diana, Princess of Wales, in London on Sept. 6, 1997, during the funeral ceremony.
  44. 44. Funeral of Princess Diana 1997A gun carriage bears the coffin of the Princess Diana, draped in the Royal Standard, as it leaves LondonsKensington Palace en route for the funeral service at Londons Westminster Abbey. The princess was killed in a
  45. 45. Death of Whitney Houston 2012The hearse carrying the body of singer Whitney Houston leaves the Whigham Funeral Home on Feb. 18, 2012, inNewark, N.J., en route to a private funeral at the New Hope Baptist Church.
  46. 46. Death of Whitney Houston 2012Singer Whitney Houston died Feb. 11 in Beverly Hills, Calif., at age 48. Coroners officials said that the GrammyAward winner drowned but that her death was also caused by heart disease and cocaine use.
  47. 47. Michael Jackson memorial 2009This July 7, 2009 file photo showssinger Janet Jackson, left, ParisKatherine Jackson, Prince MichaelJackson II, and LaToya Jackson onstage during the memorial service forMichael Jackson at the StaplesCenter in Los Angeles. SonyElectronics and the Nielsen televisionresearch company collaborated on asurvey ranking TVs most memorablemoments.
  48. 48. images credit www.Music Vangelis & Vanessa Mae - Roxannes veil end