LIFE: Seize the Moment in History


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LIFE: Seize the Moment in History

  1. 1.  Awards ceremony in Toronto was very boring, so one of its observers decided to diversify. 
  2. 2. Most caring fox in the world. 
  3. 3. Say ah-ah-ah!
  4. 4.  Bears in the park Sacramento demonstrate the skill and balance their heels.
  5. 5. Out! 
  6. 6.  Young dentist. 
  7. 7. What you will not make for a better friend! 
  8. 8. Hoping to shame the orangutan for overweight and put on a diet, Bill Pekett caretaker Londskogo zoo  monkeys, Mr. Giggs shows that his waist circumference is 119 centimeters.
  9. 9. . Protein drinks water from a leaky faucet, Orlando, Florida, USA.
  10. 10. Well, how are you up here?
  11. 11. Thoughtful crow.
  12. 12. Guardsman demonstrates that even if it falls, the British soldiers did not pay any attention to it.
  13. 13. In Art Museum of San Francisco has something more interesting contemporary art.
  14. 14. When very thirsty, and sieve come as mugs.
  15. 15. Jen Shleter jealous Ricky Lofa to any other woman, even if it is a bride at a wedding where they are.
  16. 16. The reason that sometimes there is no mail delivered. Lancashire, England.
  17. 17. Winking seal in the zoo of Copenhagen.
  18. 18. The cleaning lady at the dance in London can not help but also starts dancing.
  19. 19. We are all human, and nothing human is alien to us.
  20. 20. Doggie Susie with Manhattan, it turns out, is much stronger than it seems at first glance.
  21. 21. Susie Speer of La Porte, Indiana, on his prom, something gentle "whispered" her boyfriend.
  22. 22. The main thing - could not sleep.
  23. 23. At the opening of the store nogovogo Robrt Hall in Memphis, jacket 39-gauge helps to sell itself.
  24. 24. In the great Indian desert north of the city of Jodhpur, where water is scarce, it is supplied from the high cranes and costs 2.5 cents per bag.
  25. 25. Kathy comply with the law of a helmet on his head while riding a motorcycle with Franklin Driscoll Hawaii.
  26. 26. In Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, Barbary sheep climbs the wall, hoping instead to climb the high cliffs on his African homeland.
  27. 27. Ten-year Ch.Mighty Mo II of Flossmoor, Illinois.
  28. 28. I'll stand here?
  29. 29. Sat down to have lunch with the owner.
  30. 30. When hands are not enough, a ten postman Phillip Laffin of Ellsworth, Maine, keeps mail teeth.
  31. 31. No, not fall.
  32. 32. Toggl not even school student in Champaign, Illinois, but still participates in the race of students per mile.
  33. 33. cast LIFE: Seize uhe Moment in History images credit www. Music Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World created o.e. thanks for watching Life is beautiful, smile more often! end