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Muti-sensory engagement, museum of Fine Arts, Lyon - Jan 2016

Presentation given during Museum Connections, January 20-21 2016, Paris.
How to renew the relation between the museum, its collections and audiences? Can one smell a work of art? Is tasting ricotta from the 16th century an option for the visitor? How to enable your audience to dive in the paint, from Brueghel to the Impressionists? Multi-sensory installations and digital art are brought in the game to enlighten the museum’s collections, attract new visitors and renew their approach to art.
When the five senses come into action - a few examples od multi-sensory engagement at the museum of Fine Arts, Lyon.

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Muti-sensory engagement, museum of Fine Arts, Lyon - Jan 2016

  1. 1. Multi-sensory engagement at the museum of Fine Arts, Lyon
  2. 2. Beyond image and text: multi-sensory engagement Exhibitions, installations and contents stimulating the five senses & an immersive experience: a few examples. Créations musicales et dansées, 2014-2015
  3. 3. Vincenzo Campi, The Ricotta eaters, circa 1580
  4. 4. Scent of an artwork Louis Janmot, Fleur des champs, 1848 Edouard Vuillard, Fleurs sur une cheminée aux Clayes, circa 1932-1935
  5. 5. Tour for blind visitors: evocation of women.
  6. 6. Augmented vision: dive in 15 paintings in gigapixels Alfred Sisley, Chemin montant, 1870.
  7. 7. Jan Brueghel the Eldest, The Water, circa 1606-1611
  8. 8. Multi-sensory installations to enlighten the museum’s collections
  9. 9. Golem at the museum Specific on site video mapping on three sculptures in the chapel of the museum. Pradier, Chinard and Barrias brought to life. James Pradier, L’Odalisque, 1841
  10. 10. Laurent-Honoré Marqueste, Persée et la Gorgone, 1870.
  11. 11. Louis-Ernest Barrias, Les Premières funérailles, 1883.
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