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Humanrithm: why data without people is not enough


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Slides of my talk at DataWeek 2012 - We engineers love data and algorithms. They help create amazing things. But if and when we forget that people create data and that data can be improved by people, we will miss the promise of Big Data. It's time we all thought of this not as social vs algorithm but as humanrithm.

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Humanrithm: why data without people is not enough

  1. Humarithm: why data withoutpeople is not enoughAnd how algorithms lost the Content Curation battle Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO – @gdecugis
  2. Hi, my name is Guillaume.I’m an Engineer and I like data too. And also now an Entrepreneur (Musiwave,
  3. We Engineers love algorithms.
  4. In 1993, I built a neural networkalgorithm… …to predict stock market performance
  5. This is where I’d be if it had worked
  6. People produce a lot of data
  7. And yes, algorithm can filter/computedata.
  8. But smart systems use people to correctdata.
  9. And people like to do it.
  10. Most people don’t understandalgorithms.
  11. But they can understand people who understand data.
  12. Data doesn’t distribute itself.
  13. People do.
  14. The Content Curation problem I’m talking to you! I’m looking for you!
  15. Web Content in 1995. Curated.
  16. Web Content in 1997. Algorithmed.
  17. The Search for the perfect Content Algorithm
  18. “Curation starts when Search stops working” (Clay Shirky)
  19. The Filter Bubble (Eli Pariser)
  20. 7 things that content personalizationalgorithm do poorly • Anticipation • Risk Taking • Big Picture • Pairing • Social Importance • Mind-blowingness • Trust Eli Pariser, 2011
  21. Man or Machine?
  22. Humarithm“The Algorithm + the Crowd are Not Enough”Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz. We need humans data editors/curators.
  23. Start from the API. Let Human Curate. The Example.
  24. When it comes to technology, we all want this.
  25. So please don’t build this.
  26. Thank you! Guillaume Decugis @gdecugisAuthor: Franz Steiner