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Swarm Debugging


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Apresentação realizada no VEM/CBSoft 2015

Published in: Software
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Swarm Debugging

  1. 1. Swarm Debugging: towards a shared debugging knowledge INF-UFRGS/FacIn-UniRitter Fabio Petrillo Guilherme Lacerda Marcelo Pimenta Carla Freitas III Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution, and Maintenance (VEM) III Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution, and Maintenance (VEM)
  2. 2. Motivation Debugging  Is very adopted  Is an effective practice for software investigation/ comprehension  Helps developers to construct their knowledge But…  Is an unexplored area  An isolated/individual activity
  3. 3. Motivation Then… How can we develop tools/practices to helping this task? How to share their acquired knowledge during a debbuging session?
  4. 4. Motivation Our approach  Collecting and sharing debugging session information  Create new visualizations and searching tools
  5. 5. Presenting… Swarm Debugging
  6. 6. Infrastructure
  7. 7. Infrastructure
  8. 8. Metadata
  9. 9. How it Works
  10. 10. Main Features Search Tools Breakpoints, startpoints, endpoints, full- text source code Visualization Tools Dynamic method call graph, sequence stack diagram, swarm dashboard
  11. 11. Dynamic method call graph
  12. 12. Sequence stack diagram
  13. 13. Video
  14. 14. Swarm Debugging Swarm Debugging in action
  15. 15. Swarm Debugging Dashboard
  16. 16. Discussion Usage Scenarios  Finding suitable breakpoints  Visualizating debugging sessions  Creating collective intelligence
  17. 17. Contributions  an approach to collect, store and share debugging session information  tool for visualizing context-aware debugging sessions  tool for searching starting points and breakpoints about software projects based on shared session information collected by developers
  18. 18. Future Work  Experimental evaluation  Versioning  Tool improvements  New visualizations
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Thanks! Fábio Petrillo, Guilherme Lacerda, Marcelo Pimenta, Carla Freitas {fspetrillo,gslacerda,mpimenta,carla} INF-UFRGS/FacIn-UniRitter III Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution, and Maintenance (VEM)