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Agiles 2009 Learning Agile

  1. 1. Ágiles 2009 - 2ª. Latino-American Conference on Agile Methods Learning AgileMethods in Graduation- An eXPerience Reports -
  2. 2. BacklogAgile Methods and EducationCase 1 - FACENSACase 2 - UniRitterAdoption StrategiesFinal Remarks
  3. 3. Daniel Wildt BSc. in Computing Science (PUCRS) Graduate Professor (FACENSA) 10+ years in Software Development experience, now working as CIO in TrevisanTechnology Agile Methods Instructor (TargetTrust Training and Technology) Since 2004, working with coach for Agile Methods Adoption, focus in Lean Development,Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Feature Driven Development Strong commitment with Software Development Comunity (RSJUG, DUG-RS, JEDI) XP-RS/GUMA (Agile Methods User Groups of the Rio Grande do Sul) Founder andCoordinator
  4. 4. Guilherme Lacerda MSc. in Computing Science, Software Engineering area (UFRGS) Graduate (FACENSA, UniRitter) and Postgraduate (UniRitter) Professor Information Systems Course Coordinator (FACENSA) IT Independent Consultant (Software Engineering, Agile Methods and ProjectManagement) Agile Methods Instructor (TargetTrust Training and Technology) 14+ software development experience, where worked for 9 years as CTO (Open SourceDevelopment and Consulting Company) Pioneer in Agile Methods in Brazil, working since 2001 XP-RS/GUMA (Agile Methods User Groups of the Rio Grande do Sul) Founder and Vice-Coordinator InfoQ Brazil Editor
  5. 5. Agile Methods and Education Methods and techniques come from Academy toMarket Agile Methods = Market to Academy Envolving with Agile Methods eXtreme Programming SCRUM Lean Software Development Teacher Skills/Capabilities Leadership Practical Experience Criativity
  6. 6. Case 1Information Systems Gravataí/RS 140+ studentsCourse’s Politics included Agile MethodsRelated Disciplines Software Engineering Systems Design and Analysis Programming Languages III and IV Quality and Tests Advanced Topics – Agile Methods Discipline
  7. 7. Case 1Study Groups Open Source Projects Use of Free Tools Agile Methods (Lean, SCRUM, eXtreme Programming)
  8. 8. Case 2Information Systems Porto Alegre/RS 300+ studentsDisciplines Software Engineering Project ManagementSystems Development and Analysis 120+ studentsDisciplines Software Development Methods Software Engineering Lab Project ManagementTechnologies Applied into Information Systems Postgraduate CourseDisciplines Software Quality Technologies for Open Source Development
  9. 9. Discipline’s Strategies Software Engineering/Software Development Methods/QualityTopics Software Requirements, Design, Construction Tests, Maintenance, Configuration Management Management, Processes, Quality, CASE ToolsEmphasis SWEBoK, RUP, OpenUP ISO (12207, 15504, 9126, 25000) and IEEE Standards CMMI/SCAMPI, MPS.BR (Brazilian Maturity and Capability Model)Strategy Manifesto, Principles, Values Lean Software Development, SCRUM, FDD and eXtreme Programming Pull and Push Processes Dynamics and exercises
  10. 10. Discipline’s Strategies Advanced TopicsTopics Agile Methods Organizational Culture Management Processes/Engineering PracticesEmphasis Production Toyota Process Lean Culture and Values SCRUM, FDD and eXtreme Programming PracticesStrategy Education through hands-on experiments with students GreenAgile – Tool construction to support Agile Methods
  11. 11. Discipline’s Strategies Systems Design and Analysis/SE LabTopics Requirements Engineering, OOAD Software Architecture, UML Design Patterns, SOA, ORMEmphasis Agile Modeling and Domain Driven Design (DDD), TDD, Patterns Requirements Analysis with Use Cases and User StoriesStrategy Education through hands-on experiments with students Development Dojo (DevDO) – Coding Dojo extension concept, focus in Analysis and Design PEDS (Lean + SCRUM + XP)
  12. 12. Discipline’s Strategies Project ManagementTopics Management Processes Best Practices in Project ManagementEmphasis PMBoK SCRUMStrategy Education through hands-on experiments with students Dynamics and exercises
  13. 13. Discipline’s Strategies Technologies for Open Source DevelopmentTopics Programming best practices OO Design PatternsEmphasis Test Driven Development Refactoring, 5S in Code, Pair Programming Metrics and Code ConventionsStrategy Coding Dojo eXtreme Programming Practices, Lean Principles
  14. 14. Classes
  15. 15. Agile Software Management Tool
  16. 16. Final RemarksSeveral conclusion works in Agile areaResearch/Study GroupDisciplines with management focus Working culture Values, PrinciplesDisciplines with programming focus Practices Adoption (Baby steps) Exercises in group
  17. 17. Overcoming Fear ExerciseTwo people, please...
  18. 18. Support