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Pregonda c.galdana i top 10


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Published in: Sports, Travel
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Pregonda c.galdana i top 10

  1. 1. TOP 10 IN MINORCA
  2. 2. CAMí DE CAVALLS. GO ON TOUR. Feu clic per afegir el text
  3. 3. PREGONDA. You can go diving.
  4. 4. CALA GALDANA. You can go fishing.
  5. 5. LLOC DE MENORCA.You can watch animals.
  6. 6. EL TORO. You can go climbing.
  7. 7. FESTES DE FERRERIES.You can go horse-riding.
  8. 8. NAVETA DES TURONS.You can take photos.
  9. 9. SANT TOMAS.You can go sailing.
  10. 10. CIUTADELLA.You can go swimming.
  11. 11. LA MOLA. You can go hiking.