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AppsBuilder Native Plugin


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AppsBuilder has developed an innovative plugin for WordPress, the leading platform for creating blogs with over 30 million sites created in the worldwide. It’s the first plugin that enables bloggers and site administrators to convert their contents into native applications (ready to be published on the stores) for Apple, Android and in web-app. The service is free, completely self-service and intuitive.

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AppsBuilder Native Plugin

  1. 1. WordPress  plugin  h"p://wordpress.apps-­‐  
  2. 2. About  AppsBuilder  Apps-­‐Builder  is  a  do-­‐it  yourself  mobile  app  development  solu9on  for  the  consumer  market.   Ÿ  Allows  users  to  develop  mul9-­‐pla:orm   applica9ons  in  a  single  developing  process:   -  iPhone,  iPod  Touch   -  iPad   -  Android  phones   -  Android  tablets   -  Windows  Phone  7*   -  Web-­‐apps   Ÿ  Easy,  intui9ve  and  user-­‐friendly  interface   Ÿ  Free  or  paid  subscrip9on  2 *  Coming  soon  
  3. 3. Plugin  AppsBuilder  has  developed  the  first  plugin  for  WordPress  plugin  that  enables  bloggers  and  site  administrators  to  convert  their  contents  into  na9ve  applica9ons  (ready  to  be  published  on  the  stores)    For  Apple,  Android  and  web-­‐apps     The  service  is  completely  Free,  do-­‐it  yourself  and  intui9ve.  
  4. 4. HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?  Download  and  install  Na9ve  AppsBuilder  Plugin.  Click  on    djbvjsdbvjdsbvj  and  start  developing:   Name  your  app,   describe  it  and   customize  you   graphics  
  5. 5. HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?  Select  categories,  pages  and  extras  to  display  in  mobile  apps…  
  6. 6. HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?  And  you’re  done!  Your  apps  are  ready  to  be  downloaded  and  published:   Just  as  easy  as  it  looks!  
  7. 7. Pricing  The  service  is  completely  FREE      à  when  published  in  the  stores  apps  will  host  banner  managed  by   AppsBuilder.  Users  willing  to  have  their  apps  without  banners  have  another  op9on:  
  8. 8. Team   Luigi  Giglio,  CTO  Born  in  1987  in  Ouagadougou,  Burkina  Faso.  Graduated  in  Computer  Sciences,  he  worked  with  Olive]  I-­‐Jet  and  Alleanza  Assicurazione.     Daniele  Pelleri,  CEO  Born  in  Ivrea  in  1985,  he  studied  with  Luigi  at  Politecnico  of  Turin.  Three  years  prior  to  Apps-­‐Builder  he  founded  a  web  agency,  Web  Promo  Services,  focused  on  SEO  and  web  sites  development.  Guido  Mancassola,  Business  Development  Manager  Born  in  Florence  in  1986,  holds  a  degree  in  Business  Administra9on.  He  met  the  two  founders  Daniele  and  Luigi  while  working  at  Annapurna  Ventures.  Previously  he  worked  for  digital  publisher  E-­‐  in  the  area  of  web  and  mobile  marke9ng.   8
  9. 9. Contacts   Mail:    info@apps-­‐   Phone:    +39  02  4966  1426   Web:      www.apps-­‐  9