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Apps builder


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AppsBuilder – – is an innovative online platform to create, in three simple steps, custom applications for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, tablets and web apps. The service, intuitive and immediate, allows to turn any website into a mobile application

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Apps builder

  1. 1. Universal  pla,orm  for  mobile  applica2ons  
  2. 2. Smartphones  and  mobile  devices:  a  market  overview  USA    -­‐  Smartphones  adop/on  grew  up  to  27%  -­‐  3G/4G  devices  ownership  reached  51%  -­‐  1/3  of  mobile  users  have  unlimited  data  plans  EU5  (UK,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Spain)    -­‐  Mobile  media  usage  reached  37%  -­‐  3G  adop/on  up  to  47,1%  -­‐  Smartphone  adop/on  reached  31,1%   2
  3. 3. Mobile  Applica2ons  overview   Ÿ  Android  Market  overcame  the   Apple  App  Store  for  iPhone  in   terms  of  free  apps.   Ÿ  At  this  growth  pace  within  five   months  Android  will  be  the   largest  store  in  terms  of  number   of  applica/ons.   Ÿ  Windows  Phone  7  Marketplace   will  be  the  third  largest  prior  to   being  available  for  a  full  year.     ✚ Growing  penetra/on  of  full  HTML   browsing    3
  4. 4. Mobile  Applica2ons  overview  Consumers’  appe2te  for  compelling  and  innova2ve  mobile  apps  seems  limitless.   ★ Research  firm  Gartner  es/mated   that  mobile  app  store  downloads   topped  8.2  billion  in  2010  and  will   more  than  double  in  2011  to  17.7   billion  downloads.   ★  Worldwide  mobile  applica/on  store  revenue  is  projected  to   surpass  $15.1  billion  in  2011,  both  from  end  users  buying   applica/ons  and  applica/ons  themselves  genera/ng  adver/sing   revenue  for  their  developers.  This  is  a  190  percent  increase  from   2010  revenue  of  $5.2  billion  (Gartner).  
  5. 5. Market  opportunity  THE  PROBLEM:  While  the  app  economy  keeps  on  booming,  enterprises  need  to  establish  a  mobile  presence  to  create  or  maintain  their  brand  value.  §  The  development  process  of  a  mobile  app  is  costly  (from  5k  up  to  20k,  or  even   more)  and  not  /me  efficient  (from  2  up  to  6  months*)  §  Most  companies  that  decide  to  go  mobile  only  develop  a  single  pla]orm   applica/on  §  SME  and  common  mobile  users  o_en  find  unaffordable  to  create  their  own  app   and  establish  a  mobile  presence  5 *Source:  Web  Promo  Services  
  6. 6. APPS-­‐BUILDER  Apps-­‐Builder  is  a  do-­‐it  yourself  mobile  app  development  solu2on  for  the  consumer  market.   Ÿ  Allows  users  to  develop  mul/-­‐pla]orm   applica/ons  in  a  single  developing  process:   -  iPhone,  iPod  Touch   -  iPad   -  Android  phones   -  Android  tablets   -  Windows  Phone  7*   -  Web-­‐apps   Ÿ  Easy,  intui/ve  and  user-­‐friendly  interface   Ÿ  Free  or  paid  subscrip/on  6 *  Coming  soon  
  7. 7. APPS-­‐BUILDER  THE  SOLUTION    Apps-­‐Builder  eliminates  technical,  economical  and  /me  issues.  It  offers  an  easy  and  self  managed  tool  to  create,  publish  and  keep  your  apps  updated.  GREAT  USER  EXPERIENCE    The  developer,  whether  it  would  be  a  musician,  an  athlete,  a  store  manager  or  a  web  agency,  will  be  guided  trough  4  easy  steps  that  provide  him  within  a  week  na/ve  and  web-­‐apps  ready  to  be  tested  and  published  on  the  stores.  7
  8. 8. Pricing  3  pricing  op2ons  to  create  an  unlimited  number  of  apps:  •  100%  FREE  Users  subscribe,  create  and  publish  their  apps  completely  for  free.  Their  can  find  support  from  the  Apps-­‐Builder  community  using  our  service  forum  and  FAQs.  Their  published  apps  will  host  Apps-­‐Builder  managed  adver/sing  banners.  •  ADV  FREE  With  a  €190/year  fee  users  can  exploit  all  Apps-­‐Builder  features  and  manage  adver/sing  by  themselves  on  their  published  apps.  If  required  Apps-­‐Builder  provides  support  for  adver/sing  op/miza/on.  •  CUSTOM  This  offer  is  thought  for  user  who  want  our  technicians  to  follow  them  trough  the  development  and/or  the  publica/on  on  the  applica/ons  store.  According  to  users  needs,  we  provide  customized  solu/on  to  bring  products  and  brands  on  mobile  devices.  8
  9. 9. How  it  works  NO  SUBSCRIPTION  REQUIRED    1.  Create  and  customized  your  app:   -­‐  Templates   -­‐  Pages   -­‐  Texts   -­‐  Images   -­‐  Videos,  and  MUCH  more…  2.    Sign  in  and  choose  a  price  op/on  3.  Download  your  apps  ready  to  published  on  the  App  Store  and  Android   Marketplace.     AppsBuilder  provides  users  video  tutorials  for  those   who  need  help  geXng  through  all  these  steps!  9
  10. 10. Team   Luigi  Giglio,  CTO  Born  in  1987  in  Ouagadougou,  Burkina  Faso.  Graduated  in  Computer  Sciences,  he  worked  with  Olivem  I-­‐Jet  and  Alleanza  Assicurazione.     Daniele  Pelleri,  CEO  Born  in  Ivrea  in  1985,  he  studied  with  Luigi  at  Politecnico  of  Turin.  Three  years  prior  to  Apps-­‐Builder  he  founded  a  web  agency,  Web  Promo  Services,  focused  on  SEO  and  web  sites  development.  Guido  Mancassola,  Business  Development  Manager  Born  in  Florence  in  1986,  holds  a  degree  in  Business  Administra/on.  He  met  the  two  founders  Daniele  and  Luigi  while  working  at  Annapurna  Ventures.  Previously  he  worked  for  digital  publisher  E-­‐duca/  in  the  area  of  web  and  mobile  marke/ng.   10
  11. 11. Contacts   Mail:    info@apps-­‐   Phone:    +39  02  4966  1426   Web:      www.apps-­‐  11