Steven Fawkes IERC 9th may 2013


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  • We should never forget energy efficiency – my favorite subject. It may surprise you to learn just how inefficient we really are. Research from the University of Cambridge shows that we put 475 units of energy (fuel, nuclear, everything) in and we actually only usefully use 55 units – a total efficiency of about 11%. Isn’t that amazing – all of our technology and the best the world can do is 11% efficiency!
  • Now – show me the moneyAs an aside Boulton & Watt who are pictured here – made their money by implementing energy efficeincy – the Watt steam engine was much more efficient than the existing technology and saved coal mine owners a fortune. Bolton & Watt had the first example of shared savings deal – they took a % of the savings over a long term contract.Now I am going show you some big numbers
  • Attractive to one of the richest New York property owners – Tony MalkinAs Tony said to me, I am a green but business is business and I only invest on a 3 year payback period – and what is more everyone in the New York property world knows that.
  • Well, breaking down the problem we need to do three things:Massively expand demand for energy efficiency across the economyMassively expand the supply of energy efficiency products and servicesMassively expand the availability of finance for energy efficiency
  • Steven Fawkes IERC 9th may 2013

    1. 1. The Case for Energy EfficiencySteven FawkesChairmanDay One Energy Solutions+44 77 02231
    2. 2. How (in)efficient are we?47555Source: University of Cambridge, global figures , in EJSource: University of CambridgeUnits: ExajoulesOnly 11%
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. LCOE€30 - 75/MWhSource: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.May 2012
    5. 5. May 13LCOE€60 - 75/MWhSource: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.May 2012
    6. 6. LCOE€110 - 140/MWhSource: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.May 2012
    7. 7. LCOE€125 - 250/MWhSource: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.May 2012
    8. 8. May 13LCOE€125 - 175/MWhSource: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.May 2012
    9. 9. LCOE€250 - 350/MWhSource: Carbon Trust 2012
    10. 10. LCOE€20 - 45/MWhSource: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy2009
    11. 11. LCOE Summary (€/MWh)€30 - 75€60 - 75€110 - 140€125 - 250€125 - 175€250 - 350€20 - 45Fossil / nuclearOnshore windLarge PVSmall PVOffshore windTidal streamEnergy efficiency
    12. 12. 1338% energy saving3.1 year payback onincremental capitalNO SUBSIDIES!Source: Empire State Building 2012
    13. 13. Additional grid costs of low carbongenerationPenetration 10% 30%Additional System costs($/MWh)Nuclear 3.1 2.8Coal 1.3 1.3Gas 0.6 0.6Onshore wind 20.5 43.9Offshore wind 36.0 45.4Solar PV 57.9 83.0Source: OECD 2012
    14. 14. Additional benefits from efficiencyBenefit from commerciallighting retrofit (example)$Energy savings 1,900Capacity savings 600Line losses avoided 200T & D investment 600Environmental benefit 200Total Benefit 3,500NB assumes 12 hours a day lightingSource: ConEdison 2012
    15. 15. Energy efficiency: 21 jobs per $1m spendEnergy generation: 10 jobs per $1m spendEconomy as a whole: 17 jobs per $1mSource: ACEEE 2011
    16. 16. Decarbonisation through renewablesis not plausible
    17. 17. Oil RenewablesCoal GasOilNuclear Other Efficiency
    18. 18. In summary:Energy efficiency:- Delivers much lower cost per MWh energy services- Does not require any subsidies- Has additional system benefits whereas renewables haveadditional system costs- Generates more jobs per €1m of activity (21) than the averageof the economy (17) and the energy industry (10)- Decarbonisation through renewables is not plausible- Over the last 30 years efficiency has delivered more energyservices than any other type of energy - & that is without usreally trying!- Think about what we can do if we really try!© Steven Fawkes 2013