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The Power of Informed People


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Global cleantech entrepreneur Bryan Guido Hassin\’s journey to discover how small bits of information, provided at the right time in the right way to the right people, can profoundly affect the behavior of an entire population. This was originally presented at the American Astronautical Society\’s imagine09 conference in Houston 2009-12-04.

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The Power of Informed People

  1. The Power of Informed People<br />One entrepreneur’s journey through thought, emotion, and human irrationality<br />@guido23<br />
  2. I am Bryan Guido Hassin, a green technology executive/entrepreneur<br />Founded/led four startups<br />Plug-and-play office energy savings<br />Smart energy<br />Social business card<br />Mobile/wireless disaster response<br />Educated at Rice (computer science) and IMD (business) <br />
  3. I’ll share this presentation on human behavior as a story—my own entrepreneurial journey<br />
  4. I grew up inspired by the space industry<br />March 23rd, Wernher von Braun’s birthday<br />Houston, TX<br />Rice Football<br />Huntsville, AL<br />
  5. I grew up inspired by information technology<br />
  6. I grew up inspired by fights against long odds<br />My father’s fight against cancer<br />Football for nerd schools<br />Epic myths, stories, films<br />
  7. I am a capitalist<br />Capitalist entrepreneurship is an efficient driver of innovation<br />
  8. I believe energy represents the greatest challenge of our generation<br />Supply:<br />time is running out!<br />Environment:<br />time is running out!<br />
  9. My mission: build a business that uses information technology to address the energy challenge<br />Inspired by the fight against long odds<br />That fight is energy<br />Business is the best vehicle to address it<br />Information technology is a powerful tool to use in the fight<br />
  10. My journey took me across multiple continents<br />
  11. And guess what I learned<br />11<br />
  12. Saving the world isn’t about technology—it’s about people!<br />
  13. People are not rational, logical robots<br />Rational<br />Irrational<br />Sunk the Titanic<br />
  14. Information and technology can nudge people into the right behavior<br />iT<br />It<br /><ul><li>Focus on technology
  15. Disregard for human element
  16. Right information
  17. At the right time
  18. Presented the right way</li></ul>Using information to create value efficiently; Marchand, Hykes; 2009<br />
  19. Six golden rules dictate human response to information<br />15<br />Measure, measure, measure<br />Immediate feedback<br />Create competition<br />Address risk<br />Create prudent default options<br />Provide emotional support<br />
  20. Human Behavior 1: what gets measured gets done<br />Inverse: you can’t manage what you don’t measure<br />34.5 MPG<br />16% fuel economy increase<br />A prototype fuel efficiency support tool; Mascha van derVoort, Mark S. Dougherty, Martin van Maarseveen; 2001<br />
  21. Human Behavior 2: feedback must be instantaneous and show a causal relationship between action and results<br />
  22. Human Behavior 3: competition multiplies behavioral effects<br />Poken Points: public status to reward activity<br />Clear, instantaneous feedback<br />Result: motivated fans going beyond for points<br />
  23. Human Behavior 4: fear of loss > excitement for gain <br />Fear of loss motivates people to buy high, sell low<br />
  24. Human Behavior 5: people prefer the path of least resistance<br />20<br />Default Option<br />Nudge; Thaler, Sunstein; 2009<br />
  25. Human Behavior 6: nothing facilitates change like emotional support<br />
  26. Human behavior is at the root of the energy solution and information technology can capitalize on it<br />22<br />Measurement<br />Immediate feedback<br />Create competition<br />Address risk<br />Create prudent default options<br />Provide emotional support<br />Case study: using information-adaptive human behavior to eliminate energy waste<br />
  27. US businesses alone spend $9B/year on energy for office equipment<br />23<br />Office equipment energy: $9B, 20m tons CO2/year<br />$1B for equipment in standby<br />Energy prices forecasted to increase<br />Offices use 3x energy per capita as do homes<br />Source: Energy Information Administration / Annual Energy Review 2007<br />
  28. Smart OES eliminates energy waste by providing people with the right info at the right time the right way<br />24<br />60% Energy Reduction!<br />Measurement<br />Immediate feedback<br />Create competition<br />Address risk<br />Create prudent default options<br />Provide emotional support<br />
  29. How can any of this benefit the space industry?<br />25<br />
  30. Lessons: fight the long odds—it’s what makes us human<br />“Never tell me the odds”<br />– Han Solo<br />“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills”<br />– JFK <br />
  31. Lessons: life is too short not to do something you’re passionate about<br />
  32. Lessons: seek support in your secure bases<br />Human Behavior 4: fear of loss<br />Secure bases will love you even if you fail<br />Secure bases give you confidence to take risks<br />Identify and lean on your secure bases <br />28<br />Hostage at the Table; Kohlrieser; 2006<br />
  33. Lessons: empower your feelings<br />“Let go of your conscious self and act on instinct . . . Stretch out with your feelings”<br />-- Obi-Wan Kenobi <br />Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope<br />
  34. The Power of Informed People<br />One entrepreneur’s journey through thought, emotion, and human irrationality<br />@guido23<br />