GuideStar Demo (06/28/12) - Financial SCAN for Professional Advisors


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GuideStar Demo (06/28/12) - Financial SCAN for Professional Advisors

  1. 1. Theory of Change Sound Financial Health Strong Organizations Quality Programs Effective Mission DeliveryFinancial SCAN demystifies nonprofit finance,providing the field with clarity and tools forbuilding and sustaining healthy, effectiveorganizations.
  2. 2. Is there a “right” answer? 3
  3. 3. Financial SCAN: What’s Inside  Financial Health Dashboard  13 Graphs with accompanying narrative and questions to consider  Peer Comparables Dashboard  Glossary and Definitions  Date and time stamped  All data sourced directly from Forms 990 4
  4. 4. Financial Health Dashboard5
  5. 5. Graphs, Narrative and Questions to Consider 6
  6. 6. Peer Comparables Dashboard7
  7. 7. Financial SCAN Report Archive 8
  8. 8. Financial SCAN DemonstrationOnline Report Generation
  9. 9. “Financial SCAN provides a uniform review of our clients’ financial pictures – it brings consistency and a control that was lacking by relying solely on individual audits. We are saving hours of research time that we can now devote to strategic planning – adding value to our client relationships and making us look good.” Charitable Giving Planning: Wealth Managers can use Financial SCAN to present grantee recommendations to individual clients in a consistent, sophisticated way. NPO Asset Management: Inform the development of income generation strategies and investment policy statement development for existing nonprofit clients. New Business Acquisition: Identify new nonprofit clients and use the comprehensive report as part of a pitch book to prospective nonprofit and high net worth individual clients. 10
  10. 10. • Trended historical analysis • Charts and visual representation of trends • Client ED and Development Director • Client Finance & Executive Committee • Peer Comps • Financial Health Dashboard: “perfect snapshot for those that don’t want the details” • Report archive Client Board of Directors Review: Charts and Financial Health Dashboard tell a compelling story and cut through the clutter of irrelevant overhead ratios, etc. Peer Comparables: Flexibility to run as many analyses as the client desires Longevity: Non profit clients use the report for up to 6 months to inform cash reserve / cashflow policies and other strategic planning and capacity building exercises Objective Third Party: catalyst for asking tough questions, stimulating dialogue and making recommendations that might be otherwise uncomfortable 11
  11. 11. What Early Adopters are Saying“The brilliance of the tool is in the language which is direct and easy tounderstand. The tool was written by ‘an insider’ who understands thereality of running a non-profit.” - NFF Workshop Participant “We have a small staff, so adding an in-depth financial review to our due diligence was close to impossible. With Financial SCAN, it’s almost as if we hired a part-time staff member to do financial analysis for us. It’s really streamlining our efforts in a tremendous way.” - Foundation Client “Easy to read.” “Visually appealing.” “Makes me look good.” “It’s like working on an Apple computer.” “This was a bargain for us….particularly when you think about the number of consulting hours to do the same work.” - Nonprofits, consultants and CPAs 12
  12. 12. Common Questions 1. I perform work on behalf of a nonprofit and only want to run a report one organization once or twice per year. Is there a Financial SCAN product for infrequent, pay as you go use? 2. How big is the Financial SCAN universe? 3. Does Financial SCAN include EZ and PF data? 4. How does Financial SCAN handle cases where a target organization does not have 5 years of data? 5. Does Financial SCAN include mission and impact data? 6. What if I want to compare a non profit against more than 5 peers? 13
  13. 13. Product Information and Questions “This innovative new tool builds the financial management capacity of nonprofits and helps grantmakers engage with their grantees about financial health and funding needs. By creating a new standard for nonprofit financial analysis, the Financial SCAN underscores the relationship between strong finances and effective programs.” -- Kathy Reich, Director or Organizational Effectiveness Grantmaking David & Lucile Packard Foundation Financial SCAN Funder 14
  14. 14. The Backup Appendix15
  15. 15. GuideStar  Founded in 1994  Offices: Washington, DC and Williamsburg, VA  1.8 million organizations in the GuideStar database  18,554 nonprofits voluntarily provide information via GuideStar Exchange  More than 6 million Form 990 images in the GuideStar database  8.3 million annual visitors to the GuideStar website  803,256 newsletter subscribers  $11 million operating budget 16
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