Writing a questionnaire


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Writing a questionnaire

  1. 1. Primary Research – Research into your audience You will need to show that you have identified a target audience and that you have taken their preferences regarding music videos/artist promotion and genre into consideration. Your practical work should reflect the information you find out. One of the best ways to find out information from a large group of people is to complete a questionnaire. Writing a questionnaire You should begin by asking for the gender and age of the participant. Questionnaires tend to ask for age like this… 10-15 16-24 25-34 35-45 46-59 60+ …so as not to embarrass the participants. Asking for someone’s age is a very personal question! You may also wish to ask for their location. Some questionnaires might also ask for information such as ethnicity, marital status, employment etc. to build up a greater picture of the participant’s status, though this may not be relevant for your questionnaire. Think about what information you need to build up a profile of your target audience. What should I ask? You want to find out how you can tailor your music video to your audience. You will need to analyse your findings and use them to inform your practical work, so choose your questions carefully. Consider some of the example questions below, but make sure you write a questionnaire that suits your genre and conventions. - Do you watch R+B music videos? - How do you consume music? Do you: Buy album from a shop Download from itunes or similar Listen/watch on You Tube/Spotify Watch TV Music channels Listen to the Radio Other? Please State:___________________
  2. 2. - In an R&B music video which do you prefer to see? Lots of bling Scantily dressed ladies Lead artist lip-synching Symbolic imagery Other? Please state:____________________ - How often do you go to gigs or other music events (clubs/signings etc)? - Do you buy music magazines or visit specific music websites? If yes, which ones? - Do you have a favourite artist from the R&B genre? If so who? Why do you like him/her? (please state at least three things) - Do you listen to British R&B artists? If yes who? If no, why not? Carry it out Now you have a useful questionnaire, you need to get people to fill it out. Think carefully about who you give the questionnaire to, and make sure they give you a quick response (you need the information so that you can do your blog posts). Give the questionnaire out to at least 20 people, so that you can get a good sample. You may want to give it to them in person, or use Google Forms to post it online. Then analyse the results. - First compile them. Count yes/no answers etc. and write up a few useful opinion statements. - Then turn them into graphs/pie charts - Then think about what the data is telling you about what your target audience wants in a music promotional package. For your Blog 1. Upload two or three copies of the questionnaire that have been filled out. Use the scanner or take photographs/screen grabs. State how many people you gave the questionnaire to and what you wanted to find out (why did you do primary research?) 2. Embed graphs/screen grabs of graphs/slideshare of powerpoint that show results. 3. Analyse each result stating what you will do with your video/promotional package. 4. Upload the analysis of your results. Use graphs to represent data, and use quotes to represent people’s opinions. 5. State what each graph/comment tells you about what you should include in your work.