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An overview of Glenthorne Media Academy, presented at the Academy Open Evening January 15th 2013

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Glenthorne Media Academy

  1. 1. Glenthorne Media Academy Glenthorne High School
  2. 2. The Media facilities at Glenthorne consists of: •35 MAC computers purchased in July 2013 •Professional print and video software (Adobe Suite) •Three subject specific Media classrooms •Six high quality DSLR cameras and tripods •End of year Awards show Media At Glenthorne
  3. 3. The Media Curriculum at Glenthorne consist of: •At Key Stage 4 GCSE Media and Level 2 BTEC Media is offered •At Key Stage 5 we offer: - A Level Media - A Level Film - Glenthorne Media Academy (formerly Level 3 BTEC) Media At Glenthorne
  4. 4. The Media Staff at Glenthorne consist of: •Three fulltime experienced Media teachers •One fulltime dedicated Media Technician •There will be a team of practitioners who will be involved with the different courses Media At Glenthorne
  5. 5. Results… AS Media A2 Media AS Film A2 Film BTEC Level 3 100% 96 % 100% 100% 100% A- E A- C A- C A*-C Pass Media At Glenthorne
  6. 6. We currently have pupils studying media degrees at: Alumni We also have a student who just completed production work for The World’s End (2013)
  7. 7. The ethos of the Media Academy is to prepare you for a career in the Media industry. The course will explore a number of different projects both in video and print format. For example: (1)Music Video Production (2)TV Ident Design & Production (3)Working to a Media Brief The focus is very much on practical skills but this will still require planning and organisational skills. You will receive workshops and guidance from visiting professionals throughout the 2 years. Glenthorne Media Academy
  8. 8. Unit 5: Working to a Brief Students were commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the London Connected Learning Centre to film a scene from Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus in collaboration with the Drama Academy •This involved… Sample of a Unit
  9. 9. • The Media Academy did some initial research about the play… • They had camera and sound workshops by documentary film-maker Sam Lawlor, who also discussed different approaches to filming Shakespeare…
  10. 10. • Students planned & storyboarded the project… • They worked with the actors in the Drama Academy • Before going to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon to see a production of the play…
  11. 11. • Students filmed over two lengthy shooting sessions in Morden Park • Then edited for multiple weeks (with feedback from people in industry)… • Before it was screened at the BFI Southbank!
  12. 12. BTEC qualification equivalent to one A Level Precise units will depend on subject expertise but a sample of previous units includes: •Creating TV Idents BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music (Performance)
  13. 13. 1) Application Form 2) Audition 3) Gain acceptance onto the course The Next Steps…
  14. 14. The audition process will enable us to find out if you are suitable for the course. At the audition you will be asked to provide a portfolio of creative work. Any Media work needs to titled and listed. While the panel are looking over your work, you will put into groups to make a short film. The panel will be looking for high quality, creative ideas rather than a perfect piece of work. The audition panel will comprise of the 3 Media teachers and our technician Mr. Reynolds will be available to help. The Audition…
  15. 15. • Questions? • Please e-mail • For any further details or questions Follow us Twitter… @glenthornemedia