ancillary task: magazine


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Powerpoint to introduce some basic information and ideas for the A2 OCR Media Studies

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ancillary task: magazine

  1. 1. Ancillary Task Film Magazine Cover
  2. 2. Guidelines  Due December 10th - Only 2 weeks!  Worth 10 marks (from a project total 100)  1 Magazine Cover per group needed
  3. 3. Format  The format that this should take is similar to the poster: ◦ It should be an extension of your trailer – the genre should be clear. ◦ the settings and characters must be from your film (although again they don’t have to be taken directly from your film). ◦ You must think about what would be appropriate for the cover of a magazine – regulations are a bit looser than posters but not much. ◦ Your work must include all the features and conventions of a film magazine cover, there are examples saved on the computer desktops to help you.
  4. 4. Mark Scheme- Level 4  Using IT appropriately for the task set  Showing understanding of conventions of layout and page design  Showing awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size  Accurate use of language and register  Appropriately integrating illustration and text  Framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate  Using a variety of shot distances as appropriate  Shooting material appropriate for the task set  Selecting mise-en-scene including colour, figure, lighting, objects and setting  Manipulating photographs as appropriate to the context for presentation, including within text, within particular IT programmes, cropping and resizing
  5. 5. Conventions of a magazine cover
  6. 6. Magazine cover terminology  Masthead – The top of the magazine which includes the Title, cover price and Tagline.  Tagline – Not all magazines have this, is like a mission statement summarising the focus and brand image of the magazine.  Sell Lines or Teasers – These promote the articles and features in the magazine, the focus will be on the film featured in the cover images but additional articles will be included.  You should produce an A4 cover
  7. 7. Blog expectations  Your blog should continue to be used to track the progress of production, weekly updates should be continued and any draft work should be added and contextualised.  In addition I have set a task for you to complete…
  8. 8. Blog task – genre and influences  How does the cover effectively promote the film? ◦ Describe the cover image. How is it framed? What type of shot has been used? Describe the lighting and mise en scene. ◦ Discuss the issues of representation and any connotations of the images ◦ What is the overall effect of the image? How effectively does it target its audience? ◦ How is the lead article promoted on the cover? What devices have been used (i.e alliteration, mode of address) and what effect do they have? ◦ How strongly does the cover focus on the film promoted by the image, consider the size of the other teasers? ◦ Do the articles and image on the cover enforce or subvert your expectations of the genre?