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@morganschnee and @skawhomp discuss mobile options for nonprofits and help you decide which approach is right for your organization @keljar @guidecreative

Published in: Design
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  1. 1. Mobilize Your Nonprofit’s Website Presented by Morgan Strenck & Andrew Fort A Blackbaud Production!
  2. 2. The Shift Towards a Mobile WorldBy 2014 Mobile Internet use should overtake Desktop Internetuse In the past few years mobile browser technology has reached apoint where the user experience can match (and sometimesexceed) that of the desktop. 90% of mobile subscribers can browse the web. A Blackbaud Production!
  3. 3. Nonprofits Need to be ReadyRate of adoption of smart phones has exploded... App downloads went from 300 million to 15 billion from 2009 to 2010 Sales of digital cameras plummeted as people use their phones as theirprimary camera more. The iPhone is the most commonly used camera on Flickr. A Blackbaud Production!
  4. 4. Importance of Mobile Fundraising Strong Strategy. Simple Execution. Campaign served 12,500 meals in one month A Blackbaud Production!
  5. 5. The Mobile User wants…Mobile-Friendly Content •  Optimized for shorter attention spans •  Useful information quickly and easily Design Optimized for “Scanning” •  Pertinent content is located quickly with minimal effort An Interface that Rewards Interactivity •  An App-like interface •  Big buttons for human fingers •  Navigational signals Synergy between Common Mobile Functions •  Phone Numbers that open up the Phone App, addresses that open up the default Map App, Social links that open up Social Apps, etc. Forms that Do Most of the Work •  Include prepopulated fields, only essential fields, and interface elements conducive to touch. A Blackbaud Production!
  7. 7. Responsive DesignA site crafted to providean optimal userexperience regardless ofthe device used. A Blackbaud Production!
  8. 8. Responsive DesignContent stays mostly the same, but the presentation changes. Content may be automatically moved or removed to suit thedevice Changes a website according to the device size so information isoptimized. Ideal when you want one site to cater to all users. One-size-fits-all approach to mobile Least amount of work to maintain. A Blackbaud Production!
  9. 9. Responsive Design – Lancaster University A Blackbaud Production!
  10. 10. Mobile Sub-Domains/MicrositesRecognizes that users ofdifferent devicesdemand an experiencecatered to them. A Blackbaud Production!
  11. 11. Mobile Sub-Domains/MicrositesGenerally involves three or more unique websites.(,, Each site designed with a device in mind The mobile experience that is 100% designed around the mobileuser’s needs. Highest amount of maintenance and costs – three unique sitedesigns and three unique sites to maintain. A Blackbaud Production!
  12. 12. Mobile Sub-Domains/Microsites – A Blackbaud Production!
  13. 13. Task-based Mobile DesignWhen clear mobile tasks define what showson a mobile device. A Blackbaud Production!
  14. 14. Task-based Mobile DesignRequires research: You must know the key tasks your audienceneeds to perform on their mobile device. For best results, use Audience Analysis and Analytics to confirmtasks. Crafts a user experience that focuses on that specificinformation. Balances less maintenance/costs of Responsive Design with thedesire to deliver a crafted mobile experience. A Blackbaud Production!
  15. 15. Task-based Mobile Design – Komen.orgWhen clear mobile tasks define what showson a mobile device. A Blackbaud Production!
  16. 16. Mobile Your Website Questions? A Blackbaud Production!