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  1. 1. developing 21st century learnersaction learning teamintroduction
  2. 2. alt question what is being investigated by the team?What does 21st century learning look like? How can weredesign learning experiences and environments for thisnew paradigm?
  3. 3. alt ‘smart’ goals the team will explore and develop strategies to rethink their pedagogy, reimagine the role of technology and develop innovative digital learning experiences1. Develop understanding of digital age learning thinking, pedagogy and design tools, and apply this knowledge in day-to-day teaching and learning at Years 5-6.2. Create a range of learning experiences that utilise iPads as effective digital learning tools, rather than a means to ‘digitise’ current practices.3. Explore how mobile tools such as iPads can result in new thinking about curriculum design, pedagogy, learning spaces and physical structures.
  4. 4. key areas
  5. 5. digital learning curriculum pedagogy design reformcontemporarytechnology in rethinkingcontemporary learning spaces classrooms
  6. 6. refine your pedagogical skills how do you facilitate digital age learning?• From prescriptive to connective practices.• Rethinking the delivery and distribution of learning.• The role of online networking, collaboration and blended learning.• Who participates in the learning process?• Rethinking spaces for learning.
  7. 7. are students active participants inthe meaning making?
  8. 8. Sylvia