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Presentation of Alhambra of granada


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Presentation of Alhambra of granada , the second most visited monument in spain and one of the new wonders of our days.

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Presentation of Alhambra of granada

  1. 1. Little Guide to visit The Alhambra in Granada
  2. 2. La Alhambra In this Guide I would like to speak to the 2nd most visited monument in Spain, a work unequaled in the world . For his excelent conservation, its history and the historical immersion that makes you remember forgotten empires and a mix of cultures, dating back nearly 800 years. The tales and legends say that an enamored king king decided to create La Alhambra in honor of his queen, this wonderful romantic vision was unfortunately not true because its origin was military . The Alhambra , which in its original name meant the Red Fortress for its color and the color of the family flag of one of its first occupants Ibn al- Ahmar. The Alhambra is the Andalusian largest arquitectonic complex and is situated on a hill that overlooks the city of Granada. The Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain, some years getting over 2,300,000 visitors. This fortress was made in order to acomplish the military, administrative and monarchy functions of the Kingdom of Granada. It was the last town to fall in the christian reconquest in the middle ages so that it was found in very good state of preservation although it was neglected during centuries , it has been very well recovered along twentieth century. It is a rich palace and fortress complex ( fortress that housed the king and the court of the Nazari Kingdom of Granada ) .
  3. 3. Among the bulidings that we can find in the Alhambra are the Alcazaba castle, the oldest military building where are the original buildings and excavations of the Miliitary Arab camp. The Nasrid palaces, which were the real rooms and consist of a number of impressive rooms among which we can recomend the Mexuar , the Patio del Cuarto Dorado (Golden Room), the Sala de la Barca and the impressive and recently restored Fountain of Lions which is in the famous Patio de los Leones. After the Christian take, the Alhambra was the place chosen by the Castilian kings for his residence in the city . They lived in a new building called the Palace of Charles V Emperor , which has a completely different architecture. Accommodation in Granada There is an excellent hotel facilities in Granada especially with Macias company which has adjusted hotels to suit all budgets. Macia hoteles in Granada Macia Plaza hotel Granada Macia Condor Hotel Macia monastery hotel Macia villablanca Macia real Granada five senses
  4. 4. Generalifes Gardens. One of the most beautiful parts of the city of Granada is the garden complex of palaces that are on the Alhambra I'm talking about the Generalife . Its beauty and its importance is so noteworthy that it was declared , along with the Alhambra , a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984. Like the French kings with Versalles, the Muslim kings of Granada needed a place of relaxation and rest, where they could escape from the problems of the court and they created a garden next to his home which is what is now El Generalife .
  5. 5. It is believed that the second sultan of the Nasrid dynasty , Muhammad II in late 1200. Even after the reconquest, this space was maintained by later kings . So when we walk through the gardens, we have to feel 800 years of history on their soil . Generalife is an Arabic word that could probably mean the most excellent garden. Although these gardens were common in the courts of Hispanic taifas however few have come down to us with the spectacle of the Generalife . The Generalife is formed by a set of buildings , courtyards and gardens in particular are treated in two pavilions located north and south, and connected by a courtyard tour of the watercourse , the two pavilions are well renovated . One of the most interesting points is the ladder of water showing affection and respect that this culture had the liquid elements.
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