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Web-Peso pesado Spring JavaEEpublic class Spring vs. Java EE QConSP 2012


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Web-Peso pesado Spring JavaEEpublic class EncodingPostProcessor public class UtilMB { implements BeanPostProcessor { public String reset() {public Object postProcessBeforeInitialzation FacesContext context = (Object bean, String name) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); throws BeansException Application application ={if(bean instanceof context.getApplication(); AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter) { ViewHandler viewHandler = application.getViewHandler();HttpMessageConverter<?>[] convs = UIViewRoot viewRoot =((AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter) viewHandler.createView(context,bean).getMessageConverters(); context.getViewRoot().getViewId()); context.setViewRoot(viewRoot);for (HttpMessageConverter<?> conv : convs) { return "success"; } if(conv instanceof } StringHttpMessageConverter) {((StringHttpMessageConverter) conv).setSupportedMediaTypes(Arrays.asList(new MediaType("text", "Charset.forName("UTF-)}QCONSP #3 ROUND #4

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