Sexual advertising


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Sexual advertising

  1. 1. Sexual Advertising Asad Wasi Dylan Gavin Glenna Mai Karanpal Summan Richard Tran Steven Phan Will Medina
  2. 2. Introduction  What is the main purpose of an advertisement?  Sex in advertisements attracts even more attention  Sex is the second strongest of the psychological appeals  Sex and advertising is the easiest way to get viewers attention
  3. 3. History  Started in 1800s  Used naked women for cigarette ads
  4. 4. History  Used women to sell soap and lotion in the 1920s  De Beers advertisements in 1960s
  5. 5. Types of Advertisements 30 second Commercials:  Why they are successful:  A company can say a lot in 30 seconds  Adhere to the easy likes and wants of consumer  Normally use a memorable tune, sex idol celebrity, or quirky one liner.  Memorable commercials: Carls Jr/Paris Hilton, Levis,, any Pepsi super bowl commercial
  6. 6. One sheet spread:  Magazines or billboard ads that have one picture to sell the product.  Usually the most mindless  Consists of half nude models longing stares, and erotic embraces  Erotic front covers for magazines  Sometimes has a play on words
  7. 7. Pros Cons Targets the markets that are more specific Makes face for product Makes the product more recognizable Activist groups are against sexual advertisements Bad publicity Loss of audience at young age Limits the run time and the location of ad
  8. 8. Cross Culture  America, England, Japan, etc  The deciding 3  Masculinity  Political Freedom  Values  Afghanistan, Pakistan
  9. 9. Ideal Image of Men  White  Slim  Muscular  Confident  Powerful
  10. 10. Ideal Image of Women  Tall  Thin  Beautiful  Perfect Body  Sexual
  11. 11. What is this advertising?
  12. 12. What is this advertising?
  13. 13. What is this advertising?
  14. 14. Sex Sells….
  15. 15. Sex Sells…
  16. 16. Conclusion Does Sex in advertising sell?  Sex in advertising claims the old and undeniably true adage.  We are sexual beings so advertisers use this advantage Therefore  Sex in advertising = double edge sword  Powerful and effective when aimed at one gender  But, it often does so at the social expense of the other  Humans live in social world  Consideration must be given to the feelings of the people  If advertising uses sex, it must be carefully aimed and tastefully done