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Nano-World at EDUCON, Madrid


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Nano-World, A Showcase for technology-enhanced Learning,
presented at EDUCON 2010, in Madrid

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Nano-World at EDUCON, Madrid

  1. 1. Library of Labs Nano-World A Showcase Suite for Technology- Enhanced Learning Florian Müller, Martin Guggisberg, Helmar Burkhart and Tibor Gyalog Co-funded by the Community programme eContentplus
  2. 2. Outlook Library of Labs • Nanoscience Education • Virtual Experiments: NanoSimulator • Nano3D Visualization Tool • Interactive NanoJoystick
  3. 3. Library of Labs NanoScience See the invisible Co-funded by the Community programme eContentplus
  4. 4. x 90‘000 Eyes Library of Labs Electro Microscope x 300 x 27‘000‘000 Light Microscope Atomic Force Microscope
  5. 5. Library of Labs Real Nanoscience Laboratory UHV Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) University Basel Group of Prof. E. Meyer
  6. 6. Virtual Experiments: NanoSimulator Library of Labs Swiss Virtual Campus Project 2000 - 2006 • Single Molecule • Electrochemistry • Imaging / 3D Visualiation • Friction Download the NanoSimulator from:
  7. 7. Fricton on the nanoscale Library of Labs The friction mode of the nanosimulator allows students to observe atomic stick-slip. This phenomena is well described in many actual nanoscience publications. Visit:
  8. 8. Tomlinson mechanism Library of Labs Explanation of stick slip phenomena Simulations are based on an elastic deformation model FN FL v
  9. 9. Specific task for the students Library of Labs • Students have to fullfill specific taks and write a report on. • for example
  10. 10. Concrete task for the students Library of Labs Calculation of the torsional spring constant by FFM 10 nN k= F/s 0.8 nm
  11. 11. Nano3D Visualization Tool Library of Labs Nano3D hides the complexities of the tool chain by using a parameter-oriented webapplication scale 7346484746474038 4538294747397389 top 2823673836489393 7839903745936393 6738930939037347 7456483936383992 0390099373789300 0303030387877437 bottom
  12. 12. nano3D, Webinterface Library of Labs
  13. 13. Si 7x7 (111) low temperature Library of Labs Nano3D allaws students to work on true experiment data Publication: M. Lantz et al.,Phys. Rev. Lett., 84(12):2642, 2000
  14. 14. nano3D Si(111) 7x7 Library of Labs Exploring scientific data through 3D visualization Size: 5.00 x 5.00 nm
  15. 15. Explroing scientific data Library of Labs Cu (111) Surface Size: 300 x 300 nm
  16. 16. Interactive NanoJoystick Library of Labs NanoJoystick follows a game-based learnig approach Students control the movement of the virtual tip of a scanning tunneling microscope
  17. 17. The game-based approach allows an intuitive first contact with the field of nanoscience Library of Labs Science Days 2008 over 10‘000 visitors during 3 days
  18. 18. Library of Labs THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION
  19. 19. Nano-Switzerland < 300 atoms Library of Labs Size: 9.10 x 7.30 nm non-contact AFM / UHV Microscope Basel, Group Prof. E. Meyer M. Bammerlin 1999
  20. 20. Applet and Java Application Library of Labs Download:
  21. 21. Problem oriented approach Library of Labs • Typical Questions: • What is friction on the nano scale? • What is energy dissipation at an atomic level? • How can the energy dissipatation by measured? • How can superlubricity be reached?
  22. 22. Nanotribology: Examination of individual micro or Library of Labs nano-contacts 1-100nm
  23. 23. AFM on NaF(001) Library of Labs • contact mode imaging on NaF(001) • observation of the atomic periodicity • steps area distorted in a range of 1 nm ⇒ 1 nm contact radius 1nm
  24. 24. Friction on the Nanometer-scale: Atomic- Stick Slip Library of Labs Atomic stick-slip Friction loop FN = 0.44 nN Ediss = 1.4 eV KBr(001)-crystal (per slip)
  25. 25. Tomlinson model Library of Labs The tip is subject to: 1) periodic interaction with the underlying surface 2) elastic deformation of the cantilever FN FL v • In 1D the corresponding potential energies are represented by: E0 xtip 1 V = − cos(2π ) + k eff ( xtip − x) 2 2 a 2 a sinusoid a parabola
  26. 26. Change interanal Parameters Library of Labs command=set name=springconstant value=865
  27. 27. 4. What is a virtual laboratory? Library of Labs An example: The friction simulator at Nano-World (University of Basel) enables students to simulate friction phenomena on an atomic scale.