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Hi friends this is Magesh ugan from trichy Frankfinn, I have attached all my assignments with this website make use of it...take care...

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Interview Skills

  1. 1. Interview Skills Submitted By C. Magesh Gugan A1-Batch, FIAT Trichy
  2. 2. I am Magesh Gugan. C from A-1 batch. Making dreams to reality through FRANKFINN “Personal development for Smart people” I think I’ll go with “tough,big,and strong.”
  3. 3. • I Here by thank our Frankfinn Institute Of Airhostess Training Trichy, My Interview Skills Trainer for their immense support for me to know lots about interview skills, Last but not least I here by thank my friends to give an extra hand during our extempore and group discussion in our class, Once again I am thanking everyone to give me this pleasurable oppourtunity
  4. 4. Why We Should Be A Professional In Interview? • Professionalism • Interviews are like anything else in life, they take practice to perfect. The job market is highly competitive so you should always maintain a high standard of professionalism. This is guaranteed to impress your potential employer, as it will show focus and maturity. • What is Professionalism? Professionalism is: Presentation, Punctuality and Preparation.
  5. 5. • Presentation: Presentation is not just the clothes you wear, but your general presentation during the interview. Dress for success, formal attire is the best option. Look the part and you will be more likely to get it. Body language such as eye contact and how you greet your interviewer are important. Shaking hands is a sign of confidence and respect so is making regular eye contact. Always be polite not just during the interview but to any one you may have contact with in the office or work environment. • Punctuality: Being on time is essential to a successful interview. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, map out a route if you are unsure in any way. Being early gives you time to relax and prepare for your interview. If you are going to be late or unable to attend for any unforeseeable reason call ahead and let them know. This will show them that you are serious and that you take your commitments seriously. • Preparation: Get to know the company you are hoping to work for. A little background information can go a long way. You should research the company well before applying to it. You must be prepared to discuss the industry, the company's relative size within that industry and show that you know who the major players and competitors are
  6. 6. FACTORS REQUIRED TO PRESENT A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE AT THE TIME OF INTERVIEW  Smartness  Confidence  Presence of Mind  Patience  Good Posture  Ready Smile  Facial Expressions  Intelligence  Good Communication  Firm Handshake  Good Eye Contact  Good Dress Code  Time Management
  7. 7. • An Employer looks for intelligence (intellectual and emotional), communication skills, leadership qualities, ethics, competence, energy, imagination etc., from the candidate. Why Do Candidates Fail In An Interview * Poor grooming * Discourteous and ungraceful body language * Poor manners * Poor diction * Vague responses * Unappealing resume * Monetary benefits-centric approach * Lack of punctuality * Poor waiting hall behaviour Some Behavioural "Unfavourable" Aspects * Lack of personal or career goals * Lack of enthusiasm and confidence * Not owning up responsibility for mistakes * Self-justification, aggressiveness * Lack ofemotional maturity * Negative and cynical attitude * Over-reacting to questions * Lacking sense of humour * Complaining about various things and previous employers
  8. 8. • Preparing for an interview - Look for * Company's main products and services and likely new products and services * Its key markets, its position in market and between major competitors * Its financial position / profit / turnover * Its history, reputation and achievements * Arrange all the papers required in a folder : Resume / CV, call letters, degree certificates, mark lists, NSS, NCC, sports / games certificates, experience certificates, references. The Previous Day * Confirm the venue of the interview, distance, and mode of transport * Locate the venue earlier * Relax, have good sleep, visualise and pray The Interview Day * Reach the venue at least 45 minutes ahead of the interview * Get familiar with the amblience * Dont carry too much baggage * Report to the authority concerned • Waiting Hall Behaviour * Maintain Decorum * Mingle with others politely * Avoid smoking, chewing, flirting, gossiping, defamatory comments * Greet others present * Switch off the mobile * Relax and visualise
  9. 9. • While Entering The Interview Hall * Enter confidently, not arrogantly * Shut the door gently * Smile and greet the interviewers * Shake hands only if they offer their hand During The Eye Interview * Maintain eye contact * Be attentive, listen carefully, and lean forward * Don't lean on the table, and don't slouch * Don't toss your files across * Hand over your file-right side facing them * Don't laugh or giggle but smile gently * Be polite. use the words "Please" and "thank you" * Don't argue but can orally acknowledge End Of The Interview * When informed, collect your belongings * Thank everyone * For a few steps from your seat, don't show your back * Don't rush.But move out with dignity * Shur the door gently when you leave
  10. 10. • In Case Of Stress Interviews * Don't be upset * Let them not see that you are upset * Accept their point of view * Smile * Don't argue but be specific in responses with justification Job Search Tips * Don't put all your eggs in one basket * Try many methods of job search * Start early for interviews * Learn how others have been successful in their job search * Learn how to think beyond your specialisation areas. * Plunge into action
  11. 11. • Non-verbal Messages: Non-verbal language speaks larger than words. As you walk in the interview room, here are a few things that you must keep in mind: Start it off like a winner. • The handshake: Offer your hand, and give a firm handshake, a pleasant smile and a positive and confident attitude. Introduce yourself. • Posture: Stand and sit erect • Don't Fidget: There is nothing worse than people playing with their hair, clicking pen tops, tapping feet or unconsciously touching parts of the body. • Eye Contact: Look the interviewer in the eye
  12. 12. • Move your hands: Gesturing or talking with your hands is very natural, but keep it in moderation. • Be comfortable. Take a seat facing the interviewer, however, slightly off center. Be sure that you are in a comfortable position • Listen attentively. Look at the interviewer directly, but don't get into a stare down! Sit up straight. Try to relax. It's okay to take a few notes if the questions are lengthy, or you need to remind yourself of something you want to stress • Avoid nervous mannerisms. Pay attention to nervous mannerisms. Everyone is nervous to some extent, the key is to appear calm and composed • Speak clearly. Use good grammar and a friendly tone. Never answer just "yes" or "no" to a question. Always clarify, expand on your answers. Be sure not to go on rambling
  13. 13. • Be positive and enthusiastic. Pump up your enthusiasm prior to the interview. Never whine, gripe or complain about past employers, jobs, classes etc • Ask pertinent questions. Be prepared to ask a few questions. Do not monopolize the interviewer's time, particularly if you know they have appointments scheduled following your interview. Do ask thoughtful questions. Don't ask about salary and benefits, this can be discussed when the company is definitely interested in you • While giving answers to questions: • Be Concise: Listen to the questions carefully and answer to the point. An interviewee rambling on is likely to turn off the interviewer. • Provide Examples: Support your contentions with examples. Think of recent strong strategic examples of work you've done, then when the question is asked, answer with specifics, not in generalities. • Be Honest: It is always better to state the truth than beating about the bush. If you don’t know something then state the fact. • Keep Your Guard Up: Always maintain your professionalism. Don’t get swayed by the friendly behaviour of the interviewer and disclose everything. For all you know it might be a trap laid out by him.
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS • Strengths • Weakness  Hardworking • Perfectionism  Achievement Oriented • Ambitious  Team Person • Intolerant to Dishonesty  Strong In Communication • Strive to be better than Skill others  Loyal • Work till the job is  Honest complete which may go  Openness to Change well after closing time
  15. 15. SWOT ANALYSIS • Opportunities • Threats • Frankfinn • Competition • Aviation Times Magazine • Recession • Hindu News Paper • Not good at making quick • website decisions. • website • Goal Achievement • Prevailing market conditions (recession)
  16. 16. My Strengths Enhance Me In Interview • Hardworking – As I am a hardworking person it is helping me in completing the tuff tasks Team Person – As a team person I could understand every ones feeling and I can help them to over come from their hurdles and having opportunity to understand others mentality Strong in communication skill – It is an important thing which would help me to survive in and everywhere specially in Aviation Industry Openness to change – This helps me to adapt to the given situation
  17. 17. How Weakness can Hinder In Interview? • Perfectionism – Where ever I am going and what ever doing I would prefer perfection in my work, • Ambitious – As an ambitious person I am looking for knowledge in everything.If the organization is not upto my expectation I cant do full fledged work Hence I can overcome my interview in an appropriate manner with the help of my Perfectionism and Ambitiousness • Intolerant to Dishonesty – I do not support any one who is dishonest • Strive to be better than others – This make me work more than others. So this give me an opportunity to give my full effort to the company reputation
  18. 18. Before Attending Grooming • My Communication was not up to the mark • I didn’t take much care about my Hair & Skin • My Dressing Was not good • I didn’t maintain a proper diet plan so I was underweight • I didn’t practice regular exercise • I didn’t have regular Manicure Or Pedicure • I didn’t practice Meditation
  19. 19. Methods Which I Implement • I read lots of English story books, Hindu newspaper, Watching BBC News to improve my Communication Skills • I implement the tips which was thought in our grooming class and maintain my hair and skin healthy • By seeing the faculty at Frankfinn, And proper guidance from our aviation faculty Mrs. Ramya Rai, I changed my dressing sense • By reading Health tips through internet and by reading Health & Nutrition magazine I take care of my health • By learning First Aid Training from Frankfinn I practise to do exercises
  20. 20. After Joining In Frankfinn (Grooming) • I Improved a lot in my Communication • I take care about my Hair & Skin, I am applying regular Henna for hair and Facial packs to make my skin brighter • Now a days my Dressing Sense Improved a lot and colour sense • I am maintaining a Healthy Diet to put on weight. And I Increased 10kgs After joining Frankfinn • I am practicing regular exercise to keep my body fit • Doing regular Manicure & Pedicure
  21. 21. Before Joining In Frankfinn (Interview Skills) • I Didn’t read newspapers • I Didn’t read any magazines • I didn’t know the manners and etiquettes which is to be follow in interview panel • I don’t know how to handle the stress • My communication was not good • I don’t know how to attend Extempore and Group Discussion • I had stage fear
  22. 22. Methods to overcome • I read English Newspaper • I read Magazines to know about the aviation field • I implement the tips given by our Interview Skills Trainer and know the manners and etiquettes which is to be follow in interview • I participate in lots of stress interview conducted by our interview skills trainer • I participate in Group discussions and extempore in both my college and in our institute, as well I watch lots of talk shows • By implementing these above details in my daily life I get rid from my stage fear
  23. 23. After Joining In Frankfinn (Interview Skills) • I do read newspapers • I am reading magazines • I came to know how to attend the interviews and got an idea about interview manners and etiquettes • Now I can handle the stress which is given to me • Now I am having confidence to attend Extempore & Group Discussion • Now I over come my stage fear
  24. 24. Strategy for Grooming • Cleanliness • Beauty conscious • Healthy diet • Soft Smile • Neat Dressing Sense
  25. 25. Strategy for Interview Skills I am not boasting myself but it’s a right time for me To analyze about me. “True professionals stand out from the crowd and grow rewarding and satisfying careers” – Reputation: Being trusted and building a strong reputation – Reciprocity: Giving and garnering reciprocal favors – Personality: Learning to develop a positive, likeable personality – Thanks: Being gracious and appreciative of others – Connecting: Building a strong network of relationships
  26. 26. Schedule for Grooming Regular Practicing of exercise & Yoga Days Action Plan Day 1 Cleansing, Toning, & Scrubbing Day 2 Applying Earth fullers Day 3 Applying Curd with sugar (Natural Bleaching agent) Day 4 Henna application , Day 5 Applying fresh fruit face packs Day 6 Fruit Fasting Day 7 Oil bath
  27. 27. Schedule for Grooming Days Action Plan Day 8 Cleansing, Toning, & Scrubbing Day 9 Curd with Egg white yolk for Hair Day 10 Curd with Egg white yolk for Skin Day 11 Manicure & Pedicure Day 12 Applying Wheat with rose water for skin Day 13 Steam bath Day 14 Swimming
  28. 28. Schedule for prepare an Interview Regularly watching Talk Shows &Reading News papers. Days Action Plan Day 1 Reading Aviation magazines, Travel magazines Day 2 Surfing net regarding Career Day 3 Visiting Airport, Hotels Day 4 Reading GK Books Day 5 Consulting faculties regarding interviews & Current Updates Day 6 Visiting Travel agencies Day 7 Practicing Mirror therapy
  29. 29. Evidence for Grooming
  30. 30. Evidence for Grooming
  31. 31. Evidence for Interview Skills • ASHBURN HOTEL LTD LONDON. ADDRESS; 111 Cromwell Road,, SW7 4DP London Unitedkingdom, Dear C. Magesh Gugan, We Have Acknowledged The receipt Of Your CV/Resume via Email, And Have Properly Examined It. After Going Through Your CV/Resume By Our Highly Esteemed Team Of Professionals, We Are Able To Access Your Credibility And Potential.Based On This Fact, The Board of Trustees Have Decided To Forward to You This Official Letter of Employment regarding the success of your Application, which we have re-processed and confirmed as perfect for the office of the Computer Operator in this hotel. at a monthly salary of 3,225 Great Britain Pounds after all taxes, In the letter, you will see the benefits that we provide for our workers, commence on free accommodation, air flight ticket to london, feeding, medical checkup, with leave of one month yearly, the Letter also will give you the information of the contract which is four years contract and can be renew after the period of four years base on your hard working and honest with this hotel, also will give you the details of LONDON TRAVELING AGENCY, in India where you will have to contact for your Work Permit, Note: All the Hard Copies of your Contract Documents has been forward on your behalf of the LONDON TRAVELING AGENCY , in India, and you must contact them with this JOB REFERENCE NO: HPLD/ 02/UK/202/09/, the contact information is below, you must acquire a valid Work Permit before coming to work with this hotel management. • CONTACT PERSON: Sir Micheal Walter , E-MAIL ; ( Mobile no, 00919930604068,
  32. 32. • Career Objective: To work in challenging environment, where I can apply my knowledge, acquire my skills and build a successful career there by contributing to the organization growth. • Special Skills: People Handling Communication Convincing Skills Master of Ceremony • Competencies: Leadership Skills Efficient Team Worker Grooming & Hygiene • Past Achievements: Attended national level Youth Red Cross Camp Won Third Prize in Inter Department Quiz Competition Worked as a Brand Ambassador in Frankfinn Institute for 1 month
  33. 33. • Educational Qualification: BTEC Higher National Certificate Course in Frankfinn Institute Of Airhosts Training HSC (2006-2007), Magdalene Matric Hr. Sec. School, Tirunelveli. Percentage: 66% SSLC (2004-2005), St. Johns Hr. Sec. School, Tirunelveli. Percentage: 81% Pursuing B.Sc., Computer Science, Bishop Heber College (Autonomous),Trichy. Percentage: 76% • Technical Qualification: Diploma in Computer Application C, C++ • Special Courses Attended in BTEC Frankfinn: First Aid Training Customer Service Skills Hospitality Management & Travel Management In-flight Training & Ground Staff Handling ( Jet Airways ) Interview Skills Grooming & Hygiene Personality Development English Edge Swimming
  34. 34. • Hobbies: Philately Surfing the Net Numismatic • Interest: Chess Quiz Painting • Personal Information: Date of Birth : 10.01.1990 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Height : 176cms Weight : 59kgs Passport : H3211299 Languages Known : English and Tamil Address for Communication : No-46 north Rock fort Street Trichy-2 Cell: 9789705747 I here by declare that all the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge.
  35. 35. • Mrs. Helana • Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training • • • • •
  36. 36. The above furnished details of my assignment given here are all true to my knowledge . From this assignment I have understood how to develop my Personality , Communication skills and Interview skills .