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Sbo pres message

  1. 1. Twenty five years ago, God gave me the opportunity to be one of the officers of the StudentSupreme Council of DMMMPSC now MUST in my college years. I thought that student leadershipstops there. After college till this time, my life is spent in the family, church, career and civicorganizations and undertakings. Incidentally, I was caught unaware when I got elected as Presidentof the Doctor of Management Program and eventually the President of CU – GSSBO this August 2011. I am humbled by the trust that the Graduate School studentry is giving me as your Presidentfor this school year 2011-2012. On the other hand , I am also thrilled of what this organization canpossibly do for its constituents. Certainly , we cannot build bridges or flyover like we have in Puertoright now. However, we can build a bridge of good relationship among us . I always believe in myheart that RELATIONSHIP is a good foundation for any undertaking. As such, the organization canreach greater heights of success. When I enrolled in CU Graduate School last April 2011, I got onlyone friend and he is ME By this time, I got more friends where I could learn, laugh and eat together . Moreover, at CU Graduate School, we can also build a culture of COLLABORATION where abridge of helping one another connects us to greater productivity. The success of this activity isattributed to the concerted efforts of the GSSBO officers, the studentry, faculty , the dean’s office andthe people around us who have supported in one way to another. Lastly, at CU Graduate School, we can build a bridge from ignorance to knowledge using theculture of further LEARNING. Learning in the 21st century is not limited within the four corners of theclassroom but something that happens everywhere: at work, at play, through media, mixing formal,semiformal and informal learning .( Kope and Kalantzis 2008). With these, I am sincerely accepting the responsibility of navigating this organization intoachieving our goals and aspirations. With the help of my colleagues in the GSSBO and unselfishsupport of the dean’s office, faculty and studentry and the immeasurable wisdom from God, I see noreason we can’t achieve more. Using servanthood leadership, we can see ourselves as partners. Thuswe can create a great team rather than a great organization. We can also find joy in the success ofothers rather than ourselves only. Furthermore, we can also focus on the growth and developmentof the people rather serving personal interests and concerns.As such I am thanking everyone for your presence on this occasion. Indeed how pleasant it is for theGraduate School students of Capitol University to work together in the spirit of peace, love and unity.God bless and let’s have fun !