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How to get the valuable feedback that you need


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We asked Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel, Tara Lodge, Good Hotel London, Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve, Portmeirion Village and the Crazy Bear Group how GuestRevu helps them to get the feedback that they need.

How well do you understand your guest experience? Find out how GuestRevu can help:

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How to get the valuable feedback that you need

  1. 1. How does GuestRevu help you get the feedback that you need?
  2. 2. We’ve tried to create a culture that is on the one hand performance driven, and on the other hand very human in terms of connecting and engaging with guests and each other, which is what you should strive for in the hospitality industry. Wouter Hensens, Executive Dean Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel
  3. 3. We feel that [GuestRevu] bridges the gap between us and the guest. We’re building that relationship. We’re building it before they come and stay, but also after they leave, we still have that relationship with them...
  4. 4. § ... They are comfortable to contact us and let us know any feedback whatsoever. And then it encourages them to come back and stay with us again. Sinéad Tierney, General Manager Tara Lodge
  5. 5. Customers are much happier. They understand us better, and they are much more in sync with our product and our mission than they were before. Liutauras Vaitkevicius, Former GM Good Hotel London
  6. 6. When the guests are here, they will give you feedback on their stay, but it’s nice having something that’s slightly impartial and also a little bit of distance from their stay...
  7. 7. ... We get a whole lot of constructive criticism, and just really good points about the property that you wouldn’t get in talking to a guest when they’re here during the experience. Chris Roberts, General Manager Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve
  8. 8. Our customers are happy to provide feedback and want to tell us about their experience, and they can take their time and complete it when they feel like it, rather than while they are on holiday! Gareth Jones, Revenue Supervisor Portmeirion Village
  9. 9. I think our guests feel a little bit more looked after in a traditional sense when they get a questionnaire. It looks more professional and it certainly appears as if we care a great deal more...
  10. 10. ... And we do! We do want their feedback, we do want to improve, and we want our guests to understand that they’re an important part of our journey. Laurence Wall, Director of Operations Crazy Bear Group
  11. 11. How well do you understand your guest experience?