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How feedback can impact and refine your marketing image


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How do you show off the best features that guests can actually expect to experience and manage expectations while still encouraging bookings? Here’s what Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve, Portmeirion Village, Queensway Group’s Point A Hotels, Good Hotel London, Tara Lodge and VISIONAPARTMENTS had to say.

How well do you understand your guest experience? Find out how GuestRevu can help:

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How feedback can impact and refine your marketing image

  1. 1. How does GuestRevu help you to refine your marketing image?
  2. 2. We find that guests, especially at our luxury level, they want to have something that explains or shows what the experience they’re going to get is. Chris Roberts, General Manager Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve
  3. 3. Customers are looking around before they book and want to be reassured that they are booking a quality property that will meet their expectations...
  4. 4. § ... Reviews are a hugely important marketing tool, providing first-hand customer accounts of our facilities, products and services Gareth Jones, Revenue Supervisor Portmeirion Village
  5. 5. It’s always interesting to listen to what is most important to the guests. And not just to what’s important, but what surprises and delights them.” Dina Soliman, Former Head of Marketing Queensway Group’s Point A Hotels
  6. 6. We know we’re not for everyone and that’s absolutely fine with us. We really try to educate the customers that we are a social business... We are much closer to you, we’re much more friendly. We’ve got heart in our business...
  7. 7. ... We’re able to understand that customers who have stayed with us before are more likely to leave positive reviews because they understand our concept...
  8. 8. ...So we’re able to target people that are new to us, perhaps, and improve our storytelling, improve our communication and explain things about our hotel concept and the product much better. Liutauras Vaitkevicius, Former GM Good Hotel London
  9. 9. We get a lot more praise on things that we do correctly, so it’s good to see a pattern... So we know what we’re doing well and we know what we need to improve on. Sinéad Tierney, General Manager Tara Lodge
  10. 10. We have also been taking these reviews and pushing them as social images, pushing them on our brochures, and they’re helping us to spread the word...
  11. 11. ... And these are words coming directly from the clients. They are not words coming from ourselves, or from partners. So in a way it gives us authenticity, and it gives truth to the review. Kat Kunze, Global Sales Leader VISIONAPARTMENTS
  12. 12. How well do you understand your guest experience?